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  • Hey all you cool beasts and vermin!
    RL went through some updates which now include:

    Upon writing or editing a post, members will see a lot of new buttons above their editor box. While the buttons do not work when clicking them, the options are still available to be used. Why the buttons aren't working is currently being investigated, but for now you may take customising your posts to a whole new level!

    Features Added:
    ⬜ Colour Formatting
    ◽ You may now colour code text in your posts! Colouring posts on the forums uses a Colour Hex Code. A link to a safe colour picker will be posted after this message. In order to format colour into your post, you must use the following formatting in your posts:

    %(#hexColorCode)[colored text]

    For example:
    Insert the text you want to be coloured here.

    This will format the text inside the brackets to be whatever colour you selected a hex code for. Anything posted outside of the brackets will not be formatted. This should allow users to give their character a little more personality, should they wish to colour their dialogue, or place emphasis on a particular statement or sentence within the post.

    ⬜ Text Alignment / Justification
    ◽ You may now align your text left, centre, and right when posting! To align / justify your text...
    Type |- at the beginning of your paragraph to align left.
    Type -| at the ending of your paragraph to align right.
    Type each one to format centre. |- Here is an example.

    ⬜ Headers with Backgrounds
    ◽ Users may now add headers to their posts. The plugin being used currently does not allow the background colour to be changed, and as such will default to a dark blue. In order to add a header to your post, you must use the following formatting in your post:


    For example:
    #anchor(Look at this Header!)
    ⬜ Spoiler Tags
    ◽ You may now wrap certain portions of text inside of a spoiler tag, which hide the text under a blue button. Other users must click on the button to see the text, at which point it will be displayed. Adding a spoiler tag to text is the same markdown as it is on Discord. Simply type || before and after the text you wish to be hidden.

    ⬜ Tooltips
    ◽ While certainly a more "niche" addition, users may now add "tooltips" to their text if they so choose. Tooltips will display text near a user's mouse whenever they hover over a certain word, which would allow users to add quick definitions to words others may not know, or add extra clarity or connotation for certain scenes.

    Currently, words that are tooltips are not display differently from any other words in the post. It's highly recommended to inform other users in some way that there is/are tooltip word(s) in your post, and where they are.


    For example:

    Upon hovering over the word "brevity," the text in the brackets will be displayed.
    HTML Colour / Hex Code Picker

    Be in mind the next few days will bring more updates, including organization and making this site more desktop friendly.

    Thank you so much for being awesome!
    -Admin TJ

    (any questions or problems please email redwall.legacy@gmail.com or join our discord server https://discord.gg/HRuw8Ag

  • I will post more updates later!

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