• Teenaged male grey squirrel.

    He has contracted mange, a disease that will make all of his fur fall out (ALL… from tip of tail to nip of nose) and leave him with a scabby, oozing, black encrusted skin. It's sort of an animal version hybrid of poison ivy and leprosy. It leaves his skin very tender.

    Right now he looks like a normal squirrel. He is perfectly average in every way, with a bonus serving of handsomeness until the mange overtakes his body.

    Mange is highly contagious. Feel free to shun the guy.

    Personality: Pleasant and helpful. Eager to be liked.

    Background: Born in the abbey. His parents moved to eastern Mossflower to farm. When they died during a harsh winter, Harack was brought back to the abbey. He has been here for 5 seasons and feels at home but feels overly average. He is not particularly good at anything. Sometimes he feels intimidated by other abbey beasts. When teased, he gets angry easily and feels a need to be defensive.

    He loves fruit.

    Is this sufficient? Anything I'm lacking?

  • That's a good profile.

    Good first profile!

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