The Future of Redwall's Legacy (Also entitled: What next?)

  • Concerning our website: Redwall's Lagacy was one of the best, most active Redwall forums in existance for a short few weeks. It was also one of the best for a longer time than that, but lately it has into diarray. I want to ressurect our beloved site, And this is how I propose we do it:

    Current Arcs:

    As of currently, we havve had two story arcs in play. Valmorg, Palsat and Trok. Lady Murimin's attack on Salalmandastron.  These two story arcs were amazing and all, but the involved members have mostly died out. We are considering different options:

    • Passing along stroy arc responsibilities
    • Starting a new arc
    • Continuing the story arc until members return

    What is your opinion on these? Do you have another suggestion? Personally, I belevie that it would be wisest to toss the old story arc, archive it, and begin again. However, I will not make this descision for you.
        The current situation involving the story arc prevents full and active progression, as we have thus far experienced. If we begin again, we may have a better, clearer path to walk down and people can begin posting again without worry of overrunning the site.
        This does not mean that we will be disposing of all topics if this is the descion that we make. It only means that those topics involved with the story arc will be archived.

    New Ownership?

    This is not exactly RL speaking. RL and I made a mutual agreement that this must be posted. RL is passing along the full responsibility of the site into my hands. You have probably guessed by now that this is Seth. RL is going to be leaving on a mission for our Church soon and then is going to college. He will likely never come back to RL, but the chances are that he may come back and say HI at some point or other.
        Along with this new responsibility, I will be obligating some of it to other people, in case I go inactive for a short while again. (aka: if I get grounded or injured) So, I am also giving people new leadership jobs. If you would like a job, please inform me and the members can choose how it will be decided. Whether by voting, Leader's deciding, ect.

    Faithful Members

    We must also decide what to do with faithful members. I would like to reward them in some way for their loyalty to the site. Anybody may give suggestions (including faithful members  😉 )


    There are some Moderators that are no longer active. Barkstripe may be among them. This means that there are new position open, such as Recorder, Badger Lord, Noonvale Moderator and more. Please apply for positions if you wish to have them.

    Suggestions for improvements

    Does anyone think that there needs to be improvements. It think there are do. Among these is the need to update the news headings, which should be done every two weeks or so, at least. This would fall under the Recorder's responibilities.

    Archiving topics? (Clean the site?)

    When I said earlier that there needed to be topics removed, I didn't mean deleted. I meant archived, as I did clearify. There are a lot of topics out there that are no longer active. There are only about… um... one RP topics active at the moment. Thank you, Criegon, for starting "Escape".
        What is your opinion on archiving the topics?

    Dead Members? (Clean them?)

    We have members that have not come back to the site in months, or that have never posted at all. I think that if there are members that have not been active in the past four months, they should be removed. Was is you opinion?


    There are dead and dying sites with faithful members clining to them. LORA is among them, a once very active site. I have recently heard that it is slowing up, as are we. It may be possible to recruit active members from there to here.
        Also, if you know how to contact any of the dead members here, please contact them.


    Criegon and I will not be able to post here for the next few days, at least. Our parents have decided to shut down the internet in our house for next little while. I will return however, by the end of this month. I prominse. In the meantime, please post lots here for when I get back. When I do, I expect to see lots of members back and lots of posts in this topic by hopeful and faithful members.
        Farewell until next time!

  • Then you need to take care of securing a new admin for the site. (Immediately)

    I also don't think that your info is correct, but we shall see. If so, the best way to the the comp ungrounded is to do your schooling. PLEASE!

  • Since the story arc really isn't one to run with fewer than a dozen or so major players, I think it's more than fair to move on.  If things turn up and we can practice a little necromancy, that's all the better, but… For now, it's not tenable to try and keep something so grandiose running with so few (even though we're all rather dedicated).

    To the extent of 'dead' members, I think it'd be a good idea to drop everyone an e-mail prior to giving them ye olde royale boote.  Just a courtesy, in case any of them had something happen.

  • I agree. We need to get a string of posts going to get the RPing part of the site going again. Now that we have Orion, Kiara, Seth, Me, TJ, Nemaste, and others active again, then we have a higher chance of starting back up. It will continue for a long time and then we will start getting members again.

  • i agree. visitors won't want to join if they see the last post was made like a month ago, they'll think it is dieing or something and won't join.

  • Well the thing is, it is dying. That is why we are banging our heads together and trying to come up with a solution. maybe the first page that a visitor comes to is a special page just for guests. That would spark their attention depending on who they are and we might get more posters.

    This is is actually in a remakable state, compared to other sites. Try googling "Redwall forums" and see if you can find another active site. If there are some active members, then we  can draw them from there.

  • Thats a good idea. thinks

  • Does anyone know how to do HTML? And Seth, can you change the opening thing. It is a million years old. It REALLY needs updating. That, I think, is one of the main reasons guest leave when they see the site.

  • I know very little HTML… the bare minimum

  • @Criegon:

    Does anyone know how to do HTML? And Seth, can you change the opening thing. It is a million years old. It REALLY needs updating. That, I think, is one of the main reasons guest leave when they see the site.

    I KNOW how to do HTML!!! I'm like a pro!! did it my whole life. MGS ME

  • Good. You have been fairly active on the forum. You will probably get something. The highest I can hope for is mod or something.

  • You can just ask to be a mod. Brom the Healer is a mod on the Noonvale posts. You could be a mod on here just ask!

  • CQ, I agree that you have been a dedicated and active member. I think that you should be a Global moderator if you would like. In fact, you can have the Abbey Recorder position if you so wish. If you choose to enlist in either of the duties, I will PM and inform you of what the job entails.
        Merry Christmas!
      (Okay, so it's Spring, but who cares.)
        Happy Birthday, then!
    Wait… that my birthday on the eighth...
    Oh well, I'll think of something...
    Happy Whatever.

  • You mean, happy april fools day. (Belated of course) This is a joke, right?

    While we are on the subject, can I set up a poll for MotM? (member of the month, for those that don't know)

  • Greetings, I'm a new member. One of the first things I noticed when I joined the forums was that some of the newest posts were in January. That bothered me, but I was willing to give it a shot. Looks like there are more active members than I realized. Hopefully, we can get this forum/website going and have some more members. Even though I'm new to the site, I'm not new to forums. In fact, I've created my own forums for different topics. Anyway, if I can help in any way, just let me know. The only thing is, since I have a job and other responsibilities, I can only be on around an hour a day… and that hour will probably be around 2-3 PM eastern.... so if I don't post right after you post, then please understand. Otherwise, nice to meet you all.

  • They Wolfsbane. Welcome to RL! Hope you find everything satisfying here and tell your friends/family/cousins/aunts/uncles/ and everyone you know about this site so it can be more active.

  • Does anyone on here have a facebook or something like that? If you do, then talk to the friends that know and like redwall. I am trying to add a friend to mine and I will tell him about this site. He is CRAZY about redwall.

  • I have a myspace but I rarely use it!

  • I don't really like myspace, but I guess that would work. Do you know many people that like redwall? If so, then tell them about the site. If they don't care much for the series, and you tell them about it, then that does almost no good. Pinpoint the people. That is the road to succes!

  • Honestly, CQ. There are various jobs that I am willing to offer you. No, it is not an April fools day joke. Do you want a job? Does anybody want a job?

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