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    Hey, Anghan. I'm so sorry to hear about your breakup. I went through a real painful breakup more than a year ago, too. It's a part of my life I don't like to talk about.

    Find emotional and mental outlets. Your mind will be spiraling downwards in confusion and disappointment and fear. Your heart will literally be broken in two and be full of toxic emotions. Writing can help, whether journaling or creative writing. I took the creative writing route myself and ended up creating some...ahem....dark material.

    It's better to let those emotions out somehow than to bottle them inside yourself and be destroyed from the inside. Trust me, you'll feel a lot better after you vent. It's incredibly cathartic.

  • @Sierra Huuugs 🙂 thx, i needed some lol

    @tessa I really do need to give them their stuff back XP And thank you

    @jaredsandeye Thank you for the advice, old friend.

    y'all are gonna make me cry 😞 thank you all so much 🙂

  • @Anghan-Silverfur we are your Redwall Family. ♥♥️ Hugs, but all serious, take the advice, also get rid of all stuff of your ex’s. It helps.

  • @tessa Thank you, tessa . . . I did get rid of all their stuff, although that sorta hurt, you want something to remember them by, don't you? XP

    anyway, I promise y'all that I'm gonna start posting where I'm due to post lol, which I think includes LOTR, Feast of the Worlds, and one or two others. I just gotta work through some stuff before I can write

  • Never. They don’t deserve to be remember at all. Not gonna tarnish on my happiness.
    Now if they died, that’s a different story. But that’s a whole other chapter.

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    @tessa I'd only ever wish death upon my enemies. And that's because they deserved it. Karma, you know?

    @Anghan-Silverfur Whatever route you take, whatever you choose to do to help you get rid of all those negative emotions, make sure you VENT. Cry, scream, ramble, lash out. But also be mindful of your words. Don't say or do anything you'll later regret. Get the darkness out of you. Whatever helps. A pen and paper, or a word processing unit; whatever is most efficient for you. Just VENT and pour everything out. It won't be easy, acknowledging those emotions and describing them, but you'll feel a ton better afterwards.

  • @Anghan-Silverfur also... let’s rpg again. I mean feasts of the world has been going on for two years now. 😂

  • @tessa lol fair enough. like a new RP?

  • Yeah I’ll make a new one. Cuz we have to celebrate spring/summer! 😊 party it up!

  • @Anghan-Silverfur Sorry for the late reply, but I hope all this encouragement has helped, and don't worry! You are never alone! Try to forgive and forget, and move on in your life. They made the mistake, you shouldn't suffer for it.

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    Will we be continuing Snowball Fight as well? That one is just soo super FUNNY!!!

  • Yes!! I'll respond to it now! 😄

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    That looks awesome, Anghan! I always love posts that aim to advance the plot, despite this being a simple and friendly NT RP. Okay, I'll try to find time to post to both today. I'm working on my fanfictions at the moment.

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