The Never Ending Party- The beginning

  • "Come on and come all, to an amazing time of fun, food, laughter and games!"
    No, but for real, its almost summer, meaning that we have feast of the summer! The Party Must go on! Please come on it, take a sit, or dance if you want, we have food from around the world, an endless supply of treats and drinks and of course lots of enjoyment! Meet new friends, catch up with the old. Share adventures and stories around the huge bonfire, roast a few marshmallows also!

    Tessa and Jessie strolled casually up to a huge mansion house sitting up on a cliff. They had to say the view was amazing along with the splendid courtyard. Looking around they saw a table piled high with food on the far left side, with another table filled with a variety of drinks. In front of them was a huge stage where a DJ was playing some beat music. On the right side was tabes and chairs for sitting, but what made it awesome was the huge bonfire that was in the middle. Creatures were gathered around it, dancing and singing along, stuffing as much food as they could. Tessa and Jessie looked at each other in excitement, their bushy tails puffed up in excitement. "Food!" they exclaimed as they rushed over to the table, grabbing two plates and starting to pile them high with food and sweets.

    Dominique, on the other hand, had her hands full, she was engaged in 'UNO' game with Fabiana, the otter and the blue-haired mouse looked at each other as Fabiana made her move, "Pick up for, and last card..." she said grinning excitedly, Dominique gave a small bark of laughter. "Jokes on you, pick up 4 more and uno.!" Fabiana's face fell as she picked up 8 cards, "This isn't fair!" she said grumpily. Dominique gave a triumphant cheer and put down her final card! "ALRIGHT! I"m fired up now!" she said punching a fist into the air. "WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!"' She gave a nod to Fabiana, "Good game, friend. I nearly thought you had won." holding out her paw. Fabiana gave a smile and shook it, "Good game indeed. Never been bested before." Dominique gave a cheery wink, "This isn't my first game Fabiana." She got up, "Ive gotta greet the new guests, I'll be back for another round." Before gracefully meandering off.

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    "YES! I can hear the music from here!" Katsuke jumped up and down to the as of yet distant beat, his weapons jingling against his hoodie's buttons as he bounced. "This party is gonna be SICK!" Not paying attention to where he was going, the big fox managed to turn, trip on the hem of his own jeans, and land face-first in the dusty path leading up to the mansion. "Ow . . ." He heard a pair of giggling voices behind him, and rolled over. "Oh, shut up!" he yelled.

    "Maybe you should be more careful, then," Jurou chuckled, dropping down from his perch in a nearby tree and landing in a cloud of swirling dust. His frame -- his silhouette sporting a sleek black tail curling around his legs as he pulled his jacket hood down -- against the light of the setting sun gave him the appearance of a rather terrifying messenger from the depths of hell . . . of course, the giggles coming from him and the vixen beside him rather offset that effect.

    "Dumbass," Hinata whispered. The black fox lowered the brim of her grey snapback over her eyes to block out the sun.

    Without the powerful reflection of her eyes in the light, Katsuke could look right at her without shading his view. "Are you all right?" he asked, dusting himself off as he dragged his body to its feet. She shrugged, then signed, Why do you ask? "You just look sorta . . . off," he said hesitantly.

    Before he'd finished his sentence, however, Hinata had dropped into a crouching stance, spun, and driven her heel into his legs in a low-stance centrifugal hwechook. In an instant Katsuke was flat on his back for a second time. "Well . . . never mind," he gasped, struggling to recover his breath.

    It was another fifteen minutes before the three arrived at the mansion. Rouki whistled approvingly, staring up at the massive house, and the hedges and walls surrounding its rather large courtyard. "Big place they've got here," he murmured, taking in a deep amount of thick black smoke from his pipe.

    "Oy, no siatha in public settings, remember?" Katsuke said in a somewhat critical voice, tapping the paw that held Rouki's pipe. The ferret promptly turned and blew the smoke in the fox's face, leaving him coughing as Rouki walked through the door alone. Hinata watched as Katsuke gagged and retched, bending over theatrically to expel the smoke from his lungs.

    "Don't be dramatic," she whispered. "Come on."

    Ignoring her, Katsuke continued to retch, almost giving himself the dry heaves with his performance, and stumbled into the courtyard. The big fox tripped once more, and landed right in the middle of an UNO game. A few more great, heaving gags, and he let his head fall and his eyes close. "I . . . cough cough . . . lived a good life," he muttered.

    Hinata put a paw over her eyes and sighed. "What an entrance," she murmured.

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    Azroel never exactly liked parties. The introverted fox from the Southwest wasn't a party-goer. Not to say that he hated parties or was extreme in his introversion; not that he didn't like being with people. He preferred being at home by himself or in the company of a couple good friends and family, than being out here in a massive crowd of people he didn't know and thus didn't feel any real connection to. It felt like Comic-Con all over again.

    Azroel intently listened to the sounds of his favorite band, Slipknot, in his earbuds from his MP3 Player. He stood aside to let the trains of more extroverted creatures pass by him before seamlessly blending in behind them, hiding in plain sight and decreasing his chances of being noticed. His head banged rhythmically to the energetic aggressive blast beats of the raging heavy metal music, that epic band culture known as Slipknot. Nothing else occurred to him, not the excited delirious chatter of the beasts around him, not the deafening music from the DJ, not anything else. He buttoned up his denim band jacket over his tank top and followed the crowd.

    As he entered in the party proper, the gears in his head spun rapidly as he mentally processed the scenes before him. The mansion was up to his left a half-mile west. He figured he might as well go that way, then find a hiding place where he could be alone, to pass the night away until it was time to return home, where he felt most comfortable.

    He shuffled his feet and began to make his ascent. Through his earbuds, he saw the chaos of the larger fox Katsuke stumbling right onto the UNO table and the vixen Hinata facepalming. A genuine laugh escaped Azroel.

    Okay, that was funny.

    Shaking his head amusedly, he restarted making his way up to the mansion.

    One familiar face, just one, anyone, anybeast, would make his night.

    He arrived at the back balconies of the mansion and made to sneak into the building proper. The moment he had a paw on the shiny brass doorknob -


    He turned to see a small gaggle of young females coming towards him, one he recognized as a close friend of his. The one whom he knew broke off from the group and came skipping cheerfully towards him. Azroel felt a pink blush creep onto his cheeks, making them burn under his eyes.

    "Er...H-hi! A surprise to see you here! What-what's up?"

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  • Fabiana fell out backwards from her hair as a fox face planted on the card table. She hopped up, “Alright! Another challenger!” Looking at the fox before her, “But you kinda need to get off the table first...” helping the fox to his feet she held out her paw, “Dr. Fabiana Arrratay.” She shook his hand and then sat down on the chair again, picking up the scattered Uno Cards and shuffling them. “Alright who wants to play?!” She said looking at the group around her. “Come on, anyone?” Fabiana looked at the vixen Hinata, “You can have your comrad go at it alone. Come join!”

    While this was going on Tessa and Jessie were stuffing their face with all the food. The two had pure joy written on their face. Looking around they spotted their dear friend Azroel, “Hey Azroel!! Party is this way!!!” Dominique looked in the direction of the happy greetings and smiled. “New and old friends coming together.” She raised her drink and took a swig, “Cheers to new members!”

  • (Ooc: If you don't mind, I'm going to use a Redwallified version of a character I use a lot in other rps, that can use magic and stuff. If you don't want this, tell me and I will change it as soon as possible.)
    Bic: Star cackled, brushing some of her blue dyed hair out of her eyes. Her fingers danced, hovering over little pastries and sandwiches. The food in kind moved according to what her hands were commanding them to. Around her many dubbing were watching and laughing, some trying to snatch a few of the timbits.
    "Hey, I'm using that tart!" She joked, making it float over away from a little round hedgehog straight into the greedy paws of a molebabe. Almost immediately a different slice of spice bread sprang up and started to dance too. That was also snatched away, but not by a dubbin... (any one can do this, or I will use one of my characters to.)

  • Without hesitation, Katsuke jumped up and enthusiastically pumped Fabiana's paw up and down. "Good to meet you, Dr. Arratay!" he grinned. "I will most certainly join you in a game of UNO!" He whooped and leapt into a chair, then slid down to his tail with a flourish, removing his jacket as he did, revealing his muscular frame outlined by his "Redtail" T-shirt (depicting his favourite band). "Deal me in!"

    Hinata accepted the invitation with a nod and sat down beside Katsuke, removing her hood and letting her long (dyed) silvery hair fall loose to her back. Her ears twitched as she stared at the table, trying to remember the rules to the popular party game. I'm confused, she signed at Katsuke. I haven't played in years.

    You'll get it. Just follow my lead, he replied. With that, they received cards and began to play.

    Meanwhile, Rouki was watching Star performing her tidbits of magic. "Hm . . ." he breathed, taking a whiff of his siatha as he did. He held it, then slowly released the mist-like substance into the air and turned to walk up to the mansion itself. "Parties aren't my thing," he decided, speaking to himself.

    On the way there, he noticed a small copse of trees off by the mansion's wall. It seemed rather well-kept, almost like an orchard, but none of the trees were the kind that could produce fruit. He found that excessively odd, and was so actually so distracted that he actually walked right into Azroel from behind. He backed up, stepped on the edge of his long jacket, tripped, and fell into a nearby bush, knocking his head against a branch. His pipe fell at the fox's feet.

    "Ow . . ." he murmured, trying to regain his senses.

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    Everything happened in a blur, a wild multicolored mess of fur and clothes, at a speedy wildness faster than light and sound that would make Sonic the Hedgehog envious.

    As he moved to open the mansion doors, he saw Tessa and Jessie waving him over to the real party. He bit his lips nervously, but eventually went to join them. His eyes fell on a large open metal bin full of ice and sodas, among other drinks. He examined it for a moment, mulling over what he wanted, before instinctively grabbing a Sprite from out of the ice.

    He hadn't gotten around to opening it before -


    Somebeast accidentally ran into him from behind. He whirled backwards over his shoulders to see whom it was, but the unfortunate creature had already tripped over their large jacket and fallen into a bush.

    Azroel threw off his earbuds, quickly returned his Sprite to the ice bin and knelt down to help the disoriented creature.

    "Oh, my goodness! Are you all right! Are you hurt? I'm sorry, I didn't see you there! Here, let me help you!"

    He lifted Rouki to his feet and hurriedly brushed twigs, leaves, and dirt off the large jacket. Then he bent down and picked up the siatha pipe (recoiling at the awful burning smell) and offered it back.

    "Sorry about that. I hope you're okay. My name is Azroel. What's yours?"

  • Tessa and Jessie winced as Rouki crashed into Azroel, "He will feel that one in the morning..." she said and then went to grab another sandwitch and to her shock saw it was gone, floating away, "Hey! My sammywich." she cried and snatched it out of the air. "TESSA! That was rude, get your own food." Tessa glowered at Jessie, "It wasn't me! I cant do magic!" Jessie laughed, "Uh huh, just like that time you took my clothes and claimed it wasn't you." "YOU CALLING ME A CHEAT!?" and with that Tessa tackled Jessie to the ground and it was a full on squabble. Usually the two sisters get into mock fights over the silliest things. "NO IM SAYING.. THAT YOU...ATTEMPTED TO STEAL...MY SAMMY!" Jessie said giving her a good punch in the stomach. The two rolling on the floor. "DID NOT! GET OFF ME!" Tessa said gasping for air.

    Dominique was casually drinking in drink, "COME ON TESS! GET HER!" she cheered, "JESSIE YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!" The otter was a great party host, or so she thought. She glanced over to Star, "Neat little trick you played, but kinda mean on these two sisters." her eyes twinkled in amusment. "But its been awhile since these two have had a brawl. My money is on Tessa."

    Fabiana shook her paw out, dang he had a grip of steel and very excited. She began to give each player 5 cards. "Rules are simple, you have 5 cards, we each go around in a circle taking turns, you can either put down the same color or number, or if you have a wild card that goes also. If you can't go then you have to pick up another card. The first person to lose all the cards win. You ready?" and with that the game of UNO has begun..

    -----I"ll let you guys decide who is the winner. I"m game for anything.----

  • Star cackled and set the sandwich back down in it's proper place.
    "I didn't * mean * to, but this is too good an opportunityto miss!" She laughs. While she is talking, more dubbins and trying to catch the flying good and Star dances it over to another table as she watches that little fight.
    "Ya'know what, I'm gonna take that bet!" She grins and pulls 3 golden coins from her pouch.

  • "WHHHAAAAATTTTTT?!" Fabiana wailed, "NO WAY! NO WAY! How can you have 2 'pick 4' cards!" she looked at her cards, 9 cards total to 1 card, she had lost. Putting her head down on the table she groaned. "I am doomed..." she muttered.

    Dominique grinned, "I like your style!" she said. Tessa managed to pin Jessies arm behind her back, "Gotcha." Tessa gasped. Jessie tapped her paw, "You win sister..." and rolled onto her back taking deep breaths, "But don't steal my food." Tessa frowned, "But I didn't..." they looked at each other before getting up and brushing themselves off and looked at Star and Dominique, "Are you guys responsible for the floating sandwhich?"

    Dominique raised her bottle, "Negative. I'm to superstitious." she glanced at Star and then back at the sisters and shrugged, "Must be magic!"

  • Star smirked and shrugged, "Yeah. Ya never know when a sandwich will magically start flying around." She put her hands in her pockets. She turned partially to Dominique. "I guess ya win the money. Here ya go." She slid the coins over to the hostess.

  • Dominique smiled and slid them back , "Keep em, I knew the outcome before it even started." Glancing over at the uno table she smiled, "Looks like Fabi just lost her winning streak." Turning back to Star, "So can you really do magic?" Curiously got the better of her, superstitions and all.

    Tessa and Jessie shook their heads at the two before grabbing another plate and filling it up with food, holding on tightly, least it flies away.

  • Star smirked. "Oh, you know. I know a few simple tricks. A little here and a little there." She waved her left hand and a rose of light appeared briefly then vanished into little sparks. "I was never very good at cards, but I might give it a little go if anyone would allow me to face them." Her light blue eyes twinkle as she took back the coins.

  • Dominique took a few steps back at the sparks from Stars hands. “You sure it’s safe?”

    Tessa pushed the otter forward, “She is not gonna hurt you. Stop being a scardy cat, Star show us more, Dominique is dying to have a show!!”

    “You know I should really check on the guests, I am the umm host and everything.” The otter replied uncertainty.

    Jessie held Dominique’s arm on the other side, “no no, we insist, it’s gonna be awesome.” The sisters exchanged wicked glances.


    Fabi was moping over her loss in uno, she would have to reclaim her title. “I call a rematch! This game was just bad luck. Anyone?” She looked around and then leaned back in her chair, “I’m such a poor sport... ugh.” She covered her eyes, “Anyone wanna play UNO with me?” Her voice muffled.

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  • Star raised one of her eyebrows, furry muzzle smirking even more. "If you all insist..." She gave a mocking little bow, then shot her hand up in the air, multicolored sparkle falling around her till she was completely obscured by the little pieces of colour. As they fell away, it revealed that she was not there anymore. Instead, she yelled at them, waving her hand to beckon them over at the table where Fabi was forlornly seated.
    "Hey! Why're you guys still looking over there?" She snickered, then made a sort of coughing noise, and out of her mouth came tens of uno reverse cards.

  • Katsuke chuckled as he slapped down his double +4 cards with a victorious glint in his eye. "I do believe I enjoy this game," he smirked.

    Then his jaw fell open as Hinata placed down the other two +4s. She smiled quietly. "UNO," she whispered. Katsuke's mouth opened and closed as he attempted to come up with something to say in return, but for once he was out of witty comments. Hinata put a paw on his chin and pushed up. You'll catch flies with that hole in your face, she signed. Katsuke sighed in defeat and placed his cards on the table.

    "Ugh," he moaned. "I can't seem to win at anything these days." Only a moment later, however, he stood with a flourish and whipped his jacket from the chair. "Well, maybe next time!" He turned and spotted the table loaded with food and his face brightened. "Food!" The big fox ignored the floating sandwiches and went straight for the dessert section. Hinata rolled her eyes and leaned back in her chair.

    She stretched slightly and brushed her long headfur from her eyes, which gleamed with silver. An unbidden yawn escaped her mouth, and she quickly turned and stood to cover it politely.

    And a small mass promptly fell on top of her.

    "Oh, my goodness! Are you all right! Are you hurt? I'm sorry, I didn't see you there! Here, let me help you!

    Rouki struggled to his feet with the fox's help, his regaining of balance accompanied by the sound of an absolutely absurd amount of knives and kunai falling from belts strapped across his chest under his jacket. He started to stoop down to pick them up but was interrupted by the fox handing him his siatha. "Sorry about that. I hope you're okay. My name is Azroel. What's yours?"

    "Uh . . . Jurou Shouroki," he mumbled, thoroughly embarrassed as the stranger dusted off his jacket. The ferret shrank back in shame and started to pull up his hood and walk past towards the mansion. "Sorry about that," he whispered.

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    Azroel watched as Jurou shrank in embarrassment and began walking towards the mansion. The fox quickly and carefully gathered up the ferret's collection of knives and followed his fellow vermin inside the building proper.

    Once they'd entered inside the spacious, rich, and golden (not to mention unnecessarily overdecorated) mansion, Azroel passed the knives back to Jurou. "Like I said, I'm Azroel. Azroel Kurgrun. Are you okay? Are you injured? I have some medical training if you have any injuries that need attending to. If not, that's even better."

    The black fox settled down comfortably into a dark brown three-seater leather couch, and spread his arms over the headrests. "Well, now that we're inside here, where it's nice and quiet and air-conditioned, instead of out there where it's hot and sweaty, we have the place to ourselves! We can do whatever we want! What do you suggest?"

    He was cut off suddenly by the sound of a door closing on the other side of the enormous room. The fox jerked with a start on the couch and instantly sprang to his feet with a bit of trepidation. Several meters away, another black fox stepped out of a bathroom, turned off the light, and closed the door. Azroel recognized him on the spot, and the other did likewise, his eyes widening.


    "Azem!" Azroel put his paws on his hips angrily and glared at his twin brother. "Where have you been? You said you'd text me when I told you that I'd arrived at the party! I've barely been here for 15 minutes, and I haven't heard from you after I sent my text! What's the deal, bro?!"

    "Erm..." Azem scratched the back of his head bashfully, blushing a deep red. "Sorry? I must've gotten distracted, I guess."

    Azroel rolled his eyes and walked across the spacious and furniture-filled room to his brother. "You crazy fox. What distracted you, or whom?"

    "Nuthin'!" Azem held up his paws defensively. "I misplaced my phone last time I went to the bathroom, that's all! It ain't my fault! But don't worry, I found it! See?" Azem dug into his denim shorts pocket and removed his iPhone, waving it under his brother's face.

    Azroel politely pushed the iPhone away and gave Azem a stony death glare. "Next time, be more responsible. Or I'll tell Mom and Dad, and they won't allow you to go to any more parties. Deal?"

    He pulled Azem by the sleeve of his soft leather Led Zeppelin jacket and went over to Jurou. "Sorry about that. This is Azem, my twin brother. I texted him earlier when I got to the party, but he didn't respond to me, so I went looking for him. The mansion was my first guess, so I went over there by instinct. I'm just relieved now to see that he's okay, and he didn't get himself into any trouble."

    "Aye," Azem extended his paw to the ferret for him to shake. "It's my fault, but I'll be more careful more next time. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Jurou!"

    "Misplaced your phone..." Azroel grumbled under his breath through gritted teeth. "What a lame crappy excuse. You hiding something, bro?"

    Azem bit his lip nervously and shook in his sneakers. "! I ain't hiding anything, I swear!"

    Azroel narrowed his eyes. "We'll see about that. I'll get to the bottom of this eventually." He looked at Jurou over Azem's shoulder. "Well, Mr. Shouroki, what would you like to do now that we've got this entire place to ourselves?"

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  • ((ooc my turn I'd assume?

    ((bic "I-I --" Jurou stammered, as his arms were filled with his weapons and Azroel let loose with a flurry of worried questions. "I'm f-fine . . ." His voice was almost a whisper, he was so anxious. The ferret clenched his pipe between his teeth as he fumbled with the knives, attempting to put them back in an orderly fashion where they'd fallen from, but failing miserably. His paws kept slipping.

    "Ugh . . ." he muttered around the pipe, gave up, shoved all the knives in his deep jacket pockets, and curled up in a couch opposite of the one that Azroel had staked his claim to. He'd come here to avoid a social catastrophe, but it seemed he was stumbling his way directly into one nonetheless. "Sorry," he managed, then took a deep whiff of siatha to calm his nerves.

    "Well, now that we're inside here, where it's nice and quiet and air-conditioned, instead of out there where it's hot and sweaty, we have the place to ourselves! We can do whatever we want! What do you suggest?" Azroel asked the nervous ferret.

    "Er --" Jurou started, but then he heard the closing of a door and whipped around to see where it had come from.



    Hinata lifted her head and shook it woozily. What happened?

    A shout sounded from the other side of the courtyard. "HINATA!" Katsuke screamed. She looked up to see three large chunks of concrete from the courtyard wall falling towards her head.

    In a matter of about two and a half seconds, the black vixen looked down, registered the other creature that had fallen on top of her, grabbed her, rolled out of the way, and pushed herself up on one of her paws to kick one of the cement pieces out of the way with her steel-toed boot, before landing in a crouch just as the other projectiles came crashing down right where she and the other creature had been half a second ago.

    Katsuke's mouth dropped open. "Huh . . ." he managed. Hinata brushed her headfur back into her snapback, and stood up to assess what had just gone down.

    Those pieces of concrete must have fallen from there, she thought to herself, looking up at what used to be a rather elegant miniature tower perched on the center of the courtyard's wall. Now about half of it was missing, presumably scattered across the ground. But what knocked it down?

    "Ooh . . . my back . . ."

    Hinata looked back down. She'd completely forgotten about the plummeting creature that had landed --


    A young vixen, maybe a year older than Hinata, was rubbing her back in very obvious pain. "Ow . . ." she moaned, pressing against the base of her spine with one blindingly white paw while pushing her bright blue headfur out of her eyes of matching color.

    Then she noticed Hinata. Her eyes widened. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I --" She tried to jump to her feet, but tripped and landed back on her tail, her hoodie's hood falling over her face as she did. "Damn --" the poor nonplussed vixen managed before the pain very apparently brought her back to her senses.

    Katsuke had run over, as well as a few of the other party goers. Hinata's mouth was still open in somewhat of a stunned look. Katsuke smacked her in the back of her head. "Snap out of it, Sun! Go grab some water or something!" he ordered, all joviality gone from his voice.

    Hinata shook her head and spun around, looking for the drinks.

    Woah, she kept thinking.

    Jurou heard the crash and his head whipped around. "What was that?" he demanded, and ran to the door to look outside, waving at the two foxes to follow for lack of anything better to say to them.

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