Wolfsbane Treeflyer, Nomad

  • Character Name: Wolfsbane Treeflyer
    Gender: Male
    Species: Flying Squirrel
    Age: Just before prime
    Rank: Warrior
    Weapons: Collapsible bow, quiver of arrows, two long knives
    Physical Description:
    Wolfsbane is of average size. Being a flying squirrel, he has flaps of skin that run from his wrists to his feet. With the skin, he is able to glide from tree to tree. His fur is a combination of brown and dark grey. He is not of great size, but he is lean and sinewy.

    Wolfsbane is somewhat quiet. Since the massacre of his tribe, he has changed from a carefree squirrel to a hardened warrior. He is fiercely loyal.

    Wolfsbane is fiercely stubborn, especially when it comes to killing vermin. He will almost never show mercy. He is also reckless in battle, sometimes even exposing himself and others to harm. The flaps from his arms prevent him from swimming, but he can wade through shallow water. Wolfsbane also has a fear of big fires, such as fireplaces, due to the Great Fire that ravaged the Pinewoods. When he travels, he will only light small fires to keep warm.

    Wolfsbane was born Blurr Treeflyer of the Treeflyer Tribe. The Treeflyer clan was a tribe of flying squirrels who dwelled in the Pinewoods, a large forest dominated by huge pine trees. They were a huge tribe who defended their homes from bandit vermin who reigned over and ruled the mountains. The bandits raided the squirrel tribe for vittles and weapons from time to time. For countless seasons, the Treeflyer tribe had successfully defended their homes from these roving bandits. Alas, one season had brought them doom. A pack of mercenary wolves from across the northern seas had landed on the northwestern shores. They had tried to conquer the plentiful Pinewoods for themselves.

    However, they were heavily repelled by the seasoned warriors of the Treeflyer tribe. Soon, the Treeflyer tribe's luck ran out. The wolves had joined forces with the mountain bandits and mounted a huge offensive against the Treeflyer tribe. The combined forces of the wolves and the mountain bandits completely destroyed the Treeflyer tribe… or so they thought. Unknowingly, they had left a lone survivor by the name of Blurr Treeflyer. The young squirrel knew that he could not defeat an army by himself.

    He renamed himself Wolfsbane and left the Pinewoods, vowing on his tribe's honor that he would one day return and defeat them. From there, he headed southwards toward Mossflower, remembering the stories of its abundance told by traveling beasts. He traveled for nearly a season before he reached Mossflower. He has visited both Redwall Abbey and Salamdastron and dwells at Redwall Abbey during the winter. He is known to most woodlanders as the Nomad.

  • Wow. You look like you are expirianced. Do you want to put the "Pinewoods" part into play with the story arc I am trying to get going? That just sparked an idea for it. Just PM me. I will fill you in on the details.

    Great piece. I suggest that you start a tread going ASAP. Rock on.

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