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  • This thread will be for me to consolidate and rework all of my existing character biographies.

  • Muramin "Mirri" al-Wyuli, Wildcat Warrior

    "The past is dead. Spend your tears on making sure your future is still as it should be."

    General Statistics
    Full Birth Name: Muramin al-Wyuli
    Species: Wildcat (Acinonyx jubatus)
    Age: 27 Seasons
    Sex: Female

    Known Family:
    ---> Almas al-Wyuli (Mother)
    ---> Rashad al-Wyuli (Father)
    Marital Status: Single

    Physical Statistics
    Height: 1.98 m
    Weight: 93.7 kg
    Fur Color: Gold with Dark Brown Spots
    Eye Color: Heterochromatic Green/Gold

    Tall and athletic, Muramin has a build that suggests physical grace and strength. Her posture tells of her self confidence and the idea that she is ready to meet what the day has in store for her.

    Brigandine with faulds
    Quiver with arrows fletched red and green
    Recurve composite bow
    Paired scimitars
    Small knife for general use

    Initially cautions, Muramin no longer leaps into a situation without consideration - as she would have when she was younger. However, she is completely dedicated once she has committed, and only clear proof of errant judgement will sway her. With those who know her well, she will allow a softer, more-caring side come forth, but she is cold and formal with strangers or loose acquaintances.

    Short History
    Muramin al-Wyuli is the first-born daughter of Warrior-Priestess Almas from the nomadic Wyuli clan. Much of her childhood was spent learning to survive the harsh realities of the shifting sands to the south and east of the relatively peaceful Mossflower Woods. Additionally, Muramin also entered into training that would eventually leave her with the position of Warrior-Priestess at the retirement of her mother.

    As fate would have it, Muramin was not destined to live so simple a life as to take her mother’s place and slide into obscurity. During a particularly heated sparring match against a rival warrior, Muramin swung with such force that her scimitar broke through the blade of her opponent and slew him in an instant. Rather than wait and face judgement for the act, Muramin decided to take what posessions she could carry and depart for distant lands.

    Thus, in this midst of her twentieth season, Muramin began her trek northward. There were stories of other beasts that had traveled thusly to find a land of milk and honey, and the young huntress decided to prove those tales. Six seasons of travel passed before Muramin trod upon the wind-swept plains southwest of Mossflower Woods, and only one more to find herself ready to make her own kind of paradise.

    Theme: Ruska - Apocalyptica

  • Jack "Ripper" Blackpaw

    "Mummy says I shouldn't talk to nasty beasts. Mummy is always right. Are you a nasty beast?"

    General Statistics
    Full Birth Name: Jack Blackpaw
    Nickname: Ripper
    Species: Fox
    Age: 21 Seasons
    Sex: Male

    Known Family:
    –--> Ellen “Mummy” Blackpaw (Mother)
    ---> Roger Blackpaw (Father)
    ---> Allison Blackpaw (Sister)
    Marital Status: Single

    Physical Statistics
    Height: 5’11” (or equivalent)
    Weight: 138 lbs (or equivalent)
    Fur Color: Orange-red base, white underbelly/throat, black ‘gloves’/‘boots’
    Eye Color: Brown

    Ripper is a very thin fox in a sorry state. Streaks through his fur tell a tale of a carefully applied knife, and the visibility of his ribs reveal his nearly-starved state. Even fully lucid, his posture is at best submissive.

    Loin cloth

    Ripper suffers from a broken psyche. The combination of innocence, ignorance, and another’s limitless quest for knowledge he lacked has torn his mind asunder. This madness manifests as a number of various personae all vying for dominance. Of the multitudes within the poor fox, there are two dominant characters.

    The first one is Ripper’s rational side. Calm, intelligent, and often quiet, it shows the majority of the fox’s cunning and control. Often speaking in the third person, it often serves as the dominant persona for extended periods of calm. Sudden changes or happenings, however, tend to upset the rational side into losing control.

    Wrought during his time under a talented knife-paw, Ripper’s second persona is his inner child from his past. Simple-minded and living for the moment, he is seldom quiet or deep of thought. Instant gratification rules the day. Anyone with skill at directing children will have some luck in dealing with this side. His defining characteristic is the constant, and ever-changing, references to what ‘Mummy’ says.

    Ripper was one of a pair of fraternal twins born to a vixen matriarch and her chosen mate for that season. Taking his fur pattern more from his father and being second of the two born, he was seen as a pariah by nearly everyone within the tribe. The only one who seemed to care for the young fox was his twin.

    Seasons would pass, and Ripper endured the near-daily beatings and humiliations for all manner of transgressions – both real and otherwise. He managed to find a few other boys to play with around his age and, after a particularly harsh ‘lesson’ from his mother, decided to set out on his own. Fate, however, had other, more cruel plans. Not more than a stone’s throw from the village, Ripper’s sister caught up with him and begged him not to leave. That was just the time a neighboring mustelid village decided to raid. In the ensuing skirmish, Ripper’s sister was slain. Distraught with grief, Ripper’s mother blamed him and sought to ‘teach him what real pain was.’

    Theme: Chloe's Theme - Noir OST - Yuki Kajiura

  • Zhao Ce, The Shining Rabbit

    "Perhaps... But, maybe... Or... Would I really be of any help?"

    General Statistics
    Full Birth Name: Zhao Ce
    Alias(es): Zilong the Resplendent
    Species: Annamite Striped Rabbit (Nesolagus timminsi)
    Age: 32 Years
    Sex: Male

    Marital Status: Single
    Known Family:

    • Brother (Deceased)

    Physical Statistics
    Height: 1.8 m
    Weight: 86.7 kg
    Eye Colour: Hazel
    Hair Colour: Black

    Zilong's fur starts as black with brown stripes, becoming red for his flanks, rear, and tail. He wears brown boots that have obviously seen many miles, trousers of a forest green, and a tunic that's hunter green. Over his clothing, he wears weathered armor of an emerald green color, trimmed in gold, consisting of a cuirass, spaulders, faulds, greaves, and vambraces. He wears a traveling pack on his back, and rounds the entire ensemble off with a forest green cloak.

    Notable Posessions

    Zilong is a man dedicated to honor and justice, trying to do his best to live by his personal code in a world where such can be as much a hindrance as a boon. However, he is still horrified by the mistakes he has made in the past. He will frequently fail to act due to second guessing himself or envisioning the results of failing, which only leads him to spiral further into regret and inaction.

    Short History
    Born of two peasants in a land far, far east of Mossflower, Zilong was recruited into a volunteer army as soon as he was old enough to heft a spear. Though initially unremarkable, Zilong was fortunate enough to survive long enough to find himself promoted to a sergeant. By the time the second of several civil wars came about, Zilong was volunteering to serve again in the army.

    During the second civil war, Zilong further distinguished himself, and his commander saw fit to have him outfitted as an officer. He would continue to serve dutifully and just until the pinnacle of the war, in which he had to depart service to see to his elder brother's funeral. Though he would not personally take part in the victory, he was lauded by his commander for his service and his honor.

    During the third of the three major civil wars of his era, Zilong was named a general in the army of his commander. Despite his valiant service, the numerical superiority of the enemy won out, and they were forced to retreat. During the retreat, however, Zilong rode forth into the enemy ranks to try and rescue his leader's wife and son. Unfortunately, he was unable to save either despite his skill, and his leader was slain while he was away. Utterly broken by his failure, Zilong left his homelands.

    Theme: Yasou Getsuka - Juuni Kokki OST

  • Aynur Vüsalayeva Safavi

    “Sometimes swirling fates is just that. It lets us elders excited in our old age so we go, 'Oooh, destiny!'”

    Basic Information
    Common Name: Aynur
    Age: 61 Seasons
    Species: Red fox
    Gender: Female

    Physical Statistics
    Height: 15 hands
    Weight: 9.25 stone
    Fur Colour: Ruddy-orange, brown, black, white
    Eye Colour: Green
    Build: Venerable

    Graceful and regal, Aynur clearly maintains dignity and poise, even in the face of hardship or the bluster of a younger, stronger beast. Greying fur and wrinkles clearly denote her age, when the physical infirmities are concealed.

    Immediate Family:
    –--> Vüsal Leylayeva Safavi (Mother, Deceased)
    ----> Yusif Sarkarov Safavi (Husband, Deceased)
    ----> Ruslan Safavi Shirvani (Son, Deceased)
    ----> Sevinc Aynuryeva Safavi (Daughter, Deceased)
    Marital Status: Widowed

    Aynur has seen the end of an age, the toppling of a dynasty, and lived to scribe the tale. Even in her advanced years, though, she still takes pleasure in the vitality of youth, enjoying the way destiny swirls around important people. Were she a younger vixen, she might even like to go adventuring, but her old bones try not to let her stray too far from her home and garden.

    Short History

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Theme: The Second Dream

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