• Nickname: Noel

    Full Name: Undisclosed

    Species: Arctic Fox

    Description: Noel is an old fox, and his appearance is quite indicative of the fact -- he's got silvery hair all over his body, not a shred of white left anywhere except his underside and tail. He tends to walk in a rather slow manner, though still very upright for his age. His eyes are a piercing shade of silvery-gray, and the left has flecks of blue in the iris. His body, though obviously bent somewhat with seasons and rather slender to begin with, is taut with muscle, stretched over a gaunt frame that seems to have not an ounce of fat on it. He dresses in a grey tunic, with a simple black belt around his waist and an old brown cloak around his shoulders. He carries no weapons, not even a staff to support himself. Around his neck is a shard of what seems to be steel, smoothed and tarnished with age.

    He has a distinctive set of scarring across the left side of his face, and there's almost nothing left there besides his eye, an exposed set of glistening teeth, and his ear, which (miraculously) still has fur (think Two-Face from Christopher Nolan's Batman series). It often causes him great pain in his sleep and when he stays still, so he tends to pace often to block out the pain. The scar tissue hangs a bit ragged on his face, almost in a wrinkled way, and extends down his neck to his shoulder and partway down his torso, making him a haggard sight in general.

    Branded into his right shoulder is an emblem resembling a set of talons crossed with a sword, surrounded by the shape of a shield. It's usually covered with his cloak, however. He stands at about 1.75 meters in height.

    Possessions: Noel carries few possessions with him, as both a wanderer and a mercenary. He never takes off the necklace that he wears, and does carry a few ornaments on his body (one or two earrings on his right ear, beaded bracelets with a few bones strung onto them, and the feather of what seems to be an eagle stitched to the hood of his cloak). Those, and the clothes on his body, tend to be all that he keeps with him on a usual basis.

    - Despite his age, a decent paw-to-paw combatant and quite well built for his number of seasons
    - A very good trapper
    - Brilliant strategist
    - Very persuasive and a good orator
    - Still an old creature, so many of the things an old creature would suffer from (creaking joints, easily tired from exertion, etc.)
    - Not much of a fighter, and though he can (as above stated) hold his own in close combat, he's not much good with weapons
    - Easily frustrated, and often in a bad mood for little more reason than a stubbed footpaw or a worm in his apple
    - Seems to have remaining bits of the Bloodwrath, from his younger days, and I add this as a weakness for this reason: his body is old, though still strong (for his age), and can't take the strain anymore, which almost always results in injury to himself and incapability of movement after a spell (thankfully, these are few and far between)

    Noel is a very odd creature. He often seems rational in how he speaks, how he acts, and the manner in which he carries himself in general, but as he does, he commits rather atrocious acts of violence and chaos. For instance, he may have a perfectly unbothered look on his face and a relaxed body as he watches a creature get tied to a stake then drops the lit torch into the wood pile at the base, or may simply ignore the screams of a dying member of whatever warlord's army is currently enlisting his services while enjoying a cup of dandelion milk. At the same time, he may release that same creature from the aforementioned stake with the same look on his face.

    Others have, at times, called him one without a conscience, or the kindest creature they ever met -- no matter what he does, however, it is absolutely always for his own personal gain. He has an uncanny sense of where and when to place himself in events to ensure that something profitable to him will come across his path, and more often than not, manages to get a hold of that "something" and make use of it.

    He is invariably drawn to destruction and violence, enjoying the event much as one sits back and enjoys reading a good book. Whether he plays a part in it, however, usually depends on his mood. In short, Noel views life as a game that he can play, or one that he can merely observe, with no regard for any other creature other than himself.

    In PROGRESS . . .

    Age: 62

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

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