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  • Nicknames: N/A

    Full Name: Ansurr

    Species: Pine Marten

    Age: 30 in human years

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Job: Vermin horde-leader

    Description: Grey eyes, brown fur, quite tall. He always has a grimace on his muzzle. In a deliberate effort to look menacing, he has managed to acquire a suit of black plate armour. It is debatable whether if his ploy worked.

    Possessions: Aside from his armour, he carries with him a two-pawed sword.


    • Ansurr knows how to use a multitude of melee weapons, though he focused on swords.
    • Ansurr is an experienced commander of sieges and battles.
    • Ansurr could keep a calm head in the most desperate of circumstances, though significant effort will be needed.


    • Ansurr is no diplomat. He usually leaves the negotiations to other beasts. Being a specialist in the way of war means making peace is not easy.
    • Ansurr is quite self-conscious about his mustelid musk, and takes a bath every day to correct it. He does not think like the average vermin.
    • Ansurris prone to underestimating his opponents. He knows pride leads to a fall, but sometimes this knowledge slips his mind.

    Personality: From an outsider's perspective, Ansurr is constantly lost in thought, standing in a tent's corner. However, his taciturn exterior hides a creature thirsty for a challenge, as he views that the world has too little to offer him. Thus, he enjoys the thrill of battle far more than the average hordebeast, and seeks brave and skilled warriors to fight. Oddly for a vermin, he comprehends how woodlanders think and act, thus giving him an advantage over any unlucky woodlander who crosses his path.

    Background: Nobody knows where Ansurr came from before he joined the Paleclaw horde, with its previous leader Norvan accepting a born warrior with ease. Partaking in many activities that would turn a beast's insides out, Ansurr succeeded Norvan without difficulty.

    Then one day he had an epiphany. Maybe he talked to a woodlander captive, maybe he was having some weird thought. In any case, he reasoned that any vermin had every right to be protected and to prosper as any woodlander. Indeed, with their sharper fangs and claws and agile bodies, they should have ruled over the entire world by now. But they can never sort out their internal squabbles before being destroyed, by the paws of woodlander and vermin alike.

    Vermin need someone to guide them out of hordes and bands. Vermin need a cause to unite them under one banner. Since the existence of Redwall, numerous hordes have tried to take it, all of them ending in swift and humiliating failure. In a way, the very existence of Redwall signifies that vermin are meant to be trodden down.

    Ansurr thus came to the conclusion that Redwall had to be taken one way or another. Not for treasure or bloodlust, but that it is inevitable for the Abbey to fall for vermin to find true their place in the world.

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    I'll think up the thread so we can get this Siege at Redwall started! Your character is very impressive and quite the formidable beast. It'll be a crazy story!

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