Braelyan Swiftfoot

  • Nickname: Brae
    Full Name: Braelyan Swiftfoot
    Age: 23
    Species: River Otter
    Job: Fisher
    Age: 23
    Alignment: Goodbeast

    Description: Brae is a lean, sturdy otter of average height. Like most other river otters, his fur is on the darker side of brown but for his chin, chest, neck, and around his eyes, where it is very light brown, almost cream-colored. His eyes far surpass his fur in darkness, such a dark brown that they often appear black, which can make him quite intimidating at times. He wears a red tunic, held up at his trim waist thanks to a woven rope belt left to him by his father.

    Possessions: Brae wears a necklace, one that his mother made for him long ago. Like his belt, it's made of woven rope, though thinner, and samples three teeth from a pike, each tooth an inch from the one beside it. Brae has never taken this off, nor does he plan to.
    He also carries around two curved daggers, one tucked into each side of his belt.

    Personality: Like all otters, Braelyan is friendly and cheerful. He puts his all into everything he does, from fighting to cooking, and does his best to raise others' spirits.
    However, Brae is also fiercely protective. He knows what loss feels like, how it can make somebeast feel hollowed out and empty, and has no desire to see it inflicted upon anyone else. He would have once offered up his life to save another's, but now he would rather fight to protect both himself and everyone else, so no one ever has to lose anyone again.
    Though determined and generally sunny, Brae often gets lost in thought if left to his own devices. It isn't so much that he's absent-minded or easily distracted as it is a way for him to quietly reflect upon his life, both past and present days, when he's not doing anything else.


    • Strong Swimmer - The simple fact of the matter is, Brae is an otter, practically born and raised in the water. He's quick, he's graceful, and he can kick your tail.
    • Strong and Quick - Being the sturdy beast he is, Brae also has enough muscle to hold his own in a fight if he can't get to his daggers. Being lean, he doesn't have too much weight to throw around, so bigger beasts would best him in a fight if he stayed still. While he probably wouldn't win a race, he wouldn't come in last place, either.
    • Patient - If there's one thing a fisher must be, it's patient. Brae has spent hours on the riverside watching for fish, barely moving a muscle, eyes on the prize. This also helps him when dealing with unruly or argumentative types.


    • Poor Cook - Though Brae knows more than a few recipes and knows what tastes good with what, he has never successfully cooked anything in his life. Things are either underdone or nearly burnt. This doesn't stop him from trying.
    • Makes Promises He Can't Keep - Braelyan will promise someone just about anything to make them feel better, even if he knows he has no chance of making it possible. He will, of course, try his best anyway, but there are just some things one should not promise.
    • Zones Out - When Brae gets lost in thought, it takes him a moment to come out of it. So, short of yelling in his ear (which is a bad idea, don't do that) or wacking him on the head (also a bad idea), the only way to get his attention is to sit down, shut up, and be patient. Or keep poking at him until he gets tired of it.

    Brae’s father was a simple fisherbeast, his mother a devoted housewife. Brae was an only child, and the Swiftfoot family lived off on their own, only going into town once every year during the Harvest. When Brae reached the appropriate age to start his own family, he ventured to town alone in the Spring, and met a beautiful otter named Elaren. They were wed just before the next Harvest, and Elaren gave Brae a healthy pup the following Spring, whom they named Keetoo.

    Keetoo was still little more than a babe when corsairs arrived in Starfall Bay, and pillaged every home along the coast. Brae had been on the Great South Stream on a fishing trip during the attack, and returned home to find their little house in flames. Brae wasted no time, bursting through the door, but he was too late – he found Elaren’s body curled in the far corner of their room, with no sign of Keetoo. Brae found himself struggling to breathe through the smoke, and was just about to leave the tiny shack when he heard it… the harsh, choked cries of a pup. His pup. It seemed that Elaren had curled up with Keetoo to protect him, and it was only due to Brae’s good timing that he had come back before Keetoo had suffocated.

    Brae and Keetoo never returned to their small home, choosing instead to move further west in Mossflower Woods and live near the river to the north. They met up with other otters that had suffered the same fate, losing friends and family alike to the corsairs, and formed a small fishing village along the River Moss. It wasn’t long that Brae left the small village, in search of somewhere further west, toward the Western Sea, where the otters could escape the corsair threat for good. It was here he found Redwall Abbey, and settled in with his son.

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