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  • I don't know how many of you remember when I'd write using my old chara "Icefurr Swiftblade" (who, looking back, isn't my proudest creation XD), but I'm assuming not many other than maybe Tessa and Jared.

    However, I ended up using him as the basis for a short story series that I wrote for about a year on my website. Now, the writing quality wasn't fantastic, and really was sort of lacking, but I was proud of it.

    Then, I went back a few months later after taking some creative writing courses just to hone my skills, and wrote a second series, using ideas from the first but implementing a time skip. It still wasn't my best, but I got really into it, and ended up creating a rather enormous universe, actually building seven distinct languages and three writing systems for the seventeen or so countries I was writing about. Two books (of rather low quality, but still) came of it, as well as an entire blog and history section, and a Tumblr page as well as the full website.

    A podcast and radio drama series was also made, but that's not to be discussed. 😉

    Anyway, I went back and looked at it a couple days ago, and realized that I've got all of this content, all of this work, and I really ended up leaving it on a cliffhanger. So, I've started a third series. I guess I'm just gonna put this here and see if anybody was interested in seeing what I used all my writing abilities for XD


    It's the Legends page, under all three of the archives.

  • I will read! Finally have some time to catch up., maybe learn a thing or two about writing. As we all know, my writing sucks. 😛

  • @tessa Aw, no, I love your writing style tess! also approximately half the stuff on there is crap anyway so not much of a comparison 😉

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