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    Name: Oliver Swiftstream
    Nicknames/Aliases: Ollie
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Alignment: Good
    Size: Above average
    Build: Muscular
    Species: Eastern Fox Squirrel
    Occupation: Warrior/Trainer/Kitchen Help

    Physical Appearance:
    Oliver is very large for a squirrel, being taller and having more muscle than the majority of other squirrels. Sporting dark brown fur and creamy colored belly fur, Oliver tends to clean it whenever he gets the chance. The warrior squirrel's head holds an equally creamy colored head-fur that slightly drapes above his eyes. He has burn scars on his paws and hind-paws from one of the biggest battles he's been in.

    Oliver wears a form fitting half tunic; the top part covering one side of his chest going diagonally downwards to cover his stomach area. This is his usual attire for the spring and summer weathers. In the winter he wears a black short sleeved tunic over a hooded long sleeved grey shirt. All four of his paws are wrapped up in white wraps used for hand to hand combat and also used to cover the scars he received when being burnt in battle. Oliver wears a necklace the shape of a crescent moon that his mother gave to him when he was only a dibbun. It will glow in the night from time to time. Whenever he gets the chance he'll use a light brown cloak and mask when traveling to stray from random battling with thieves and to keep himself warmer.

    Oliver's weapons consist of two important items he uses for battle and an accessory. The Oak Tree Staff, made from fine oak trees, very light in weight and extremely durable. On his belt, a small paw sized scabbard is concealed. It contains a beautiful black dagger, sharp, and well polished.


    Oliver is a sociable fellow who enjoys interacting with others. He isn't angered by silly little things like annoyances or people with lack of manners. The only time Oliver shows seriousness is towards training or fighting in a battle. Oliver is pretty laid back and usually likes to relax when there's not much to do. He's kind of heart and very spirited when it comes to interaction or assisting others. He usually trips up over his words and actions when speaking with females.


    -Skilled in kick boxing, wrestling, and acrobatics.

    -Excellent climber.

    -Good Reflexes and awareness.

    -In extreme or dangerous instances, Oliver will have short spurts of Bloodwrath.

    -Strong and Durable.


    -Fighting someone with big bulky bodies; he isn't able to use his body throws on them easily and require more stamina.

    -He uses no armor, so he is vulnerable to weaponry and other attacks.

    -Fighting small creatures that are very quick and stealthy. Harder to catch them into holds/they are able to slip out of his grip easier.

    -Slower than most squirrels, despite his acrobatics and reflexes, his bulky and tall body takes much more time to build speed.

    Drawbacks of Bloodwrath:

    Oliver has three stages of bloodwrath, and while each stage increases his strength, pain threshold, and primal instincts, they come with severe drawbacks.

    Stage 1:

    -After effect of Bloodwrath renders him useless in battle; becomes temporarily paralyzed and heavily drained.
    -Takes a few hours of recovering to feel normal again.

    Stage 2:

    -Takes a whole day to completely recover, it also causes him to black out after the Bloodwrath subsides. Cannot move during this recovery period.

    Stage 3:

    -Becomes bed ridden and cannot move for days after the full Bloodwrath wears off.
    -Everyone in his eyes are foe and becomes a complete berserker.


    Oliver was born to a group of Squirrels and Mice who wanted to live outside the walls of Redwall. They were nomads, hunters, and fighters at heart. They did not like being held back behind the big great walls; they needed the freedom of the woods. Oliver was shortly born after a settling the group decided to move freely from or stay at.

    His mother was a wonderful creature who cared for her new born son. While only a baby squirrel, Oliver was given the family treasure; a necklace shaped like a crescent moon. This necklace was passed down from each generation, which Oliver cherishes greatly.

    After a couple of seasons, Oliver was old enough to play with and join his fellow dibbuns on mock adventures. The young squirrel was curious and asked his father about real adventuring. He was told numerous legends, showing both light and dark sides of Mossflower. They were used to help him slumber, but he dreamed great dreams. The young squirrel loved the stories he was told and wanted to hear one each night. Oliver's young mind developed quickly making this a great way for him to learn and think about what he wanted within his own life. Oliver and his friends did pretend battles, being on the sea, traveling the lands; it made for big goals.

    Seasons later, Oliver went on to read the stories of creatures that sailed and navigated the seas. He even read stories of many warriors and travelers of Mossflower. The young squirrel was finally able to understand what he wanted to do, with his father by his side to give him the 'Okay' for training. The stories of these warriors paved way for him to eventually become one himself.

    More time had passed, which Oliver spent most of that time studying from books, and learning many fighting styles from his father, the villages champion wrestler.

    Oliver felt he was ready for travel, ready to start his own journey, ready to become one of the great legends that he read so much about. At the age of sixteen, he left the little village and traveled Mossflower. In his travels he kept a journal that if he would ever return he would turn into one of the many great stories. He traveled north, south, east, west, by land and sea. In this time period, he had many encounters. Some of these encounters made him new friends, new enemies, and longer adventures.

    At the age of nineteen, he collapsed in front of the gates of Redwall, losing many friends in a war days before his arrival. He was badly beaten, all four paws were heavily burnt, clothes torn up, a bloody mess. His best friend, a hare named Aureorado, died in battle, while his other good friend a warrior mouse of the canyon lands, managed to escape. This was by far the worst of Oliver's days, spending a whole cycle of the four seasons bed ridden until he was twenty due to his injuries. It took the warrior seasons of rehabilitation and hard training with plenty of eating to get back to where he was, mentally and physically.

    Oliver, now twenty nine, resides at Redwall Abbey, training and becoming stronger for himself, and helping others improve their fighting skills as well. When not training or training others, he spends a lot of the time in the kitchens helping out the Friar with cleaning and serving the food. Oliver, now more of a warrior than he's ever been, has a new attitude with his life after the losses he suffered. He still plans on turning his journal into a legendary story, to allow beasts to read of his travels, his legacy.

    Name: Bradley Steelwall
    Age: 32
    Species: Mouse
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Good
    Size: Average
    Build: Lean

    An exceptional mouse warrior who's features resembles much of his brother Gordon's. He has warm blue eyes and head fur that partially spikes at the back and front. Brad's lean body and great strength make him an excellent user of his brother's Broad Sword. His fur is a light brown color with belly fur being a creamy complexion.

    Weapons and Personal Items:

    Gordan The Warrior's Broad Sword - Belonged to his brother Gordon during the battle with Death-Claw the Terrible.
    Wooden Slingshot
    Battle Armor
    Martin the Warrior's Sword (Ex wielder.)

    Job or Position:

    Champion of The Cayon Lands
    Champion of Redwall Abbey Passed down to Tessa


    A very energetic, happy creature. Brad is outgoing and loves making new friends and teammates; some think its a cover up to mask the loss of his brother. In his mind, life is supposed to be care free and shouldn't be taken up for granted. His protection of others and making good relations drives him to life his life to the fullest. Bradley likes to take time to enjoy nature and watch the stars at night.


    ** Strengths:**
    -Powerful, can wield larger blades easier than most warriors.
    -Trained with Oliver for many seasons, picking up on some of his fighting skills.

    ** Weaknesses:**
    -Slow when fighting hand to hand.
    -Sacrifices most of his speed for strength
    -Vulnerable to quicker fighters, hard to keep up.


    Ever since he was born he looked up to his older brother. Bradley was always interested in being like his brother, seeing him like an idol. When they were older they would train together all the time, never giving up or giving in to the fatigue. They had competitions and things to help with their skills. Gordon would always win.

    When their tribe went at war, Brad was only twelve. He watched his older brother, fifteen years old, fight in this huge event. Many died, but the brave village prevailed and drove away the vermin. After that day Brad vowed to train hard and fight for all.

    At the age of eighteen, Brad, became the champion of his village when a large creature terrorized his village in the Canyons. Brad grabbed his blade, fighting the beast one on one. He sustained heavy damage, but despite the odds, the beast was slain. The mouse warrior was eventually appointed second in command to his brother's army. They set off to the seas where they met Oliver.

    Two years after sailing the seas, they lost most of their crew. Some died of scurvy, others from lack of food or water. The left over crew set up camp in Mossflower, which later was burned down by an evil crew of vermin led by a vicious fox named Death-Claw The Terrible.

    This sparked a war between the two sides.

    Brad and Oliver were outnumbered; they watched Gordon as he was held down by three other vermin. The other members were slaughtered. A loud thump and a laughter was heard. Bradley witnessed his brother's end, and continued to fight before smoke covered the entire battlefield.

    Oliver, in the midst of battle was knocked out as Bradley continued his fight. The Squirrel warrior woke up hours later, everything was burnt down, death everywhere, but Bradley and anything that lived vanished.

    Eventually after many seasons, Bradley reunited with his comrade, and the two have been staying at Redwall ever since. He became the Abbey champion after a few campaigns, but eventually gave it up to Tessa, who was more capable of such responsibilities. Now thirty one years old, the mouse warrior enjoys his time with the creatures at Redwall and the peace that comes with it.

    Name: Dallas Irontail
    Nicknames/Aliases: Dallas "Woodmaster" Irontail
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Species: Giant Otter
    Alignment: Good
    Size: Large
    Build: Very Muscular
    Occupation: Architect/Carpenter/Swordsbeast

    Tall in height for an Otter, but slightly heavier in weight and well built with plenty of muscle. Dallas sports a traditional brown colored fur, but with a large scar coming down from the top left side of his chest near the upper right part of his abdomen. Dallas' light brown eyes are brought out by his fur color which give him a more humble side to his well aged body. He has ruffled headfur that hangs to the middle of his eyes and a scruffy beard that he keeps trimmed to stay the same length. Dallas let's it grow longer from time to time, usually during the winter months to keep his face warm while wood working.

    The adult Otter mostly wears a green tunic equipped with a jeweled scabbard holding a wonderful Middle sword, lighter than most. He chews on a piece of straw from time to time which is usually before building or fighting. His belt has many little helpful gadgets such as ropes for escaping and a hook for climbing walls. Dallas also conceals a sharp jeweled dagger that has its own beautifully crafted hilt.


    Dallas is normally a quiet beast, but will mildly interact with others if spoken to. His temper is low, but could be angered very quickly, usually if another beast gets into his face and starts taunting or show boating. Besides that, he's usually a happy creature. He's very serious when it comes to training or when fighting in battle, never wanting to fool around. Dallas is pretty laid back, usually when hes relaxing or when there's nothing do to. Nonetheless, Dallas has a kind heart and is very spirited when it comes to helping other beasts.


    -Well trained with a blade.
    -Uses quick blows with his sword and sometimes with his fists.
    -His specialty with the use of his rope for climbing up large walls
    -Excellent swimmer, fast in the water.
    -Well known for his carpentry and architect skills.


    -Quick with his paws but slow on his footpaws.
    -Defense isn't as good as offense. Knocked back easier.
    -Harder time fighting smaller, quicker creatures.
    -His scar is his major weak point, always feeling tender. Hitting his large scar could cause him to collapse or blackout.


    Dallas, originally from Redwall, lived a simple and peaceful childhood. His parents were normal, hardworking Otters, usually picking flowers and strawberries for the Abbey. This was an Otter that had no intentions of being a warrior, or any kind of fighter for that matter; Dallas wanted to live out his life in peace. As time went on, the young Otter babe became a young adult. At the age of sixteen he decided he wanted to travel and become an architect or be a rough carpenter. With the help of his family and friends, he could make all this come to reality.

    He had great love for working with wood and other materials to build something, usually homes, reinforcing them with wooden frames and brick. He read many books and parchments about old buildings, their blueprints, and their measurements. Dallas picked out the best books and parchments about the subject that helped him with his studies.

    Dallas learned about many different places while in Redwall, but he wasn't too strong when it came to lifting heavy objects. He also learned that he needed to defend himself when traveling. He read his books, and trained his body heavily. He was taught the way of using a blade properly and how to protect himself and others.

    He built his first home in the abbey out of wood and brick, making a special type of cement with mud, sand and water. He made furniture and other things with wood. He kept his body in shape through his work with wood and materials. Dallas didn't stop training his swordsmanship either; it was at it's peak. He eventually said his good byes and left Redwall, four years later, age twenty. He promised to return someday to visit everyone he cared for.

    Dallas was able to live his dream, traveling everywhere in Mossflower and helping others out, which was a plus. He built small homes for homeless beasts and things that would help them live out their lives. Dallas even went beyond Redwall to places where legends like Martin the Warrior and Luke lived. He traveled north, south, east, west, and by sea. He helped build large ships as well. It was the greatest experience of his life. He grew larger, his body became thicker and more muscled, and he became battle and labor hardened. Dallas sent parchments with the help of a carrier bird back to the Abbey to tell of his adventures and later, of his accident.

    The young Otter experienced one of the worst scenarios for any woodworker to face. At age twenty six after coming back from traveling the sea, Dallas was helping a creature fix a big section in their home made from an accidental fire. He was hoisting up a stake that would hold up part of the foundation. The top part of the rope snapped and the sharp javelin like stake fell, slicing open his chest and upper abdomen. He blacked out.

    Dallas woke up bedridden, being cared for by the goodbeasts of a nearby village. They thought he was going to die, but with his strong will and their medicines and herbs, they had high hopes. It took many months before he was completely healed and was able to move again. Years later, the gigantic Otter now resides in his home next to a river in the middle of Mossflower, making a living from fixing homes for many beasts and still practices his swordsmanship.

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    Your character's full name: Kino-attero Motunga Redtail
    Age: 38
    Alignment: Evil
    Size: Very Large
    Build: Very Muscular
    Species: Monitor Lizard
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A large and very muscular lizard with barrel chest, rock hard but thick stomach, and very large legs and arms. He stands at a towering height with equal weight, rivaling the size of many Badger Lords and Wolverine alike. Many battle scars cover his face, body and arms with his abdominal area wrapped up under his tattered tunic. Kino's dons spiked plates embedded into his right shoulder, chest, back and legs. His creepy green eyes glow eerily in the darkness which help scare off the weak and unworthy. He has a thick and hard tail, half of it painted Red, and very sharp teeth and claws. Kino's a very scaly brute with immense power and size, with an ugly busted up face and body.

    Weapons and Personal Items: He carries Wide sword that contains odd holes and jagged edges. He uses his large claws to slash and swipe at others to leave deadly marks on the body. His thick whip like tail is used like a club when he swings it at opponents.

    Kino-attero, a mean spirited Lizard with a dark soul. His black, cold heart makes him an ideal enemy and a hated vermin. He talks down to most creatures and argues with creatures that are deemed unworthy and weaker than him. He has no desire to make friends; only to feed himself and kill others for his own personal game. Hes known for stealing goods from the innocent then killing them and usually eating them. He's a sick beast with a terrible mind, having no remorse.


    Large muscular body can block blunt attacks, hard to stun
    Giant blade to block and deal heavy damage
    He can use his immense strength to his advantage against those whom are much weaker.
    His height helps from keeping most creatures from slashing at his face.

    He is very slow and can't keep up with high speed creatures
    Sometimes his height could be a burden when arrows are being used or others that attack with low attacks.
    Quick weapons are harder for him to block
    Arrogance gets the better of him


    Originally from Semptra, he moved to the Swamp like area of Mossflower when he was young. He grew up with his parents as Bandits and ruthless killers. His father was one of the best, being the old leader of Mossflower Bandits. During the years in his training to steal and to grow stronger the Bandits were attacked by a powerful group of Redwallers. His father and mother were killed in battle. The large group of bandits were broken up with Kino being left alone at age fourteen.

    After many seasons of travel, Kino made it back to his homeland with a band of Lizards that lived in Mossflower, he saw the vast amount of ships being built and the many pirates that left for their journeys. He was pleased with what he saw. He was eighteen at the time.

    He stayed on the Isle for a long while to train, kill, and eat, to get bigger and stronger. His heart grew colder; his soul was as black as the bottom of the sea. He was still hurt over the loss of his parents, having emotional break downs in the middle of the night. It made for him hating anything that represented good. Kino's mind became sick and twisted; he fed off of the loss and continued to grow.

    He eventually outgrew his mates, and eventually the whole group split up for their own personal reasons. Kino traveled by ship back to Mossflower to avenge the death of his Parents. He knew exactly where the beasts of Redwall lived, but he stayed in the Swamps to stalk and kill prey and travelers.

    The large lizard still lives in Mossflower til this day; waiting until the day he can claim the lives that stole his sanity and parents from him.

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    Name: Cecil Deepglaive
    Age: 59
    Sex: Male
    Species: Mouse
    Alignment: Good
    Size: Average
    Build: Average
    Job/Title: Advisor of Salamandastron/Ex-Mousethief

    Physical Description/Gear:
    Cecil stands at average height and weight for a mouse; filling out from when he was rather lithe and small twenty years ago. He retained many scars in the battles he fought, mainly showing his experience not only as a warrior, but as a mousethief and also the experience in life. His tanned fur with gray ends shows his age and a thick mustache to add to it. Cecil's fur is somewhat longer than most mice, but also his creamy and gray belly fur have added length as well. The most noticeable change in his figure is the absence of his left arm, lost because of a miscalculation in time while spying on an enemy who cut it off.

    Cecil wears a long sleeved and hooded black tunic with navy blue pants with added black shoes. His brown belt contains his old jeweled dagger and a hidden pocket with assorted throwing knives, each sleeved to prevent from cutting through the pouch on the belt. Another pocket on the belt contains small utensils that make lock picking easy for the aging Mouse.

    Cecil is a very optimistic fellow who is always around to help cheer up others. He gives positive advice helping others through their problems. He's cheerful and full of life; life that's being drained by the day.

    He holds his head up high and insists that others do the same to prevent from feeling bad for themselves. He's kind and caring talking with gruff voice. Cecil's very approachable and very affectionate towards others. His hatred for vermin is the only thing that passes as grim in his mind.

    Cecil has a very positive outlook on life considering his fatal disease.


    Born and raised in Noonvale, Cecil grew up a young rip, always causing mischief and sneaking about at night. Eventually he would always be punished with his treats being locked up in the larders. This didn't stop him; the young mouse found various tools and started to practice picking the locks to get to his snacks, his optimism pushed him not to pout, but to further teach himself to sneak around and harmlessly break into food inventories to have a late night snack. Even with his new hobby it took him hours to pick one lock, let alone two or three at once.

    No one ever knew he was the little thief! As he became older he learned that his father was a warrior at Salamandastron and his mother was born in Noonvale. They met while bumping into each other after their separate journeys.

    As soon as he was sixteen, they set on a journey, moving to Salamandastron, where his father would teach him the ways of becoming a fine warrior and to learn about the legendary badger lords with the Long Patrol hares. Cecil loved this idea, yet he wasn't fond of sword fighting. Instead he used a dagger in his practices, and focused mainly on fighting with speed instead of strength. He also took a liking to throwing knives, learning to use them with deadly accuracy.

    The young mouse told his father that he was the one picking the locks those many seasons ago. His father thought so, suggesting that he should be a spy against the enemies of Salamandastron. Cecil naturally liked this idea and continued to practice his agility, sneaking around, knife throwing, and lock picking.

    Cecil set out for his own journeys in his twenties, joining various groups of good beasts to aide them in their battles. He made many friends with his kindness and optimism, and made many enemies with opposing forces. He was wanted by various groups, one of them being Kino's parents and their band of trouble makers for stealing and picking the locks of their inventories and treasures. All these events led to that fateful night where his life was changed forever.

    One night the clever mousethief was with the resistance that wanted to rid Mossflower of the evil Lizards and pack of vermin. They all planned a time to take the rest of the vermin's rations so they would starve and an assassination attempt to follow up. Cecil greatly accepted this challenge and went off into the night, but little did he know the tables would be turned on him.

    Cecil went and worked his magic, picking the locks with great skill and speed, but he wasn't aware that he was being watched. While the young mousethief reached his paw out the stoat watching him swung his blade, a clean slice from Cecil's shoulder. It sent his arm flying. His instincts kicked in while he grabbed the severed spot, screaming with great anguish. The resistance ran in and a full blown battle waged on. One of the healers pressed a burning piece of wood against the shoulder, cauterizing his wound, followed with the usage of herbs and any other medical treatments available. The stress of his mission and the stress placed on his body caused a dormant disease to attack his immune system. This later led to his cold sweats at night, vomiting blood and all sorts of pains.

    Cecil was sent to Salamandastron for healing and rest. He was given the best herbs and healing treatments which suppressed the deadly disease, but it didn't mean it crept up on him from time to time.

    In his thirties he kept up with his training, which helped keep his disease from taking his life, but it was a ticking time bomb ready to go off. He still coughed blood, his joints became weaker, and his body started to feel sore. The older he got the more the disease took control of his life. Cecil's optimistic outlooks and guidance for others keeps him from losing his ability to fight, though he tires much easier.

    He currently resides in Salamandastron where he retired from battle and thieving. He is now an advisor to any beast who needs help with their problems; also acting as a council to the Long Patron and the Badger Lord. Cecil has to stay on herbs and medicines for the rest of his life in order to be able to stay active and to train.


    -Agile fighter; greatest attribute is speed
    -Highly experienced with a Dagger, can also throw knives very well
    -Retained his skills on picking locks and sneaking around to take from larders or inventory of his enemy
    -Very seasoned and experienced

    -Having only one arm causes all fights to be much harder in many scenarios
    -Isn't very strong in terms of brute strength, also tires easily in battle due to age.
    -A genetic disease that lay dormant had activated through the stress of battle and infection.
    -His disease causes him to frequently cough up blood; he's been fighting it off well, but it will attack him later on.

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