• OOC- it has been ages since we have had any action at Redwall. Here we go.

    IC- Criegon looked out across the wood tops, blanketed by night. The moon was on half waxing and there were few clouds in the sky. A gentle mist shrouded from the ponds surface and disappeared a few feet in the air. Bringing the blanket in closer, he shivered as a breeze passed through the battlements. Early spring nights were cold.
         Vince the mole, walked up to the shivering otter and started to converse in polite conversation when a clanking sound filled the air.

    BOOC- Anyone can be the noisemaker and any one can be Vince. Do what you please with him.

  • OOC: What goes clank in the middle of the night? It could be just about anything… honestly, if I was on the walltop and heard a clanking sound, the first thing I would look for is runaway dibbuns.... lol...

  • OOC- That is almost as "What goes bang in the night". LOL! But can we really get moving here? What is the topic for the tread? The point is to be creative. It COULD be a hoard of dibbuns attacking from  behind. Hey! I like that idea….

    Bic- Martan the mouse jumped the hedgehog from behind. WHAM! within a split second, the pan he was armed with came down on his head, almost knocking him out.

  • Before the mouse could regenerate his attack, jumped on his back while giving a playful shout, "AHAAAA!!"
    He landed on the mouses back and began to wrestle with him, trying get the mouse to the ground.
    ((I'm just going to take a wild guess then that his is a playful fight or their sparing.))

  • Hubblegum the hedgebabe attacked from the right, wielding his daddy's shoe. He delivered several sharp slaps to Ensis's tail and puffed out his chest like a proper warrior should.

    "Bad otty! Youse stinky like fish. Go baff youself and don't get no puddin never gain."

  • Ensis stuck his tough at the mouse.  "THBTH!! Me no stink like fish.  YOU stink like fish." The with a air of superiority stated, "And I eat alla puddin I want." With this last statement, he spun his tail under the mouses foot to try and trip him up.

  • ((( hey! I'm a porky hedgehog baby! how dare you call me a mouse! …lol....)))

    Hubblegum fell flat on his tail and gasped, but before he realized he should cry, the free-flying frying pan hit him in the face and stunned him. A very girly giggle erupted from behind Ensis.

  • Ensis swerved towards the giggle and sputtered out, "Whatcha do dat for, I was…"

  • Another one of the dibbuns that seemed to be appearing out of nowhere winged a slobbery, half-eaten custard crumpet at Ensis's head.

  • OOC- Sorry. I am back. I think that that is what ensis would have posted.

    IC- Rubbing his head, the hedgehog sat up only to have his head grazzed by a flying cake. Wiping medowcream from his head spines, he flung it at a dibbun next to him that was laughing uncontrolably. "What ya do that for?" He was knocked out by a young otter babe leading the charge up the battlement steps. " 'harge!"

  • (((OOC, oh, really? dang it… it would have been really funny.

    I'm so confused... CQ, was Ensis subbing for you?)))

  • OOC- My chara has been left out compleately! Check the top of the page. My guy was the one that got hit over the head with the frying pan!

  • OOC: Yeah, you were twinking Namaste. CQ, get back in there! Don't let them leave you behind! Post something with your OOC's guys!

    BIC: A motherly voice came floating across the dampened lawn from the abbey, "What on earth! Where did all of my pastries go? Jo Jo! Are the dibbuns still in bed?"
    A muffled reply followed.
    Then crashing sounds from the kitchen. "Tilly! What are you doing out of bed?"
    More crashing sounds. Light from the abbey shot across the lawn toward the wall as a door was opened. Tiny shadowy forms shot out, then disappeared leaving the door wide open.

    OOC: Um, what's a crumpet anyway? Anybody can take any of the shadowy likkle escapees, the 'motherly voice', or Jo Jo. I'm just posting for fun.

  • OOC- I think a crumpet is a hard biscut, but please tell me if I am wrong.

    IC- Creigon grabbed at the leavret that was clammering all over him. While distracted, a mole babe came and whacked his tail rather hard with a laddle. SMACK! "Yous sni'ched loik bad hure from ki'chin." SMACK! "Yous gotted a toim out. Hurr!"

  • Ensis saw his leavret friend in trouble and with a shout of, "Unhand moi friend, FIENDY BEASTY!!" He jumped onto Criegon's behind and bit into the creatures tail.

    ((What creature is your chara Criegon?))

  • ooc- And otter, hard teeth….

    ic- Creigon dropped the leavret with a whoop and a shout as he did a strange pain dance with the otter babe still attached.

  • Ensis held on for dear life.  He thought it was a hoot and could no longer hold back a shout of joy.  "YEEHA!  Yum be foon to roid.  Hehe. " He scurried away to where the leavret had dropped.

    "Cum on fend.  Let's go bit sum odder beasties tail." He shouted to his new friend.

  • Rubbing his now very sore rear, he looked back to examine it when he saw the two other beasts prancing way, joyfully. "COME BACK YOU SCALLYWAG!" But as he began to give chase, a large shout issued from the grounds.


    Then the dibbuns started pouring over the stairs, outnumbering the beasts on the wall by 3 to 1.

  • Ensis joined in the  charge back towards the besieged otter.  "WEDWALL.  Iam goin' to choppa of yoo's tail, and ett it fur me tea.  Heeheehee."

  • Lights started to get light in the abbey as sisters and brothers alike realized what was happening. By the time they had gotten to the lawn there was no way that the situation was going to end quickly. Shear numbers had made it possible to over power the wall guards, and the resourceful youngsters had wrapped them in bedsheets and put rope ramdomly about the squirming bundles.

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