The Never Ending Party- The beginning

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    Dominqiue made a protective sign over her, "Sorcery!" she said shocked and knocked on some wood, turn to the left 3 times and then spit over her right shoulder. As on cue, screams came from across the courtyard and the sound of rocks hitting the ground. Dominique swore as she sprinted to the sound, pulling out a necklace and muttering a anti-curse, "Cursed. My home is now cursed...why me!?" she said in a panicked voice.
    "Dominique, you're not cursed, they aren't real."
    "REAL? OF COURSE, THEY ARE REAL! LOOKING WHAT BLOODY HAPPENED! STAR IS OVER THERE AND THINGS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY!" she said half hysterical pointing at the broken concert and Star "I'm cursed, my home is cursed, I'm doomed!" she said sobbing and covering her face with her hands, "This isn't supposed to happen, someone is going to die, its going to be me, I'm next..." she wailed. "I will need to leave, and burn the place to the ground, but where will I go, this is my home away from the sea..." and on and on she blabbered. Tessa and Jessie looked at each other, rolling their eyes. As far as they can tell, Dominque had a little bit to much to drink and that made her emotional and un-logical.

    Jessie took off and came back shortly with water, while Tessa escorted Dominique to a bench away from party goers. "Dominque, it is gonna be ok. I promise." grabbing the water from Jessie and handing it to the sad-looking, terrified otter. "It was just a joke that Star played, she would never bring you harm and we would never put you in danger."
    Jessie nodded, "Tis true, and also the drinks are playing with your head a bit, you aren't thinking clearly right now, it makes assume things that aren't real."

    Meanwhile, as Tessa and Jessie are comforting Dominique, across the grounds.

    Fabi fell backwards off her chair as Star appeared next to her. "Where did you come from?!" she said her huge mouse ears twitching with curiosity then glowered as she saw the reverse UNO cards come out of her mouth, "What!? No way...what is with UNO players? I feel like I'm playing against NPCs and losing...badly." It must have been luck her chair fell backwards or just gut feeling, but Fabi just noticed in time, concrete falling down, Hinata having cat like reflexes and dodging out of the way, luckily nothing hit her and as the dust settled she rubbed her eyes, "Whoa.... who are you? and what happened?" she said looking at the vixen in front of her, Fabi was really confused, she really thought she was playing UNO, but apparently not.

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    Azroel was about to question his brother about his doings since arriving at the party, before the sounds of falling mortar and stone from outside blasted through everyone's ears. Azroel jumped a foot in the air, instinctually gekkering in surprise and fright, and Azem couldn't help but laugh uproariously at his scared witless twin brother. Azroel glared at Azem with a death stare chilling enough to freeze magma, and he beckoned him to follow Jurou outside to investigate.

    "Sounds like there's been an accident!" Azem observed as they exited the mansion and looked down over the balcony.

    "I hope nobeast is hurt!" Azroel came abreast of Jurou and leaned over the railing, his face a mix of concern and anxiety. "Let's go down and see if we can help!"

    As they touched down on the enormous patio of the mansion, a few meters away from the dance floor, Azroel pulled his jacket closer around his fox body, guarding himself from raining specks of stone that continued to fall from the top of the building. He was just another 10 feet away from the fallen beasts -

    "Azzy, look out!"

    He swiveled around on his heels to heed his brother's warning, but too late! Another large pile of mortar was hurtling towards the ground - straight at him. Azroel moved to dodge it, but his legs had turned to ice, and he found himself stuck to the concrete walkway, staring transfixed at the rubble about to land on him, mute.

    Azem reacted instantly. He sprinted off his heels towards Azroel, grabbing him by the arms and pushing him to the ground, clear of the broken stone. Azroel gasped as he landed hard on his back in the middle of the dance floor, where a crowd of creatures were still dancing wildly and singing in deafening unison.

    Azroel looked down at his brother who had saved him from being flattened. "Thanks." Azroel patted him on the head.

    Azem got to his feet and brushed himself off. "Hey, what are brothers for?" He helped Azroel to his feet and brushed off his clothes. "Are you all right?" he shouted over the earsplitting music.

    "Yeah, I'll be fine!" Azroel managed to shout over the noise. "We need to scout around the area, look for anyone who might know what's happening!"

    Both foxes looked past the dancing crowd and saw Jurou hanging out by the rock piles. They pushed themselves off the dance floor and went up to the ferret.

    "Hey, you all right? Are you hurt?" Azroel asked for perhaps what wouldn't be the last time that night. "That was pretty close, wasn't it?"

    "What the hell is going on?" Azem gaped at the piles, clueless and unsure of the situation. "Everything was normal an hour ago when this party started!"

    "An hour ago!?" Azroel smacked Azem upside the head. "No point standing around debating semantics. Let's go."

    The three beasts weaved around the dance floor and down to where Dominique and her companions were assessing the situation.

    "What's going on?" the foxes asked. What happened? What can we do to help?"

    The sound of a light sobbing attracted Azroel's attention, and he looked to his left. There beneath a basketball hoop sat a young adult black-red vixen, her face hidden in her knees and her body shaking with terrified sobs. As Azroel went over to her, she looked up at him, and their eyes met.


    "Azroel!" The vixen sniffed and gasped, and stared at her brother through teary eyes. "I've been searching all over for you, all night!"

    "I'm right here, honey!" Azroel knelt down next to his sister and took her in his arms, holding her close to his chest and rubbing the back of her head comfortingly. "What happened? Are you okay? Tell me everything!"

    Starlight pointed over his shoulder at the mansion. "That! It just happened so suddenly! It was so normal all night, but then, but then -!" She stopped and cried into her brother's chest. "I don't know what happened or how! It was all so fast!

    "I immediately thought of you and Azem! I hoped you were okay! But when I saw more of it fall, I just got so scared!"

    Azroel held his sister tighter to his body, and in his peripheral vision, he saw Azem coming over as well. Both of them cradled their sobbing little sister between them, whispering words of loving comfort and assuring consolation, kissing her forehead and cheeks, and wiping away her tears.

    "We're all right, Starly! Please don't cry, please don't be afraid."

    "We're right here, okay, honey? You're gonna be fine!"

    While Azem remained with Starlight, Azroel remet with Jurou.

    "Something's wrong here. This just doesn't happen all of a sudden. What do you think about it?"

  • Tessa replied a little sarcastically, "Well, apparently a concert statue fell down in the courtyard and nearly took out some party goers." looking up at the foxes, "Dominique thinks that Star," she pointed at the magic user, "Curse her home and now thinks she is doomed." she rolled her eyes, as Dominique snapped back, "You saw it yourself Tessa. Cursed!"
    "Dominique, it's ok," Jessie replied back, calming down the otter, "We will get to the bottom of this, but you need to calm down and think of this logically, its like a puzzle and we have to solve it." At this Dominique perked up, "A puzzle? I love puzzles and riddles." Jessie smiled, "Well come on lets figure out this cursed puzzle and see if we can lift the curse. Together." she gave a cheerful wink and pulled the Dominique back on her feet. Dominique straightened her clothes and smoothed back her hair. "Right. Lets figure this out shall we." as a switch was thrown, Dominique was in hunting mode, back to her professional, fun self.

    Together they walked over to where the foxes were comforting their sister and then to Star and Fabi, "Fabi what happened?" Dominique asked the mouse. Fabi shrugged, "I was playing UNO and then this creature comes and uno cards are spilling out her mouth..and then a rock fell from the sky. and she came with it," pointing to the black fox and then looked around, "Well, that old statue fell off the wall." she said pointing. "Guess it didn't come from the sky." Dominique walked over to the wall and inspected were the statue stood, "Well one thing is for sure, this looks like it was intentionally pushed off, see here at the base, its a clean crack."

    Jessie pipped up, "WE GO A MYSTERY!" she said enthusiastically "Someone here is sabotaging the party and we have to get to the bottom of it." Tessa yanked Jessie off the table, "Well don't say it like that. Guests will freakout. We got to play it cool, like a game." she eyed Dominique, "Its a game, and so far its between us, Star, and the foxes and friends alright?" Jessie nodded, "Aye!"

    The three turned towards the rest, "Alright guys, we need to solve this and quick, but the party guests can't know about it. Lets establish a timeline." She pulled up a chair and put her feet on the table, "We know earlier in the day, the statue was hard as a rock and no about to break off, I can testify to that since I saw it as I was setting up. Sometime between now and the statue falling, something happened. Anyone have leads?"

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    (bic: Star quickly stopped her trick, leaping back when the rock came down. Her blue eyes widened and she immediately put her hands up as if to surrender. She scanned the area, looking for the cause or anything else of the sorts. As more and more of the blame got pushed to her, she raised her paws up higher.
    "I swear I didn't do nothin'! Wait, that's a double negative... I mean I didn't put a curse or anything of the likes here. All I can do are fancy light tricks and stuff!" She sidled a little closer to the vixen' s, and away from the concrete. She snuck a quick glance at Starlight, almost seeming to recognise her for a second, then mentally shook herself.
    "Ya know what I thinks? I think someone was up there and pushed it! Ya know, sneaking up there in all the party chaos." She tentatively lowered her arms, settling on crossing them, and her posture leaned back a bit so her chin was ever so slightly tilted up.
    "Mayyybe someone should go and investigate?" She suggested, cocking an eyebrow up.

  • Jurou leaned out past the railing, looking for the cause of the commotion. "What the . . ." he started under his breath, taking in the scene -- the cement chunks on the ground, the hysterical host, the newcomer vixen, and Hinata frantically rushing about with an empty glass. He sighed and hopped down, then his eyes widened and he spun around as he heard yet another crash.

    Azem was helping Azroel up from the rubble of a second piece of cement, cracked in half where the fox had been standing less then a few seconds ago. Rouki started to run over, but then decided against it and ran off to find Katsuke. He had to make sure his caretaker was safe, of course.

    He finally found the big fox, face still a little stained with food and drink, but helping a white vixen to stand. Jurou tilted his head, staring at the newcomer as he approached. "Who's this?" he asked, taking a long, slow drag from his pipe and blowing it into the air around him.

    Katsuke snatched the pipe from his mouth. "Not in public, Rouki," he ordered. "I've told you. And this is --" He paused abruptly, then turned to the vixen. "This is . . . ?" he repeated.

    "Uh . . . Weiss. Etain Weiss."

    Hinata's paws were trembling, feeling her face grow hot under her black fur. She spun her snapback around to face the front again, quickly filling the glass with water from the spout at the table, then turning and rapidly walking through the crowd of creatures to the cement chunks where the vixen was standing by Katsuke. ". . . Etain Weiss," the newcomer was saying.

    "Here's your water, Etain! Er -- Ms. Weiss, I mean," she whispered. She was stammering.

    Jurou snorted.

    Etain gratefully accepted the drink, her dizziness fading slightly. When she finished, the white fox let go of Katsuke and steadied herself against a nearby wall. She held up her paws as best as she could. I'm sorry for ruining your party, she signed to the Senshaan creatures, and Dominique, too far away from the otter to speak out loud.

    Hinata's eyes widened. You speak Senshaacha? she managed to form.

    Of course. Etain grinned. I'm Senshaan.

    Jurou felt Azroel's paw on his shoulder. "Something's wrong here. This doesn't just happen all of a sudden. What do you think about it?" the fox asked.

    The ferret scratched the back of his head, taking a pull from his pipe that he'd re-swiped off of Katsuke. "I don't know . . . Should we go speak with Ms. Hysteria over there?" He nodded to Dominique.

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    The otter shrugged and signed back, it happens, don't feel sorry before glowering at the ferret and turned away, deep in thought before disappearing behind the wall. Jessie and Tessa looked at each other before turning towards the ferret, "Jurou right? What I think happened here is that someone or some creature is playing a mean prank or obviously has a grudge against something or someone. I mean, anyone can see that." Jessie pointed at the mortar that nearly got Azroel, "One can be a accident, two times means its intentional. Someone wants to end this party, and fast, either by fear or by death."
    Fabi muttered, "Or just destroy a perfectly good game of UNO...." but no one heard her. She looked towards Dominique who re-emerged from behind the wall, "Found this." she held up a chisel, "it was near the wall, someone dropped it while fleeing. I'll prevent guests from leaving for the time being." she said quickly and quietly before handing the chisel to Fabi and dashing off, not wanting to be around anyone for the time being,

    Fabi held it in her hand and shrugged, "Ok, we got a clue, we know that this chunk of rock was intentionally chipped away, and we ddin't hear anything because of the loud music." she looked around, "Begs the question, anyone here have outstanding fines, debts or grudges held against them, Revenge? jelous ex's or spouses?" Tessa raised her hand, "I have something." The Abby Champion looked around to the group of foxes, ferret and assorted creatures. "I think, this creature has a grudge against foxes, both times a fox, or foxes has been in or around the area occurred." she stared at them, "Is it not true? Correct me if I am wrong, please."

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    Both fox twins shook their heads. “Nah, we ain’t got any of the list, miss; and neither does our dear little sister.” Azem and Azroel both ruffled their adorable sister’s hair.

    Azroel gazed out in the direction of the crowded dance floor, which had now evolved into something resembling a moshpit like those seen at rock and metal concerts. The sheer rhythmic chaos and erratic beat made it impossible for him to pick out individual faces. So, Azroel cast his consciousness out of the present and into the past, as far back as he could.

    “So, Grundlink came to pick you guys up to take you to the party. He had to get there early because he’s the DJ, and had to set up his equipment ahead of time, and help test the sound system and the stage layout. You were supposed to text me when you’d gotten there, but you didn’t!”

    Azem glared at him, his yellow eyes tinted with a noticeable yet faint orange fury. “I left my phone in the bathroom accidentally! I went there while Grundlink was setting up his turntables! But I forgot it the first time, and I didn’t realize it until after the party had started!”

    “Well, that actually explains a lot.” Azroel nodded, slightly pacified. “But what did you do with that hour in between before the crowds came in?”

    Azem scratched the back of his head. “Er…me and Starly were exploring the area, and we danced on the floor for a while, too.”

    Azroel rolled his eyes impatiently, but did lean over to kiss his little sister lovingly on her temples. “We’ll figure this out, honey. I promise.” He turned back to Azem. “What next?”

    Azem pointed at the dance floor, the “moshpit” increasing in speed and excitement as a new song was queued in the DJ mix - hard rock or heavy metal, no doubt. “Then the guests started pouring in. Starlight went to play basketball with her friends, and I went back to the mansion to go to the bathroom, to retrieve my phone.”

    Azroel scratched his chin. “Aye, and then I showed up. I expected you to be a hell of a lot more responsible than this, Azem. I’m definitely gonna need to have a talk with Mom and Dad about this when we get home. Understand?”

    Azem sighed, surrendering and hanging his head a second time. “Aye…I understand, Azzy.” He went over to Starlight and wrapped his arms around her from behind. “I’m so sorry you had to see that, sis…”

    Azroel perched on top of a stone boulder (a natural part of the mansion’s main grounds and not from the fallen mortar) and stared out across the courtyard, searching meticulously like a sentinel.

    Wherever you are, whomever is creating this dangerous mischief...We’ll find you!

  • Starlight nodded, star-speckled eyes watery.
    "I-it's fine. I'm sure we'll catch the culprit soon. Most likely a prankster, and not a ghost of the past." She offered a little smile, then headed to Dominique.
    "Is there any way we can help?"

    Star started off to find a way up, then decided against it, and instead to help with some of the debris. She moved to the chunks of stone, and started picking up some of the medium stones, and making them vanish.

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  • ooc: eh, I'm going to do a skip anyway. Feel free to make up characters and stories along the way, also NEW PEOPLE can join! This is kinda like CLUE.

    The party was slowly dying down as it reached later in the night. Dominique telling her crew to keep a look out for the rest of the evening for anything suspicious, it was hard to keep the party goers from leaving the party. They needed to figure this out and fast.

    She came back to the small group tasked to figure out this attempted murder, if one could say so. Before mingling she pulled Starlight aside, "Sorry I freaked out eailer.." she said playing with the folders of her dress, "Just...really superstitious. Didn't mean to hurt you in anyway." she gave Starlight a hug, "Now shall we figure this out?" before heading back to the group.

    Tessa sighed and leaned against the wall, "So in conclusion we got nothing. Unless someone around here isn't telling the truth." She looked up at Azroel, "Stay any longer up there and you will be a gargoyle." a slight grin as she said it. "Everyone here has alibi's." Jessie pipped in, "Alright, lets split up and ask the party goers, Azroel and Azem, you guys take the dance floor, me and Jessie will take the food area, Starlight and Fabi, you guys take the gardens, and Hinata and Etain take the entrance and back way and I"ll check the house. Any questions?"

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    Azroel crept along the ramparts of the mansion, one step at a time amongst the statues of gargoyles. The black fox was sweating lightly; he never liked heights.

    How do the squirrels make this look easy?

    Coming up behind the last gargoyle on the eastern end of the ramparts, his eyes spied a small object concealed beneath the dais. He carefully bent down to pick it up.

    A trowel? Who left this here?

    He turned the iron trowel over and over in his paws. Looking down at the dais again, he found a pair of tools: a hammer and chisel.

    Where did these come from?

    Azroel tucked the tools under his arms and climbed down from the ramparts to the back entrance of the mansion. He made sure to grab the Sprite soda he’d planned to drink earlier before his accidental encounter with Jurou.

    Azem went out to the empty dance floor, picking up the trash and throwing them into a receptacle, as he made his way up to Grundlink, the black-and-white Rat DJ.

    The Rat was switching off his DJ set and various instruments and packing his equipment away. Seeing the fox twin approaching, he frowned at Azem.

    “Before ye ask, no, I didn’t cause any o’ this chaos, I swear.” He stood up from putting his laptop in his bag and folded his arms incredulously. “I’ve been ‘ere all nigh’. I ain’t done anythin’, Azem!”

    Azem held up his palms. “It’s all right, Grundlink. I believe you.”

    Grundlink nodded and dropped his arms, letting them hang by his sides. He cleaned up his DJ set and returned his scratch vinyl records to their sleeves. Azem helped him pack away his sampling board.

    “Ye gotta admit, though.” The Rat was grinning a bit cheekily. “I made some real sick mixes an’ beats, didn’t I?”

    Azem laughed and nodded. “Yeah, you did! I’m glad you were here tonight, Grundlink. You were the best DJ for the job. Dominique made the right choice picking you.”

    Grundlink snorted and bowed. “Give Miss Dominique my thanks. It was a tremendous 'onor t' be 'er musical 'ost for 'er epic party.”

    Azem and Grundlink carried the gear to his car.

    “If ye still want me t’ take ye an’ Starlight ‘ome, I’m fine wit’ that. I’m in no ‘urry t’ leave.”

    “Thanks again, Grundlink.” Azem nodded and returned to the group.

    “Okay, so, Grundlink was at his turntables the entire party. He never moved from there except to get food and go to the bathroom a couple times. So, he’s innocent.” He turned to Azroel. “Bro, any luck?”

    Azroel showed him the masonry tools. “Curious things, these. Any idea where they came from, how they got there, and more importantly, who owns them?”

    Azem shook his head cluelessly. “Would that we knew how to do a fingerprint test, like the police do.” He shrugged. “Back to square one, I guess?”

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