RPG: Snowball fight!

  • Anyone can join for a fun rig of snowball fights, snow building, cider and hot coco!

    Winter had come to Mossflower, everywhere was snow, bare branches and cold. But inside a great red Abby it was cheerful and warm. The great hall was filled with laughter and warm as all sorts of woodland creatures were mingling together. Outside in the orchard, a snowball fight was in progress with the dubbins of redwall.
    Two teams, one hidden behind a snowball fort the other behind a low hanging tree branch on the other side.
    A little hedgehog was throwing snowballs as fast as his hands could him. He was breathless with laughter as him and his friends kept throwing snowball after snowball towards the group. Hoping one will yield.

  • Aodhán (or Dan, as most of the Dibbuns tended to call him) leaned his head back against the mound of blankets that covered his wheelchair, shielding his neck and long ears against the icy cold of winter. His gloved paws slowly lifted a mug of hot cider to his lips. He took a long, warm draft and felt the heat of well-brewed apple cinnamon reach all the way through his old body, steeling him against the wet and snow. The old hare sighed contentedly.
    "The Winter of the Early Snowdrop . . . what a lovely name," he murmured, setting down the mug and picking up the quill pen on his lap. The pen had been gifted to him by a mountain kite that had come to visit the Abbey. Its reddish brown sheen reflected the silvery light of the winter sun as the tip flew across the Gatehouse Keeper's page, recording the beauty of the day for posterity. Dan had looked out the window from his room by the Abbey's doors, seen the flakes swirling around in concentric patterns, heard the laughter of little babes and the jovial conversation of the workers shifting snow from the Abbey path, and decided that the Abbey Recorder wasn't the only one who could write. So, he'd wheeled himself outside, parked himself across the orchard from the playing Dibbuns, and asked for a good hot drink from the cellars.
    Aodhán heard footsteps behind him. His flopped over ear twitched, and without turning around, he called, "Come now, laddie buck, come around to where I can see ye instead o' sneakin' around behind, wot!"
    A heavy silver paw rested on the old hare's blanketed shoulder. "Weel naow, ah didnae expect ye to ken it was me, auld one. How do ye do it?" Anghan knelt down beside Dan and bent his head down as if he were awaiting some great secret to be whispered into his ear. "Coom on, then, tell me ye're method."
    Dan chuckled. "Nobeast else has such heavy pawsteps as ye, ye big galoot." He sighed again, shifting his pillow a bit. "Would ye mind movin' yersel' down to the cellars and toppin' up the jolly old cider a bit, and grabbin' yersel' one on the way?" he asked the big wolf.
    "Aye, ah can do that." Anghan took the offered mug and walked off across the orchard towards the Abbey.
    Dan sighed yet again, content as ever.
    Anghan was almost past the orchard, when a small, cold mass suddenly struck the back of his head, a shivery wetness sliding down the back of his tunic. He froze, then slowly turned to stare at the group of dueling Dibbuns. "Alright, naow, which of ye liddle rascals just pelted the back o' mah head, hm?" he demanded, putting on a look of mock fury, an exaggerated stingy eye jutting out from under his cocked eyebrow as he crossed his arms.
    The Dibbuns all started giggling, though a few looked genuinely scared. One, who was giggling the loudest, was a small hedgehog, his spikes covered in little mounds of snow. Anghan walked over to him. "Och, lad, did ye see the culprit who lobbed yon snowball at mah beauty-full, full head of fur?" he asked, raising his eyebrow even further.

  • The little hedgie who’s name was Lenny giggles even louder, “No mista.” He crouched down and picked up some snow, “but I do hava snow in my hands!” And threw it into the wolf’s face before rolling off for cover. Lenny was a trouble maker and everyone knew it, but still loved him all the same. “Hide! Mista A is gonna get us.” He said scooping up some snow and pelting it at the wolf again. “We gots him out numbered!!!”

  • Anghan paused to wipe the snow from his snout with one paw. He sighed. "Weel then, little babbies . . . ye asked fer it!" he roared. With the other paw, he scooped up a snowball or two and tossed them at Lenny before diving behind a nearby tree to gather more ammunition. A pair of little mousebabe twins joined him.
    "We be's wid you, Mista A!" they chorused, their tiny paws offering him another pair of snowballs. Anghan grinned and rubbed their heads, then took the icy missiles.
    "Thank ye, lads. And whae be yer name? Ah seem tae have fergotten," he chuckled.
    "I be's Twinkle!" one said. He giggled as a molebabe hit him with a snowball, and ran off to join in the battle.
    "I is Fwink, Mista!" Fwink started packing more snowballs and laying them at the base of the tree they were taking refuge behind.
    "Och, laddie, ye're quick!" Anghan picked up a few of the missiles Fwink had already made and peered around the trunk.
    Only to be soundly pelted in the nose yet again. "Alright, that's aboot it!" Anghan charged out onto the battlefield that was the orchard, hurling snow left and right.
    Meanwhile, Dan was still waiting for his cider. "Where is that boy?" he wondered aloud, looking towards the Abbey building. He sighed and continued writing, unaware of the fact that Anghan had completely forgotten about his errand.

  • Lenny shrieked when a snowball hit him on his spikes, he dove for cover along with his three friends, a pika called Oliver, a squirrelbabe called Stella and her brother Timmy. "Come on!" Lenny said as he started to scoop up snow into piles. "Mista A gots 'elp! An' chargeee." Lenny and friends pelted snowballs across the orchard where Anghan was running through. Stella and Timmy scampered up the tree right when Anghan was below shook a branch full of snow on top of him. "weeeeeee! Mista A gots dump'on. Much snow!" Poor Timmy who was near the edge lost his footing, he let out a frightened scream as he fell through the air, "STELLLLLLLAAAA!" time seemed to slow as Timmy tired twisting to land on his paws, the ground coming closer.

  • (hope you don't mind me jumping in. I'm just going to use a dubbin version of my squirrel.)
    Arries giggles up in one of the trees where her and another dubbin had stocked up on the little frigid balls of snow. Both of them started pelting both sides and used the branches as covered. The shaking of the branches caused even more snow to rain on those below.
    "We are thes kings ofen Redwall! " She cackled, the other squirrel laughed along with her.

    Anghan felt a large amount of snow hit the back of his head, and he looked up . . . just in time to see Timmy lose his grip on the bark of the tree above him. The little squirrel's paws flailed as he fell back into space.
    Anghan had to act quickly. In seconds, he'd dropped the snowballs he was carrying, whipped his cloak off, and spread it into a makeshift sling just in time to catch the hapless flying Dibbun. "Gotcha, lad," he said in a low, reassuring voice. Inward, he was sighing in relief, but he wouldn't let Timmy see that -- it'd just make him uneasy.
    Seconds later, a pile of snow fell on top of them both. Anghan slowly turned his head upwards to stare at Arries. "Weel then --" he started, but took another lump of snow right in the mouth, muffling his protests. He growled playfully, then ran over to the trunk and started shaking the entire tree, hoping to dislodge the mischievous Dibbuns and send them tumbling into the snowbank.

    Aodhán was getting impatient. "Where is that big lummox of a wolf?" he sighed. Setting down his pen, he sat up straighter to look around the Abbey commons for somebeast who'd be willing to push him into the building, or at least have a conversation with the bored old hare.
    He spotted a creature. "Excuse me!" he called, in a surprisingly powerful voice for his slight frame. "Would you mind coming over here?"

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    Eolin desperately pulled his thick leather coat around his dark-brown squirrel body, and shivered in his heavy boots as he made his way out of the Dormitories. The winter frost had gotten to the poor Easterner perhaps worse than anybeast else in the Abbey. The fact of him being born and raised in a warm, humid, and temperate foreign island country didn't help matters, either. He could hear his teeth chattering in his ears, and his entire body convulsed with shivers inside the bulky coat. At face value, the idea that he'd not yet been afflicted with the flu - or any similar winter disease - was nothing short of a miracle.


    Nevertheless, he stamped his squirrel feet desperately on the red stone floor, but quietly as possible, so as not to offend the Tapestry of Martin which proudly hung on the wall parallel to him. He took a moment to genuflect and bow before the image of the Warrior himself, before moving to a nearby window. His gaze turned to the wonder of the snow falling in its beautiful concentric rings and patterns; his eyes grew wide, and his jaw fell open, illustrating an expression of childlike awe. The squirrel remained in this state for a blissful couple more minutes before making his way out of the Great Hall.

    The first thing that met his Eastern eyes when he exited the Abbey was a chaotic storm of raging snowballs.

    Aw, crap.

    Eolin threw the large heavy hood of the coat over his head, steeled his nerves... and charged headlong into the snowy fray.

    Left and right, bobbing and weaving, ducking and dodging. A balance of inborn instinct and sheer dumb luck aided him in avoiding every blow exchanged across the war zone. The cries and giggles of the Dibbuns rattled his ears, and the roaring laughter of the older beasts echoed around him. Hurrying around the Belltower, sprinting past the Strawberry Patches, and bolting across the frozen Abbey pond; he didn't relent his pace for even a second. By another miracle he managed to make it all the way across the Lawn to the Orchards, distanced safely away from the storms.

    Finally, the Easterner took a moment to sit himself down on a stone bench, the hood still weighing on his squirrely head. He laid his paws in his lap and tried to catch his breath.

    *"Excuse me! Would you mind coming over here?"

    The strong voice pulled Eolin right out of his reverie. He shook his head and refocused his attention on reality. Swinging on his heels crunching in the snow, he saw none other than the hare Aodhán beckoning him to his side.

    The Eastern native creature nodded concurrently, showing the hare his full attention. "Coming, sir!"

    He didn't know the hare personally. But he'd certainly not pass up the opportunity to interact face-to-face with the creature who'd long captured his curiousity. Besides, who's to say that the hare didn't know about him as well?

    Eolin tied the straps of his coat deeper around his body, stood up straight, and trotted over to Aodhán's side. Unintentionally, and much to his own annoyance, he found himself stumbling over the proper words to say, and it wasn't because of the freezing cold. Rather, it was the fact that a young adult such as him was being addressed by none other than the great Gatehouse Keeper himself. Eolin in his innocent youth didn't feel much comfortable around the Elders of Redwall, for reasons unexplained.

    "H-hello, sir. I'm E-Eolin, sir. Are you-are you all right? What can I do-do for-for you?"

    Why did he sound so nervous? Why?!

  • Timmy looked up at Mister A, “You saves my life!” His near death experience seemed to vanish as he got up from the cloak and ended up helplessly in laughter as the big wolf got a bunch of snow dropped on him. Stella was giggling as she scrambled down, “Timmy you ok?” She said sitting down next to him in the snow. Timmy nodded, “yeah Mister A saved me!” Stella hugged her brother “I’m glad you ok!” She looked up at the other dubbins, “Come on guys! You gots it!!!”

  • Arrives shrieked with both terror and laughter as her perch started to shake. After a few seconds of this, she let out a big cry, and fell right into a snowpile that had accumulated under part of the tree. She layer there, dazed a bit, then sprang right up.
    "Again! Again!" She chittered, flinging snow every which way.

  • "Agin, ye say?" Anghan paused, then gave a mighty roar and playfully scooped up Timmy, Stella, and Arries and swung them upside down over his shoulder, running around the orchard like a madbeast as the Dibbuns around him shrieked with laughter.
    Twinkle and Fwink wanted in on the fun, so they dashed up behind the big wolf and latched onto the back of his tunic, scrambling up until one of them sat on each of his shoulders. "Mista A, Mista A!" they chorused.
    "Aye, ye wee rascals?" Anghan asked, coming to a stop in a snowbank as he and the Dibbuns on him were pelted by snowballs from all directions.
    "Kin we's get treats from da Friar?" Twinkle asked.
    "My mamma said the Friar's makin' candy chestnuts taday!" Fwink added.
    At the mention of the popular young uns' treat, the other Dibbuns erupted into a clamour of demands for a sweet treat. "Pwease!" a tiny squirrelbabe asked, tugging at Anghan's cloak.
    Anghan thought for a moment. "Weel, naow, it's nae up tae me, but ah think if we all go doon there an' ask him taegether, he might say aye." Anghan hefted Stella up onto his shoulder with Fwink, and placed Arries and Timmy down to walk beside him and the other Dibbuns as they cheered and jumped around in the snow. "Coom on, then," he said, and they all marched off towards the Abbey building.

    "Wot's the matter, then, laddie buck? Caught a bit o' the stutters from the cold, eh?" Aodhán reached behind him, pulled out a blanket, and offered it to the young squirrel. "Let me see . . . Eolin . . . I do believe I've heard o' ye from a few of the elders, wot? Now, if you wouldn't mind poppin' down with me to the cellars to get the two of us a jolly nice warm drink, I'd be much obliged. Some other curmudgeon was given the task but didn't seem to be up to it, so i gave a bloomin' shout to the first beast I saw, which just so happened to be you," he added with a vague gesture.

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    His teeth chattering and his body beginning to seize up from the freezing bitter cold, Eolin reached out a desperate paw and gratefully took the blanket from Aodhán. He wrapped it around himself like a robe, and instantly felt its thick warmth coating his body, warming his fur and reawakening his nerves one by one. Finally, some comfort amongst the antagonistic chills.

    "Th-thank you, sir." Eolin nodded his sincere gratitude to the hare, then listened as he detailed his predicament. He didn't hold back a laugh at the mention of the beast he'd originally tasked with fetching some hot drinks having gotten distracted from his job. So, the duty fell to him instead. Yet another opportunity for relief from the winter.

    Eolin slightly loosened the blanket around his body to free his arms, and swiftly put a paw to his brow in a mock salute. "Yessir! Right away! I'll be right off! Be back in a blink!"

    Allowing the blanket to flow and billow behind him in the mighty winter winds, Eolin shuffled his feet, buttoned up his coat, and returned down the path he had come. Once again, he expertly dodged every snowball thrown his way. But as he came up to the Pond -


    A hefty snowball about the size of a small stone slammed into his right temple, and he tumbled to the ground, but thankfully still safely wrapped in the blanket and coat as he hit the snow. Struggling to stand, the sixteen-season old Easterner muttered every single profanity he knew in his language (which, knowing the simple esoteric nature of the tongue, were in all honesty quite few). But he did manage to properly stand himself back up, readjusting his coverings.

    Way to waste a great comforter. He thought bitterly to himself.

    "All right, who threw that? I'll hit you back!"

    A lighthearted giggling to his right answered his psuedo-threatening question, and his gaze turned to a pair of rosebushes meters away from the frozen Pond. From behind them emerged a squirrelmaid, his same average height, light red-furred with striking emerald eyes. Instantly recognizing her, Eolin bit his lip to keep from retorting, standing still and quiet as the squirrelmaid innocently sidled up to him.

    "Hello, Sariah." He muttered with a deadpan tone.

    Sariah, Eolin's younger cousin, leaned affectionately on her relative's shoulders. "Hello, Eolin. Did I get you good?"

    "Unfortunately, yes." Eolin continued in his snark. But he knew he couldn't stay angry at her. She had gotten him good, after all. He leaned his head down to his shorter cousin and pecked her cheeks.

    Sariah giggled again and interlaced her fingers in his. "Where you off to? Can I come with you?"

    Eolin chuckled and happily accepted her paw in his. "Down to the Cellars, to fetch drinks for our beloved Gatehouse Keeper. Come on! Hot Raspberry Cordial for both of us!"

    Sariah laughed excitedly. "I'd love to! But only on the condition that you watch your language! You're lucky only I could understand everything you were saying!"

    Eolin only rolled his eyes before he invited her inside the blanket. Together the cousins sped off towards the Cellars. They got there without another incident, and unwrapping themselves, they set about filling large tankards full of hot drinks. They filled two to the brim with Raspberry Cordial for themselves, and October Ale for Aodhán. Then they exited out of the Cellars and back into the snowy chaos, and balancing their drinks in their paws, made their way back to the Orchards.

    "Sir Aodhán!" Eolin called to the Gatehouse Keeper. He held out the Ale to him after seating himself on the bench. Sariah joined him and laid her head on his shoulder, and they began to drink their Cordial.

  • Arrives cheered, and a bunch of the dubbins started to chant, "Candy Cestnuts! Candy Chestnuts!" they all walked and danced around the wolf's feet. (sorry, this is really lacking 😧)

  • Ooc: I’ve been super sick, hard for me to post when I can’t focus.

    Timmy and Stella yelled in excitement, “Candies! Candies!” They chanted with the other dubbins. Timmy half running to stay with the wolf’s huge stores and Stella grinning from ear to ear. She couldn’t wait to eat warm candied chestnuts and a hot tea also! Timmy was basically drooling out of his mouth, his spikes covered in snow as he skipped along happily. He stopped with he saw the gate keeper Aodhán. “Stella, Fwink, Mista A! It’s Aldo wit friends.” Poor Timmy couldn’t pronounce Aodhán name so he had a variation of it. Squeezing in delight, he sprinted over. “Aldo! Aldo! It’s me Timmy!!” He stopped and saw Sariah and Eolin, his scrunched up, “‘ee forgots yer names?” He said scrambling over and peaking from between Aodhán legs, “Me names Timmy! That is Stella, Fwink,Arries and Mista A.” Stella waved cheerfully, “Oi!!” She said, scampering down Anghan cloak, “We getting candies chestnuts!!!! She said darting up ont he beach between them. “What ya drinking?”

  • Fwink shuffled down Anghan's back and hid behind the big wolf's legs. He was shy and didn't know the old squirrel. Twinkle, however, scurried over and up onto Aodhán's lap, then sat and shoved his paw into his mouth to suck on it. "Hewwo, Danny!" he chirped around the sticky appendage.

    Aodhán chuckled and sipped gently at his ale, savouring the taste as the drink slid down his throat to warm his whole body. "Aye, that's the stuff," he murmured, then, "Hello then, wee lad! Have ye been getting up to any sort o' mischief, eh, wot? And the same for you, Timmy, laddie buck!"

    "No, sir!" Twinkle took his paw out of his mouth. "Mista A is taking us to get candy chesknuts from da Friar!"

    "Ah, well, ye'd better get on with that. Although, I was under the impression that Mister A --" He paused to glare at the wolf, who cowered under the old hare's smoldering eyes. "-- was to fetch me a drink, eh? However, all's well that ends well, wot! Don't look so down, lad, 'twas a mistake," he added, nodding to Anghan, who sighed silently in relief. He placed Stella carefully on the ground, then took a seat beside Eolin and Siarah.

    "Ye young'uns, go on then and get ye'reselves on tae the kitchens. Ah'll be there as soon as ah've caught mah breath," he said. Twinkle and Fwink took off like a shot towards the Abbey commons, whooping and cheering.

    Anghan hesitated, then turned to the Eastern squirrel and his cousin. "Ah donnae believe ah've met ye before, brushtail. Whae's ye're name?" he asked cordially, holding out a paw to be shaken.

    ((ooc sorry for the short post, just coming up with ideas for future story at the moment lol

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    Eolin and Sariah didn't even hold their laughter as the Dibbuns came bowling over to crowd around Aodhán. They seated themselves back on the bench, sipping their hot Raspberry Cordial, and listened to the Dibbuns' plans to sneak Candied Chestnuts from the kitchen.

    "Ooh, some of those would sound delicious right now, wouldn't they, cousin?" Sariah suggested, to which Eolin nodded in agreement. She leaned over to ask the Dibbuns just before they ran off. "Save us a few, okay, little ones? Off you go!"

    The two cousins giggled as the kids sprinted away, whooping and cheering. Sariah took another sip from her Cordial before answering Anghan and shaking his paw.

    "Hello, sir. I am Sariah. Eolin and me are cousins from the Eastern Islands. My mother was Eolin's father's younger sister. So we are family, me and him!"

    Eolin wrapped his free arm around Sariah inside the blanket to keep her warmer. "But family doesn't throw snowballs at each other."

    Sariah giggled innocently and kissed his cheek. "No, but I did get you real good!" Eolin just rolled his eyes and sipped his drink.

    "We're three seasons apart, the two of us." Eolin explained. "I'm 16 seasons right now, so the older cousin."

    "And I just turned 13 last week," Sariah pointed to herself proudly, smiling.

    Eolin leaned down and kissed his younger relative's forehead. "Don't forget, Sari, you're growing up now. You're not a kid anymore. "

    Sariah shook her head. "Speak for yourself, Eolin. You've been ignoring your heart since you turned 16, too."

    Eolin only cleared his throat and silently sipped his Cordial.

    "Nothing personal, sir." He tried to assure Anghan.

  • ((ooc er . . . Anghan is the one who asked the squirrels their names, not Aodhan (sorry about all the "A" names tho). just sayin' 😛

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    ((OOC: Sorry, my bad! I just thought that Anghan had gone off with the Dibbuns. I fixed it yesterday.))

  • Arries rushed ahead to the kitchen before most of the other dubbins could get there. When she peeked her small furred head in, the friar was nowhere to be seen. Instead on a near counter was two huge pans filled with Candied Chestnuts cooling. With another check to make sure the coast was clear, Arries hopped up onto the counter and deftly swiped five to six candies in her belt pouch. As quickly as she got on, she leapt off and exited the kitchen, snickering to herself. She quickly navigated the rest of the dubbin mob that was entering the kitchen, and made her way to where she last saw "Mista A."

  • Anghan rolled his eyes as he watched the two cousins banter back and forth. "Ah weel . . . ah was like that once," he murmured to himself.

    He sat back and remembered when he was younger, in the northern mountains, smiling softly as he recalled the wonder of days gone by, friends of past seasons and travels that he wouldn't have missed for all of Mossflower. Ambitions of his first wanderings into the evergreens of the great slopes of the cold Northlands, and the glorious feeling of the sun on the back of his neck when he walked down the banks of the River Moss floated in and joined the army of memories.

    Visions of dreams given up for a life at the Abbey danced in the wolf's head, one after the other, in a succession of forgotten aspirations. However, they were all overwhelmed by the image of a single tree, tall, strong, an old oak, with a simple carving in the base --

    "Mista A! Mista A!"

    Fwink was running at full speed across the orchard, kicking up snow in all directions. He tripped over his tail, went into a full-on roll, and landed with a THUD at the base of the bench. "Oooh . . ." he moaned.

    Anghan quickly dropped to his knees and lifted the mousebabe onto the bench, brushing snow from his tunic. "Whae's the matter, lad?"

    "Um . . ." Fwink put a paw to his tiny mouth and thought for a moment. He'd temporarily forgotten what he'd been so frantic about.

    Then he remembered. "Oh! Mista A, Danny, Eowin! Dere's scawwy cweatures at the fwont gate!" he yelled. "Twinkle was gonna get candy chesknuts but then somecweature knocked and he went to answere! Dey is talking through the door!" He scrambled down from the bench and took off running towards the gate.

    Without a moment's hesitation, Anghan followed.

    ((ooc is it alright if I use this to transition to something else? I've been looking to introduce the three other characters I've got, and a snowball fight would be a brilliant way to do it lol

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