• Jarren ran like he had never done in his life. Sweat dripped down his furry cheek and flew from the end of the hairs into the air because of the speed at which he was running. Must not let it catch me. Don't let it catch me. His right arm sagged, inept of life. There was a cloth over it and it was logged browned blood. In his left arm, he carried a small, shinny object that seemed to be rounded a little. Cradling it with the remaining power he had, he ran on, holding it close to his waist. His clothes were torn and he was sagging with fatigue. After the all night run, he was in no position to be running.
        After much time, he reluctently fell to the ground and started to immit loud coughs and gasps for air. after he was calmed down, he fell into a deep sleep. Before he drifted off, he started to cry and held the shinny object close.


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    IC- A black shade moved through the midnight trees, silently, stealthily, quickly. Turning its head to the sound of a robin, it showed its masked and dull face to the trees and the robin. Crouching down, he crept over to where the red bird had landed and waited. When it had turned its feathery back to him, Garret unstrapped his claymore quickly and quietly and with a quick jump, was right under the prey. With a brief, instinctive twitch, he felled the bird and landed right side up on his hind paws, perfect balance.
      Knelling down to inspect the bird, he, seeing that it was good, pulled out a straw bag and placed it in with out much care for it and, stuffing it back into his waist bag, continued its hunt for that black squirrel.
    Having almost completing it's mission the day before, he was determend to finish it with a clean report…... and the disk.
        With the silvery moon light glinting of his collection of swords strapped to his back, it created a breif flash to the red kite perched up on a high branch.

    Jarren's sleep was restless, seeing the black menace enter his house, Kill his two brave sons with a twitch of his mussels..... All through it he was rolling and tumbling. After many hours of torment, Murium, his beloved squirrel wife, appeared to him and beckoned in warning. "Jarren......Jarren."  The large squirrel shifted sharply, but still he didn't wake from his horrendous dream. "Protect....."
        Even though he was still very tired, he awoke, cold sweat trickling down his throat and head. At that instant, he was aware.
        He didn't have to see the mercenary to know that he was there. He could feel the evil in the air, moving in the slow breeze like an oder.  Quickly sitting up, he clutched his arm in pain. Pushing the shinny dome into he earth where he had slept, he pushed the dirt over it and Raced on through the woods, looking back reluctantly. As a dart wizzed by his head, he picked up his speed and took a sharp right hand turn......which was a mistake.
      There stood the black shade, gripping the long sword that was strapped to his sheet covered back. Those hipnotic eyes found his, the red bright spheres in the rising sun. With a quick and strength filled motion, the mercenary ripped the sword free and dealt the killing blow.
      Jarren fell to the ground and went limp. His eyes glazed over and in his dieing mind, he was running towards his dead wife.

    *                                                                      *                                                                  *

    It was full sun and the life in the woods where brimming with life. The birds were singing and insects were buzzing. Heavy foot steps sounded and rippled through the forest ground. there was a brief pause before a pause echoed through the woods at the site of something shiny protruding from the ground.

    "What in Swart's fire is that?"

  • Kiara, the mouse-maid had see everything. She came upon the black squirrel but just as she was about to go help him, he had awaken and seemed pretty distrait. She watched him in case he did need help.
       Kiara had followed him, trying to me as quiet as she could and trying to keep up with him. Something must have spooked him good, and if it wasn't her then she had reason to be spooked as well.
       She hid as the black squirrel met with an other figure. She covered her mouth to stop her from screaming at the sight. She'd stay in that very spot until she knew it was save to leave.

    Kiara ran back to where she had found the squirrel sleeping, finding something in buried in the dirt. She knelt down and dug up the disk. 'Why did he bury this?' She thought to herself as she examined the disk. There she drew up two conclusions, one that it was worth nothing so he had just left it, or two he was something of great value so he hid it. However, she couldn't ask him now.
       She pocketed the shiny object and walked along, wary of the black figure that had killed the squirrel.

  • As the maiden was about to take her leave, Brint dropped to the ground. "Why you take shiny disk?"

  • Kiara gasped as she turned to see who had spoken. "I found it. Why not?" She said as innocently as she could.

  • The large bird went to open its beak but all of the sudden, reconition filled his eyes. "You the on that save me."

  • Kiara looked up at the bird and studied it for a minute. "..Oh, yes. I remember now. How are you?" she asked and smiled at him.

  • OOC- that was quite the jump.

    IC- the bird studied Kiara for a few seconds then, by passing he question entirely, he said, "My name Brint Windfeather. I red kite warrior." Here he extended a wind to the young mouse maid.

  • She smiled. "I'm Kiara." She said, watching the bird. "What are you doing around here?" She asked, wanting to know if he had seen another beast around.

  • The massive bird dwarfed the mouse like a boulder next to a sapling. "I been keeping watch. Bad stuff happen. Bad ferret going 'bout." He pause to think for a second. "He hired by hoard down south."

  • 'Could it be that he had stolen this from that hoard and they sent that ferret after him?' She thought. "Do you know why?" Kiara asked the bird.

  • The bird looked around for a second and faced the maid again, eyes flashing with hatred. He mercenary. Saw he with bad beasts and long time back."  Lifting off the ground, he perched on a burly branch of an oak and motioned towards Kiara. "Come and site. We talk up here." With that, he gazed off across the tree tops.

  • Rysha hurried quickly along. The brown mouse was heading to Redwall Abbey to visit and write stories about Redwalls. She wore a dark blue vest with a briaded rope around.  she Carried a small dagger on her waist.

    ((ooc-see joined as a mouse))

  • Kiara nodded at the bird and proceded to climb the tree as best as a mouse could. "Look we have company. Another mouse." she said, half way up the tree .

  • Rysha heard Kiara's comment and turned to look and seeing Kiara up a tree. Curiositly got the better of her and she said in her woodland accent, "Whats a mouse doing climbing a tree? Never seen anything like it."

    Rysha notices the bird and shrugged.Walking to the tree she looked up at Kiara. "So whats your name?"

  • Kiara laughed. "To talk to the bird." She said, looking up at Brint.

  • Brint looked at the other mouse with curiosity. It was dressed in a blue vest and had waterlogged sanders on. There was also a curved dagger hastily thrown into its belt. Though, by its voice, he couldn't yet tell whether it was a boy or a girl.

  • Ryasha turned her attention to the bird amd studied it carefully. "So whats your name? I'm Ryasha Sefiana. Ryasha for short. Can you speak even?"

    Ryasha never heard a talking bird before so she was curious to find out if birds can talk. If they can then she will write it down in her book.

  • Brint narrowed his eyes. He didn't like the way this one looked. It was young and full of pep. That never satisfied him. He liked quite beasts that weren't always asking questions. That was one reason he liked the one named Kiara.

    Twisiting his head, and extending his neck, he looked closely at the maiden's face. "Who you?"

  • "They do talk!' Rysha said in her head.
    She didn't like the way the bird twisted its head and blinked, "No you. You can talk. Never met a talking bird before."
    She took a step back and looked the bird squarly in the eyes.

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