The new arc

  • Ok. A lot of you have come to me, and asked what my idea is, so here its goes. I might as well take care of aproving it with cyber, at the same time I tell you.

    If Wolfsbane agrees, then his character from the Pines, is the lone surviver of the large scale attack against his clan. The assailants that came from the great north, the wolfs, take over and start to build a civ. Then the head honcho, still to be named, hears about this great abbey from one of his minions. He was planning an attack against Salamanderstron, but thinks that he can take it after the abbey. This is where we start posting.

    It is still a work in progress, but I think that it is good so far, and if we work together, then it would be a great one!

    The reason the last on flopped, was because Seth had too much to do with the posting and when he didn't post, no one did. We need to even the load out, so that each of us feels some pressure instead of just on man. If that works, then this arc should be a success!  &=)

  • Hehe… That sounds a lot like what I had planned myself. nods I do like the idea of spreading things out a bit.  I wonder, though, whom you want to play what.  I'd love to join in however I can, but I am limited on time (I'm expecting to miss four months in the next six) right now...

    Ah, well, sounds good so far...

  • So, is it approved? It is what it sounded like.

  • Be sure to have motivation for the main villain to do what he is doing.  Many beasts have tried to conquer Redwall, and vermin-folk with any connections to those people, be it just story or otherwise, would mock him for trying.

    Understand that, as the forum's equivalent to a Dungeons & Dragons DM, you'll need to loosely plan out the series of events, up to and including the main villain's downfall.  That sort of framework is what I'd like to see before any final say.

  • I am open for suggestions. I can see that you are being cautious, because of the last arc. I personally don't blame ya. I will PM you the info and tell two others the plans, when I have them all worked out, then we can get started. The reason for the "two others" thing, is if I go inactive, then they can take it up.

    Wolfbane, I need the OK from you, in order to start the brain storming. Thinking will do me no good if that isn't the path we aren't taking.

  • Just a suggestion, but: What if we set it up so that all the Story arc related topics have (*) next to the name. That can help lower levels of confusion.
        Also, I think that all the topics should be posted into each other, as kind of a fan-fic that we all write together. The person who edits it can edit as he goes along so that it makes more sense.

  • I will be archiving it as we go. The person that edits it, (Probably a mod) can extract it straight from me. I have a chara all ready for the recorder. He doubles as the gatekeeper, 'cause I always imagined them being the same people, but I can drop that if necessary. But great idea! Thanks &=)

  • I hereby grant you permission. (Wow, that sounded official.)

    I agree with Lady Mura, we should make some kind of outline and maybe turn some of that into a prologue.

  • OK! We already have the thread "Escape" up and that is close to a finish. Once that is done, we could double it a s Prologue for the members that are just coming in so that they know what is going on. Dances with glee This is the first story arc where there is a hostage to start! Hey, Wolfsbane. Can you post a new chara in Escape to hurry things up?

  • Oooh, Is escape supposed to be part of the Story arc. Well, whether or not it was, It cerntainly became part. I introduced a major chara for it. Uh, actually, maybe two.
        So, the position for Recorder is still open. I Think that I might just take that job. It would do okay, I suppose. All, well, there goes more of my time, but okay. I'll start putting "Escape" together for the story.

  • Do you guys want me to create a new character profile or just play as a new character in 'Escape'?

  • That works. We could use it in there. Oh, and before I forget, Seth has an idea, so he will pm you on it. Thanks one and all for making this possible!

  • I should have Ripper's bio up sometime in May; I don't have the time left in the US to finish it.

  • CQ, Seth, anyone, do you have an update for the rest of us on either the Escape thread or other threads related to the present arc in planning?

  • Ooh! A new arc. Since I'm finally active now a lot, I guess I should join this arc. Gives me something to come back to this site. XD

  • Okay, to update the Story Arc:

    • In the "Escape" thread, Pathogen's minions are chasing after fugitives who hold something very important to him: The crest of his Family, a necessity to ruling as Wolf Chieftain. Kiara, Flik, Mugru and Ripper are trying to escape, not knowing what is so important about the disk (crest). A new character Garth just entered the scene, offering to help. Mugru seems to know him and he is very cryptic and vague about the information he offers about himself.
    • Visit to Redwall - WolfsBane TreeFlyer is revisiting Redwall and meets an old otter named Raun. He tells Raun about the death of his tribe by the hands of  Pathogen. Raun tells him about Mokak's life and Jarra's death.

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