Visiting Redwall

  • Wolfsbane glided from tree to tree, on his way to Redwall Abbey. He hadn't been there in nearly half a season, far too long for anybeast. As he headed toward Redwall, he couldn't tell but think of the wonderful vittle of Redwall that was famous throughout Mossflower: the moles' famous deeper n' ever pie, salad with yellow nutcheese and Abbey dressing, apple and pear flan, candied chestnuts, and others, all to be washed down with October Ale, elderberry wine, different cordials, and strawberry fizz. He could almost taste the food in his mouth. He hoped that Skipper of the Otters was there, before Skipper made the best shrimp 'n hotroot soup. Wolfsbane was one of the few non-otter beasts who had developed a taste for hotroot soup, and Skipper made it the best. Hoo hoo! He couldn't wait till he reached Redwall.

    A couple of hours later, he was there. Wolfsbane took a final jump and glided down to the southern gate of Redwall Abbey, Mossflower's sanctuary. In a blink of an eye, Wolfsbane removed one of his long knives from its sheath, and banged the amber-studded hilt to the gate five times. Impatiently, he waited for someone to open the gates.

  • Brother Nathaniel awoke to the sound of the banging. As abbey recorder, and gatehouse keeper, he had the responsability of two. Pushing his old legs over the side of his bed and he rushed outside with a newly lit candle in his hands. When he saw the figure at the gate, he let out a small  squeal. "Blurr, what are you doing here?"

  • Only one beast called him Blurr, so even without looking, he knew it had to Nathaniel, his closest friend at Redwall. He only allowed Nathaniel and Dibbuns to call him Blurr.

    "Nathaniel! You quill-weilding scoundrel! Are you going to question a poor beast all night or let him in?", said Wolfsbane in mock anger.

    "I'm 'ungrier than a bloomin' hare who's faced a seven season famine, so get this jolly big log of a door open! Wot wot!",  jovially shouted Wolfsbane.

    Besides being an expert guide and fighter, Wolfsbane could speak most dialects due to his travels. He spoke like a hare when he was especially hungry.

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    IC- "Oh.." Running over to the crank, he turned it around and around to get it open and within half a minute, the flying squirrel was safe withing the walls of the abbey. Hitting a leaver, he sent the gate slowly to the ground. "Ahh… That gets harder every time." Streaching his back, he checked himself for any dirt or oil that might be on his bed clothes and ran down the steps. Extending a musty paw, he shook the other's, heartily and inquired of his absence. "Where have you been you scoundrel?"

  • OoC: Last time I checked, the main gate is locked by a long wooden bar that hangs over two metals stapled into the gate. You need to lift the bar out of the way to open the gate… but I might be wrong. Oh, and what's odd?

    Wolfsbane smiled for the first time in ages, and took his friends paw and pulled him into a hug.

    "Yer a sight fer sore eyes, mate. Yoor lookin' young'r and young'r everytime I clap me eyes on yer. Anyways, we'll talk more when there's some Redwall vittles in front of me. I'm starvin'. Lead me to the grub!", said Wolfsbane in a gruffy manner.

  • OOC- The hare thing. But I will give you credit for it being original. But I guess you are right. Let's just predend that is what it is, but who says there haven't been advances. To tell the truth, I couldn't remember what it looked like, and felt too lazy to go get one of the books. My bad!  ::)

    It sounds like he talks like an otter! LOL!

    IC- Waving with his free, stubby hand, he pointed to the kitchen and led the way. "I was about to get up for a snack anyways," he lied. He was almost thinking of food and the ideas it gave him. He wrote many a stories for the abbey; some fantasy and others true.

    Pushing the heavy oak door open, he entered the great hall. A fire burned in the hearth and a lamp near the fire was the only other light, so the large room appeared dark. But Brother Nathaniel noticed a figure hunched over, in a cushy chair, by the leaping flames. Pointing a finger at the chair, he warned his companion of the figure and crept toward the kitchen on tippy-toe. Inward, he was giggling like a dibbun stealing some lemon custard from the frier's pie.

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  • Usually, the Friar would be asleep, getting some rest, and the kitch helpers would be preparing meals for the morning. However, tonight Wolfsbane was lucky, for Friar Ezekiel was trying out a new recipe. As Wolfsbane and Nathaniel came into the kitchen, Friar Ezekiel looked up from his creation.

    "Ah! Wolfsbane and Nathaniel! What brings you into my realm? Oh, silly of me. There's naught but one reason for creatures to stumble into the kitchen- hunger!"

    Ezekiel was an a portly hedgehog who had lived in Redwall Abbey since he was a Dibbun. Known as Zeke to most Redwallers, he was known for his more creative endeavors.

    "Sit down! Sit down! You arrived just in time to try out my new recipe!"

    Wolfsbane and Nathaniel each led a stool from different parts of the kitchen to a counter by the wall.

    "It's called Strawberry Fizz Cake!", said the Friar with a flourish.

    Friar Zeke quickly cut two pieces from the cake and put them on two plates. He laid the plates along with forks and knives on the counter. The hedgehog stood perfectly still to the side, his eyes brimming with impatience and curiosity. Wolfsbane and Nathaniel each cut a piece of the cake and ate it. A few seconds later, their faces crept into a smile.

    "Absojollylutin' deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious,sah! Why, if I may say so mahself, you've outdone yourself, wot wot!", exclaimed Wolfsbane in the hare dialect. Being a warrior and having lived with the hares of Salamandastron, as well as other hares around Mossflower, Wolfsbane had developed a taste for food only comparable to haresand badgers.

  • Bro. Nathaniel looked up from his plate. "Why call it that? I mean, it has no fizz to it." He looked at the cake, the began waving his fork around the air, loosing crumbs in all directions. "I know! How about, strawberry surprise cake? That is a sensable name. I mean, it does have a little zap to it that makes it sour and sweet at the same time." Taking another forkful, he swallowed it with one snap of he jaw. "What did you add; lemon?"

  • "I can taste a little fizz in it, but it's not that strong.", added Wolfsbane.

    Friar Zeke looked confused.

    "No, actually I put flour and strawberry fizz cordial and made a batter out of it… I wonder what went wrong. I guess I'll have to start again from scratch. I'm trying to add some fizz in it, just like the cordial. Oh well, I'll bring you some more food, you two catch up."

  • "No harm feelings I hope. We were just trying to help you out in your little problem." At the mention of more food, his ears perched up. "What's this about, 'I will bring you more food'? If your getting more food out, then I will help you." Clambering down from the chair with surprising swiftness, for an elder, he rushed to the floor-to-ceiling cupboard, despite the frier's cries, and began to take some food out, the face of intense pleasure playing across his face. It changed as some of the boxes in the cabinet began to shift and tilt.

  • A specially heavy box of russett apples from the fall was at the top. Due to Nathaniel's jostling, it was threatening to fall down on top of Nathaniel. Wolfsbane ran toward the box with the speed of a squirrel and grabbed the old mouse out of the way.

    The heavy box fell to the empty ground with a loud noise, and the apples rolled out of the broken box. Wolfsbane helped Nathaniel up.

    "Whew, that was a close one.", said Wolfsbane wiping his brow.

    "Here, let me help you with this, tell me which ingredients you need, and I'll retrieve it for the both of you old'uns.", said Wolfsbane with a sly smile.

  • OOC- can someone be the old beast in the arm chair? this would be a good time, considering the apple box falling on the floor would make quite a clatter. Hey, Wolfsbane, your chara needs some faults and weaknesses otherwise he would be considered a Mary-Sue character. That is a character that is absalutly perfect in all degrees and will survive most anything. I may be wrong, but that is against the rules on most forums including this one.

    IC- Nathaniel looked at the splintered box, laying on the floor. Russet apples were skewed all over the kitchen floor and some were still rolling from the momentum that they had from the fall. "Thanks for that Blurr. You were well named." Watching the floor carefully, he made sure not to step on any apples that now littered the ground, as moved towards the counter where the remainder of this cake was.

  • OoC: If you look at my character profile, you'll notice that he's impatient and stubborn. You'll notice he was impatient when he was waiting at the gates… and you'll see his stubbornness when he sees any vermin. He's reckless that way. By the way, it's spelled absolutely. Besides, living alone will hone a warrior's instict and speed.


    The fussy friar hurried to pick up his apples, hoping they weren't bruised. Wolfsbane came to his aid and nimbly gathered all the apples back into the box.

    "Thankee Wolfsbane.", said Zeke, while wiping his brow.

    "No problem, meh dear h'ole Friar. But h'I'm afraid these h'apples will be the least of yer problems h'if h' I don't get some proper bloomin' vittles h'in me soon. Proper warriors need proper food, me ole pater used to say, wot wot.", said Wolfsbane in mock anger.

    The friar bustled to his kitchen to bring some proper vittles for the knifebearer and quillbearer.

    "I'll cook some proper vittles for you yet. Young Jonkin! Bring me some hotroot, shrimp, and watercress for some shrimp 'n hotroot soup! You there, Urther! Are ye almost done with that deeper 'n ever turnip 'n beet pie?"

    The friar and kitchen helpers scurried around, doing what they did best. Cooking!

    Meanwhile, Wolfsbane and Nathaniel were talking while drinking some elderberry wine.

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    By the way, it's spelled absolutely.

    That really didn't need to be pointed out.

    Also, I don't quite consider being 'stubborn' or 'impatient' legitimate faults, seeing as almost every average person has the exact same flaws, and unless your character has EXTREME cases of both, then I suggest giving him a couple of fears or quirks.

    (I'm really sorry, admins, for busting out my criticizing instincts, but this bothered me for some reason. Will remove the post on admin's request if deemed unnecessary.)

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    -bic- Raun stepped into the kitchen, cane clicking as he walked. His fury, wet snout sniffed the air.
        "Ah, 'tis the sweet smell of fine baking. I do like a good touch 'a food now 'n again. Ah, and who might this be?" The aged otter turned to Wolfsbane. "Here is a face I do not recognize. And what might your name be?" Raun's eyes eye smiled as his face and his long, silver whiskers stretched back over his face, childish glee prominent on his face.

    -ooc- I'm sorry about bringing in a new chara, but I only have one other active beast at the moment. Anybody mind me joining in?

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  • Brother Nataniel stopped right in front of the counter. "Oh. Forgive me. Raun, this grand fellow left a few days before you arrive. His name is Blurr Treewhifler. AKA, Wolfsbane." With an enthusiasm playing on his face, he raised his hand in a guesture towards Wolfsbane. "Blurr, this is Raun. He arrived at the gates of redwall with a companion…" Fumbling for words, he turned towards the ancient mouse. "Maybe he should tell the story."

  • OoC: It's Treeflyer 🙂 . By the way, sorry about correcting grammar and spelling mistakes, but it's a habit. I'm a literature minor. Plus, since Roleplaying is writing, isn't it better that people learn better grammar and spelling? It would be better for both the writer and the reader. I'll post after Raun/Seth posts.

  • OOC- Sorry about that. I guess I got it mixed up with that chara in "Triss". Good book.

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