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  • Hello and welcome to the home thread for all of my characters!
    I'm sure this will have some extra information in it ere long, so feel free to check back often!

  • Nickname: Brae

    Full Name: Tenebrae Earthscribe

    Species: Raccoon

    Tenebrae's fur is dense and variegated hues of gray and brown, with the distinct "mask" of black fur covering her eyes. Her tail is arguably almost as long as she is tall, and down its length are seven rings of fur the same pitch colour her mask is.

    The woman's stature is what one would consider to be slender, though she certainly does not present as weak or frail. Although slender, she certainly has a certain athleticism about her body, likely from the years spent doing menial or hard labour that her line of work would necessitate.

    Brae's clothing is a very simple setup: a cerulean tunic with a deep cut, exposing a fair portion of her neck and the fur of her chest. Over the tunic is a short, loam brown coat with short sleeves. The coat in full reaches approximately down to the middle of her waist. Finishing the outfit is a pair of khaki trousers with large pockets on either leg, and a leather messenger bag slung over her shoulder. Her feet are typically bare.

    Possessions: (Weapons, jewelry…)

    - Example
    - Another Example
    - (No "He was the best in the world/Mossflower at Swordplay/knife-throwing/archery/swimming")
    - (No "Impossible to kill" or "Could smell a rat from fifty feet away")

    - Example
    - Another Example
    - De-ja-vu
    - ("Gets mad easily" or "Has BloodWrath" or other stereotypes are not weaknesses, no matter how you try to rationalize it)
    - (True Weaknesses equal "Can't swim," or "Dislikes and cannot use polearms of any kind," or "not physically attractive" are weaknesses. In my experience, Scars don't detract from most characters'' appearance very often, either. So don't add it unless it's truly hideous and no one would want to come within fifteen feet of them)

    (Character personality. What do they act like in certain situations? Are they happy-go-lucky, or easily angered?)

    (Character history. what have they done up to this point in their life? What has happened to them? For help, take Mary-Sue test in other thread before writing this. It really puts things in perspective. Also, posting rules apply here. Separate the paragraphs, but in this case keep it short and sweet)

    This will make it very easy for people to find and understand your characters and to get some detailed information on who and what they are.
    It is suggested that as you creatures get promoted, resign, get demoted, killed, win victories, ect… that you create a detailed history, this will help to make RPGing more realistic.

    Nice additions

    Some nice additions you could add to your character profile include:

    Age: Please use human years. More people would understand ages better that way.

    Alignment: Is your character a goodbeast, neutral, or a vermin?

    Job: What does your character do to support themself? Are they a farmer, merchant…?


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