Arrival of a Foreignor

  • Silas found himself panting upon finally gaining his body's control. He was awake and alive? He wasn't at the dark forests?! Amazing! He had survived…but what of his companions? Had they all been engulfed by the angry waves from the night before?

    Shaking the horrid thoughts off, as well as some sand, the drenched rat began to walk up the beach a bit.
    His lost eyes scanned the large mountain that was Salamandastron in complete wonder. What was that place? Who could inhabit a...mountain?

    It wasn't long before Silas was casting the random thought aside, believing that the place had no great purpose. The rat found the sun to be beating on him hard as well, his mind attempting to dig up a plan.
    He had nothing but his clothes and weapons. No money, nothing. His former life was over...what would become of him? What would he do to survive in these lands that he knew nothing about?

    The questions pounded him giving him a major migrane.
    I shoulda' neva accepted Duro's challenge. I shoulda walked 'way. Now I'm stuck here…it's so hot, the sand is burning my feet...' that a beast 'eadin' towards me?

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    Murro Koloras, a brown hare with a large greyish patch on his back, was out for his morning run. The Drill Sargent had said that gettin' a good streach was good for your health and it made your limbs swifter. He was enjoying the fresh air and the run but he didn't want to get punished for tardiness at the dayly drills. the punishment was that you have to skip a meal and extra labor.(tragic for a hare) he was about to turn back when he heard a faint scurry. He gazed down the beach, inspecting every detail with his sharp eyes. than he caught sight of a figure. A rat! he thought whats he doin' here?! he procceded with caution propering for the worst.

  • Silas's ears flattened after a good squint to make out the figure. It was a hare, and just like where he was from, there were vermin and goodbeasts.

    He gave a sigh of slight frustration. A hare could easily beat him in a foot race, and Silas was far too exhausted to get into a fight. Maybe he should just try peace for a change?

    Not bothering to draw any blades, Silas silently strode towards the hare as if nothing was wrong.

    Please jus' lemme be hare….

  • Star was out for an afternoon stroll when she saw the creatures chatting. They just so happened to be near one of her favorite spots on the beach she wasn’t going to pass it up again the last time she came out a few boys had been there and she wasn’t able to visit. Besides the rat looked a little ill from where she was standing maybe that wasn’t the case but she had made up her mind to go over. As she approached the two she started to argue with herself what she was going to say. She surprised herself with a simple, "hello!"

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    Hisk crouched low to the ground trying to identify the members of the conversation. Since Trok had evaded him a week earlier he had been sent to make sure that no one would go to close to the shipwreck site south of Salamandastron. He was ordered to destroy anything that got to close. They were nearing to close enough for worry. He hoped he wouldn't have to do anything extreme. He had hurt enough people before to regret having to do it again. Trok was another matter, he wanted Trok. But trok wasn't there and the odd group didn't apear to be going anywhere so he moved off quietly and left the group to themselves.

  • The hare approched the rat with great caution. suppose the crabs got him he thought as he stoped acouple feet from the vermin. "Friend or foe."

  • A hesitant pause had taken over Silas. It was not out of fear, nor out of shyness. It was just the plain fact he had no clue what to do. A squirrel maiden, had just randomly walked up and said hello, while a hare was asking him friend or foe? Was he friend or foe, how was he supposed to know?

    Silas rolled his eyes at the two beasts and shook his head in disgust.
    " I dun know, look, jus' leave me be, 'n I'll leave yew two, be, savvy?" He growled, brushing past them in frustration.
    "Friend or Foe?" I'll give ya a foe action right in the nose, that's wot I'll do! Silas thought angrily.

  • Star looked at Silas as he walked past. Then she turned and went after him. "Hold up." She couldn't believe that Murro would say something like that.

  • Murro looked at the sand sheepishly. He had a big mouth everyone back at the mountain kept telling him. he started back now knowing that he would be missing a meal. he held his rumbuling belly regreatfully.

  • The rat rolled his eyes at Star, still not faltering. He continued walking, not offering a single glance back, even as the rat unleashed words.
    " No, ya' 'eard me din't yah? Leave me be, 'n I'll leave you be." The rat repeated angrily.

    If this squirrel maiden kept bothering him, who knows what he was going to do. Maybe he'd flip out, or even end up killing her! Then again, Silas didn't really want it to come to that.

  • "Where are you going?" Star couldn't believe this beast. After all he had been through to just stomping off.

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    Hisk turned around at the shout, then he crouched down. The beasts were headed towards him and the shipwreck site. They had crossed past the point of safety, if they made it much farther they would see him. He drew a halbyrd from its sheath and rolled behind a fallen log and out of sight. If they didn't turn around now they would meet a tragic death against impossible odds.
        He grinned to himself, almost hoping they would come closer.

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