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    Eolin Sandeye

    Full Name: Eolin Deanna Sandeye

    Nickname: Eol

    Eastern Name: Belaldur

    Species: Squirrel

    Gender Male

    Age: 16

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Parents: Lucas Sandeye and Aedlin Deanna

    Relatives: Sariah and Joshua Starheart

    Description: Eolin stands at 5’8”. His fur coat is a dark hickory brown, with small patches of albino white on his shoulders, chest, elbows, and his upper back. He also has thin streaks of white down his thighs. Perhaps what makes Eolin most unique is his heterochromic eyes: his left eye is cocoa-brown and his right eye is emerald green. He inherited these differing eye and fur colors from his parents. He actually takes pride in his heterochromia; it’s quite handsome, to say the least.

    Eolin has short wavy headfur that he likes to keep swept back above his forehead for a more laid-back look. His body is smooth and svelte. His usual outfit consists of a blue shirt with a green overlay and violet velvet ankle-length pants (think the Blue and Green Outfit from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion), complemented by heavy hiking boots; in winter, he’ll add a thick black coat. On his thin studded belt, he carries a short Eastern dagger. The belt also has the crest of his homeland, the Eastern island of Maraul, stitched onto the silver buckle. He’ll also carry a two-pawed longsword and a crossbow strapped to his back in its sheath when traveling.

    Possessions: His trusty dagger, a satchel with food and drinks, his clothes, his personal two-pawed longsword, a crossbow, a sharpening stone, and a parchment pad with a charcoal pen.

    • Singing and lyricism
    • Combat skill
    • Tactician
    • Bilingual
    • Tree climbing and jumping
    • Enhanced hearing

    • A defensive fighter, making it easy to exploit his lack of offensive techniques
    • Easily stressed and frustrated; history with anxiety.
    • Nearsightedness
    • A self-confessed introvert
    • Hates the cold. No joke.

    • Fear of failure.

    Eolin is a shamelessly introverted yet easygoing and laid-back squirrel. He loves meeting new creatures, although his real social circle is limited to a few trustworthy beasts. Being from a foreign land on the other side of the world, he used to have difficulty adapting to new situations and places. It’s not a problem anymore these days: he’s developed a love of traveling and an insatiable wanderlust.

    Eolin has had a history of anxiety, feeling the burden of living up to the legend of his warrior bloodline. If situations become too psychologically or emotionally overwhelming for him, he has a tendency to shut down and become completely silent, and not speak for long periods of time so he can properly process his circumstances.

    Despite this weakness, Eolin is strongly protective of those he calls his friends and family. He is passionately defensive of his blood kin, and would be willing to sacrifice himself for them if need be. He is a trained fighter, talented with the sword and the dagger. However, he prefers to be a pacifist. His fighting style is mainly defense-oriented, so he has little knowledge of how to fight offensively.

    Singing is his favorite thing to do. It is his outlet and his catharsis, and he has it down to an art form. He is not afraid to sing in front of others, either for entertainment or for comfort. His voice can paint a beautiful serenade.

    As he is bilingual in both Mossflower and the Eastern tongue, he habitually combines the two into the same conversation.

    Eolin Deanna Sandeye is of mixed island blood: born the only child of Lucas Sandeye and Aedlin Deanna in the central Eastern Island of Maraul. His father, Lucas, is the oldest son of the great warrior Jared “Tinarandel” Sandeye, and his mother Aedlin is the former advisor to Chieftain Faylekk of Eseltharis, and a crossbow expert. Because he is a direct blood descendant of Tinarandel, he bears the burden of living up to the legacy of his grandfather. His greatest fear is failure and inadequacy, never being good enough or falling short of surpassing his ancestors. Regardless, Eolin discovered a love of music at the age of 4 and first found his talent for singing. He taught himself to write lyrics, and sings to himself to ease his anxieties.

    As is tradition in the Eastern Islands, Eolin chose to study the way of the warrior at age 8. He received his own first dagger and sword as a birthday gift, forged personally by his father who’d inherited the Sandeye family blacksmithing trade. His mother also gave him his first crossbow. All of these things he still carries to this day.

    Growing up, his closest friends were his younger cousin Sariah and her brother Joshua. The three cousins were inseparable in childhood and early adolescence. Even today, it is impossible to tear them apart. They are as close as siblings.
    When not training with his sword and dagger and crossbow, or writing music, Eolin’s third favorite pastime is fishing. He can be found at the Abbey pond or the shores of Maraul using his fishing rod.

    On Eolin’s 15th birthday, his family vacationed in Mossflower for a week. He discovered Redwall Abbey and learned of the tales from the Elders of his grandfather and his sister who once lived there and did many incredible things. This inspired Eolin even more to become the greatest warrior he could possibly be. Learning about Martin the Warrior also completely shifted his perspective: while he was once determined to become better than his ancestors, now he is more motivated to become the best for himself. Nowadays, Eolin thinks of Redwall as his second home, and for which he holds a profound respect.

    Sariah Starheart

    Full Name: Sariah Sandeye Starheart

    Nickname: Sari

    Eastern Name: Isarandel

    Species: Squirrel

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Parents: Christopher Starheart and Pearl Sandeye

    Siblings: Joshua Starheart

    Relatives: Eolin Sandeye

    Description: Sariah stands at 5’’4”. Her fur is a light scarlet-red from head to tail, and her eyes an entrancingly beautiful chestnut brown with a tint of charcoal black. Her undeniable beauty has drawn the eyes of many a boy in her age range. She is thin and slender, and her body is slowly developing through early adolescence. Her hair is a soft flowing curtain of scarlet locks that grows from between her ears and falls down to her shoulder blades. Her typical outfit consists of a long orange silk shift under a sapphire-blue linen pinafore and open-toed sandals. A purple satin sash hangs from her right shoulder to her waist, the Maraulian crest imprinted in the middle on her left breast. Just like any girl, she loves to wear flowers behind her ears in the summertime.

    Sariah carries around a tall walking stick crafted of yew wood, and a messenger bag filled with food and drinks, and books on unarmed martial arts. On her waist are two leather sheaths, each holding a pair of backup curved steel ivory-handle daggers.

    Possessions: Her yew walking stick, messenger bag, books on unarmed martial arts, curved steel ivory-handle daggers, and a sharpening stone.

    • Armed and unarmed martial arts combat
    • Playing pranks and making mischief
    • Tree climbing and jumping
    • Swimming
    • Tactician

    • No knowledge of ranged combat
    • Difficult to restrain when angered
    • Can be a bit overconfident as a result of her mischievous past
    • Fear of snakes (ophidiophobia)

    Sariah, much like her cousin Eolin, is down-to-earth and casual. Unlike him, she is very extroverted, energetic and a bit of a prankster. In her childhood, she used to perform various acts of innocent mischief on her older cousin. While she has outgrown it since reaching her teenage years, part of her never has truly grown up. Sariah loves making friends and is a good judge of creatures good or evil. She tries her best to avoid dangerous conflicts, but when provoked, she can be swift and borderline deadly with her twin curved daggers. As her cousin is protective of her, so is she defensive of him. Normally a pacifist by nature, but woe befall any foolish creature who triggers her fury by threatening her family.

    Sariah is the firstborn daughter of Christopher Starheart and Pearl Sandeye. In contrast to Eolin, she is of pure Maraulian blood. Her father Christopher Starheart is an artistic jeweler, and her mother Pearl Sandeye a renowned musician. Three seasons later, her brother Joshua was born, whom she loves dearly and constantly dotes on. Both siblings were mischief makers in their younger seasons, but have since somewhat outgrown it and become more mature.

    After Sariah turned 8, she too wanted to become a warrior, and studied both unarmed martial arts and dual wielding. When the situation requires, she can use her walking stick like a bo staff.

    Sariah and her family joined the Sandeyes on their week-long vacation to Mossflower. There, she learned about Redwall Abbey and Martin the Warrior. She continued to study the way of the warrior alongside Eolin; on the side, she supports her brother’s decision to become a jeweler like their father.

    During another trip to Mossflower last summer, while exploring the forest, Sariah and Joshua accidentally entered a deep and dark cave. Unbeknownst to them, it was inhabited by a giant rattlesnake, who immediately attacked the siblings for invading its home. Sariah used her daggers to wound the snake and drive it back into the shadows, but not after sustaining a few injuries herself and barely being poisoned. She and Joshua escaped the snake’s den, but not without trauma and a deep-seated fear of snakes (aka ophidiophobia).

    When she is not training with her weapons, since abandoning her prankster past, her favorite pastime is now making jewelry. She is no expert on it, but enjoys the creativity of it nonetheless.

    Since discovering Redwall Abbey and hearing of her grandfather Jared Sandeye and his sister once living there, the Abbey has become a second home to her.

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    Joshua Starheart

    Full Name: Joshua Sandeye Starheart

    Nickname: Josh

    Eastern Name: Belorfing

    Species: Squirrel

    Gender: Male

    Age: 11

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Parents: Christopher Starheart and Pearl Starheart

    Siblings: Sariah Starheart

    Relatives: Eolin Sandeye

    Description: Joshua stands at 4’10 1/2”, and has light scarlet-red fur just like his sister. His eyes are pure chestnut-brown. He has yet to hit his adolescence. Joshua is typically dressed in a maroon silk shortsleeved unbelted tunic. The Maraulian crest is imprinted in the shirt’s right chest. Underneath the main tunic, he wears a silk white V-neck shirt and knee-length trousers, and open-toed wicker sandals. He too carries a walking stick made of ash wood, but prefers not to use it as a weapon, due to having no combat training. He carries a messenger bag of food around his shoulders, a flask on his left hip of dandelion juice, and a small slingshot on his right hip. Also inside the messenger bag are various kinds of Eastern jewels and jewelry tools and accessories.

    Possessions: His ash walking stick, messenger bag of food and jewels, hip flask of dandelion juice, clothes, and jewelry tools.

    • Amateur jeweler
    • Prankster
    • Tree jumping and climbing
    • Fluency in Eastern language

    • No combat experience or training
    • Fear of snakes
    • A bit overconfident, typical of a child

    Personality: Joshua Starheart closely mirrors his sister in terms of personality. He is very down-to-earth and full of energy, and although doted on by his sister, he is humble and very well-mannered. That being said, he is not without his tendencies for mischief. All in all, Josh is no real rush to grow up. This adorkable, innocent, and playful little boy enjoys his childhood and cherishes every minute of it. Despite his age, the boy is very knowledgeable about jewelry crafting, a trade he learned from his father. He has a much deeper and gentler side that comes out when spending time with his loved ones. Secretly, he has a deep-seated fear of snakes. Joshua loves his sister and cousin more than anything.

    Background: Joshua Sandeye Starheart is the secondborn of Christopher and Pearl Starheart, and the only sibling of Sariah Starheart, and was born in Maraul. For him, being a direct blood descendant of Jared “Tinarandel” Sandeye himself is a deeply humbling birthright. Growing up, Joshua was a harmless prankster alongside his sister. However, he still hasn’t outgrown that behavior, but his pranks otherwise remain safe and harmless. When he reached 8 seasons old, he chose not to become a warrior, instead wanting to pursue the artistic trade. He learned the craft of jewelry making from his father, a trade he both enjoys and excels in. He often makes jewelry as birthday or holiday gifts for those he considers family and friends.

    During his family’s trip to Mossflower with the Sandeyes, he also discovered Redwall Abbey. His mind was blown by the stories of his grandparents living there and doing many wonderful things. While these tales did not sway him to become a warrior, it nonetheless surprised him that his bloodline is even more special than he ever imagined.

    The nightmares of the day when he and his sister stumbled upon the rattlesnake’s cave continue to haunt him. He too developed a fear of snakes, and refuses to go anywhere near that den to this day.

    Nowadays, Joshua lives at Redwall Abbey, his second home, with Sariah and Eolin.

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