Discord Server is here

  • Thanks to @CyberStormAlpha, we have a discord server set up.
    There are a few rules about using this discord server:

    1. You must sign up with your username (or same email address) as on this site! This discord server is only for members on this forum, please don’t invite others if they aren’t a member here. I will kick out any emails/usernames that are not tied to this forum. (Unless you specifically note/pm me your username used if you have an existing discord name then it all good!)
      Email: redwall.legacy@gmail.com

    2. This discord sever will be a ‘quick’ style RPG. Meaning a few lines back and forth of RPR, not the long formats we have here on the site. If you want to have it become the story arch or add more details and want it to go on, then post here.

    3. Also it will serve as our chat room, current announcement updates and default if this site goes down.

    4. Family friendly content! Anything not family friendly, I will give you two warnings then you’re out. No exceptions.

    5. You can always link to background context from RL to discord.

    Link to the server:

    -Admin TJ

  • Warrior Member

    With the discord server, you'll have to make the invite link permanent. It expires after a certain time. I tried to get in, but couldn't.

  • Ok I fixed it!!

  • Oh! Thanks so much! I just got the email, and am so excited! See you there!

  • Yay mass email works!! Yay!

  • Woohoo! Discord's a blessing!

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