Etain Weiss

  • Nickname: Etain

    Full Name: Etain Weiss

    Species: Arctic Fox

    Clan: Kanneki

    Age: 23

    Description: Etain is a gorgeous arctic vixen, standing at about five foot three, with a slim, athletic body. Her fur is shockingly, absurdly white -- no brown or grey streaks, no markings -- except for her shoulder-length headfur, which tends to hang down over one of her eyes in a stereotypical "emo" style. She dyes it with indigo leaves, turning it a vivid blue to match her stunningly radiant eyes.

    She typically wears a half-length upper tunic (or "crop top") of strong, thin black cotton, with shin-length grey leggings and a black skirt that reaches her knees. She also sports a sky-blue cloak that when fully wrapped covers her from head to toe -- a good provider of warmth in her home in the northernmost mountains of Senshan. Her footpaws are covered by tough leather boots, dyed black, and she usually wears a pair of black bracelets made of stained whalebone to complete her look. Etain also almost always carries some kind of knapsack or bag slung over her shoulder to accommodate her nomadic lifestyle.

    The most distinctive feature of her appearance, however, is her paws. On each knuckle is a small metal plate, with a screw driven straight through the bone, giving said paws the appearance of something out of a story or nightmare. She also has two of the same plates in each leg, but these are covered by her leggings. The nerves and bones have grown together around the screws, so she can still function with them to a certain extent, and they even provide an advantage in combat, but there are still dead spots on her body from the nerve damage. She's unable to read or write because her paw won't hold a pen, and occasionally her legs will give out if stood on in the wrong way, but her muscles are so powerful otherwise that she hardly ever feels the effects in her legs or arms anymore. However, she always keeps her paws and legs wrapped in bandages when not in combat, which are often mistaken for signs of injury (but the case is the exact opposite).

    She also carries a staff (see below).

    Possessions: Etain possesses very little in the way of material possessions, other than whatever is in her bag, on her back, and in her paw -- that is, her staff.

    She doesn't carry weapons. She has no need of them. Her staff is enough for her. It's made of polished, hollow blacksteel, though if she flicks it just so, a sharp blade of Eastern steel emerges from each end, effectively turning the staff into a double-sided spear. The blades, as well as the shaft, are covered in intricate spiral patterns, up and down on every side.

    She takes it everywhere.


    • Incredible martial artist (taught Hinata)
    • Good with stealth
    • Fast runner
    • Physically powerful -- for her size, at least
    • Speaks a large number of languages (including Senshaan, Eastern, the Sensha sign language, and Mossflower)
    • Quick learner
    • Basically has built in shin pads and knuckledusters
    • The Grey Eye


    • Terrible with long-distance
    • Slow to trust
    • Has a serious sadistic streak
    • Can often be emotionally unstable (manic bipolar)
    • Violent
    • The Grey Eye
    • Severe PTSD, as well as hallucinogenic tendencies and bipolar personality disorder

    In short, Etain is an absolute hurricane of emotions in one creature's body. Her sudden mood swings tend to throw other creatures so off that she can be mistaken for being insane -- which, of course, to some extent, she is. She is highly intelligent, but this is balanced out by the fact that she's incredibly forgetful and though she learns quickly, she also "un-learns" just as fast.

    She's terrifying to those who don't know her, and honestly, is sometimes just as scary to those who do, to which her manic and sadistic tendencies are two very large contributors. Etain reaches a point of excitement at which she absolutely loses it, and at this point even Hinata, looking at her wild eyes and bared teeth, can become fearful. (Imagine Yuno Gasai from Future Diary.) In battle, this often works to Etain's advantage, but not always to that of her allies, as she becomes unable to control herself and identify the difference between enemy and friend.

    Although her mental issues are definitely a huge part of her personality, she has a few good propensities. She can be incredibly empathic, as well as comforting and caring with the right creature. She's also the kind of creature that knows when to be quiet when she's in her right mind.

    Etain Weiss was born the second child to Sakura and Martin Weiss, in the very north of Senshan, as a daughter of the Kanneki clan. As her mother had named her older brother (Roushi Weiss), Martin was given the privilege of choosing Etain's name, and drew it from his Northlandic heritage.

    Her parents were neglectful. It wasn't that they actively were abusive or destructive in any way -- they just didn't really care about their children. Etain grew up spending most of her time in the Kanneki clan's warrior training grounds, a dark place of violence where only pure determination can make one rise through the ranks. Kanneki warriors believe that the only way to strength is not through knowledge, as the Kyuna clan holds to be true, or pleasure, like the Ishuni, or even military strength like the Gyuro, but through pure physical and mental power, through violence and supremacy in combat. They teach their children to fear one another, and to destroy that fear through brutality. Every Kanneki child is taught the ways of budo, a high-speed elitist martial art similar to taekwondo. It is a killing art. If you survive to the age of ten years in the training grounds, you're lucky. The adults turn a blind eye to their children's antagonistic and even murderous tendencies.

    This is the world in which Etain grew up in. At only two years old, her mother accidentally dropped her, causing brain damage that wouldn't show itself for a good five or six more years, but would eventually reveal itself to be severe manic bipolar disorder. There was a genetic component, of course, as her father shared her affliction, but the drop worsened the symptoms, and the environment of her childhood helped nothing.

    At twelve years of age, just as all of the other Kanneki initiates who made it through their training ground years, Etain received the nakkaru, plates of blacksteel set against her paws and shins and held in place by screws driven through the bones. Because of how long this tradition has been in place (that of giving nakkaru to Kanneki youngbeasts), the elders who gave them to her were able to avoid extensive muscle damage or impairment from previous knowledge, so she can still walk and run and fight with no difference, but the nerve damage in her paws renders her incapable of detailed work and reading/writing.

    As she got older, Etain grew darker and more and more violent, pushing to the top of the warriors' ranks in her clan.

    Her parents never noticed. They didn't care.

    When she was fifteen years old, she finally attained the title of strongest warrior in the clan. She came home, victorious, and full of pride, but was shut down by her mother and father, who were bored with her and her achievements. Something snapped, and Etain lost control.

    The other clan members found the bodies in the Weiss home the next day, with Etain gone, as well as her father's most prized possession, a staff from the East.

    Etain wandered for years, plagued by guilt and shame, driven tot he edge of despair almost every day as she scraped out a living as a hired killer. Then, one day . . .

    Etain sunk her teeth into her arm to keep from screaming in terror. They're going to find me, she thought. They know where I am.

    Of course, there wasn't anybody -- she was just hallucinating again. She'd seen her father in the trees, blood dripping from his chin as he stared back at her with that same look of disdain as the day he'd rejected her. "Go tell somebeast who cares," he whispered. Her mother stood behind him, on the same branch. Etain collapsed, writhing and screeching with pure, unadulterated fear, and scrambled under the roots of the tree. Now she rocked back and forth, holding her knees close and biting herself to avoid another outburst. They'll hear me. They'll find me. They'll kill me.

    A branch snapped right outside her hiding place. Etain's blue eyes widened with horror as pawsteps approached the tree.

    A black paw curled around the edge of a root.

    "P-please . . ." Etain whispered. A black tail whipped back and forth within her field of vision, the same color as her mother's, and a pair of paws made themselves visible as well. "Please don't kill me!" Etain wailed, tears rolling down her cheeks as her breathing sped up to an insane rate.

    The vixen outside knelt and peered inside at the wild, panic-stricken creature. "Hush now," Hinata murmured. Etain froze as Hinata inched her way inside the hollow, her muscles tensing, her paws shaking.

    "But I saw m-mother . . ." Etain whimpered.

    "Shhh . . ." Hinata reached out very slowly, the hint of confusion in her eyes being replaced with tenderness. Her paw came to rest on Etain's head, and slowly smoothed down the shock of blue between her ears. "Are you alright?"

    Etain shook her head frantically.

    Hinata continued stroking the scared vixen's head. "Shhh . . . you're safe," she finally said. Etain tensed up again.

    Then passed out from sheer exhaustion, falling into Hinata's lap.

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Job: Assassin

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