The Gate Report: Operation Swordbreaker (DISCONTINUED)

  • "Oh I hate the snow." Louis thought as he laid prone in the snow with his light machine gun's bipod resting atop a collapsed tree. For the past 3 hours this frozen forest was alive with the sounds of gunfire ever since the Belkans had ambushed the armored patrol, 3 hours of the sounds of fierce gunfire yet now...there was a eerie silence aside from the labored breaths of the wounded. Looking over his shoulder the mouse looked back at the few who managed to stay with the group, there was about 6 of them in total, cut off and possibly outnumbered. This did not even include the fact two of the soldier, a Racoon with a badly burnt and broken arm and a Beagle whose upperpart of his face and his eyes is covered in bloodied bandages. Those two was the mouse's squad mates that managed to survive their tank exploding with him. Louis then looked back at the other 3 who managed to join up with him during the chaos. He couldn't get the best of look to tell if they was either fellow members of the International States coalition; a organization that composed of many nations or just members of that mercenary group known as Stonewall the coalition hired to assist in investigating the gate that lead to this mysterious world but it appears now the Belkan's have a gate as well and the war has spread from their world to this strange land.

    Louis's thoughts was cut short as he began to violently cough up some blood. Gritting his teeth in agony he looked down to the source of pain as he sees the snow around him has gone red with his blood, his wounds on his gut and chest from the removed chunks of shrapnel from the explosion has seem to now be bleeding again. "Great....just my luck... We are going to need a miracle at this rate."

  • "How bloody useful this snow is now." Lennard thought as he laid prone beside his old squad-mate Mortimer while they tended to the former's wounds. What a way to start winter in this new world, ambush from a whole other country who just happened to have their own Gate and stuck in a gunfight for 3 hours. He shifted slightly as the older medic mouse made some last checks to make sure the bandages stayed and there weren't any other wounds he might of missed the first time.

    A few pats made it clear he checked out as the graying hare grunted in reply. "Good for another hour doc?" He whispered as the mouse checked over his medical bag with a calm disposition. "Stretch it out to two maybe, but the rest of the kit got left behind."

    A short sigh came from the gruff hare before rolling onto his back. "Bloody figures. The Belkans sure know how to make any job interesting." He squinted slightly when he noticed a shadow crossed way overhead. "And a bloomin spectator as well, wot."

    "Metal or feathers?"

    "Feathers. Huh, same one ya mentioned seeing before we left, talk about bloody coincidence eh?" The distant shape soon veered off for an unknown reason away from the now still battle. "Lost interest, well good riddance to ya. Bad enough were dealing with the blighters in front, we don't need another from above."

    Well lennard rested with what little time he could mortimer crawled over to the 3 other soldiers, he believes the one on the machine gun to be called Louis, with ease through the snow. Adjusting his glasses he noted correctly, by their ISC uniforms, of his guess and worked to beside the mouse.

    "Wouldn't have imagined our first patrol to go like this, but seems the Belkans wish to say otherwise. I can already tell how severe each of your squad-mates wounds are and I can treat them yes. The only issue I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy hearing is after tending you three I won't have much left afterwards."

  • Unknown to the injured and wounded patrol from the other side, two pairs of eyes were watching them up in a pine tree. They have seen everything what occurred the past three hours until now. As they feared, outsiders had come through the gate several days ago along with the another hate others father off next to Salamandastron. Reports were indicating from friends who flew high in the sky.
    A smaller of the two whispered silently, “do you think we can trust them?” The taller one looked at her sister with hazel eyes. “Hard to say, from looks of it, both groups aren’t friends...but they don’t belong here anyway.”
    The two sister squirrels had observed the fight, big black objects that caused invisible wounds and a huge fire that was caused somehow mysterious. The first one who spoke said nervously, “I mean, what if they use there..... magic on us and destroy us. You saw what happened?! I’ve never seen that in all my years!” The second one spoke, laying a hand on her sisters shoulder, “Don’t worry Jessie, by looks of it and by the nasty winter they won’t last more than a couple of days. I think we have the upper hand.” Jessie nodded slowly, “I trust you Tessa.” Tessa smiled, “Now lets go pay them a visit.” Covering her face with her poorly died white shawl she clambered down the trunk and crouched in the snow, Jessie next to her. The poorly died clothing and cloak had a purpose, it helped them blend in with there surrounds so they were almost invisible. Quietly sneaking forward they came up behind the group, Tessa drawing her double blades from her back and Jessie, farther behind with a arrow nocked, ready to back up her sister.

    Tessa stood up tall, as she seemed to materialized out of the snow, “Don’t move, and you might live til sunrise.” She said in a clear voice, “You are surrounded, and on my word I can have you struck down!” Her voice rang loud and clear, posture was defined and challenging to the outsiders. “I don’t know who you are, or what you do, but you aren’t welcome here! Who are you?!”

  • Louis looked over at Lennard and nodded before speaking in a whisper "Understood, Just focus on Arthur and Duke...don't work about me I'll be fi-" At that moment the mouse once again started to cough blood up before swearing under his breath at the situation. He refused to admit it, But it was rather clear that he was in the worse condition and if he keeps on pushing himself like he has been for the past 3 hours since the explosion he go critical. Yet this was not stopping the mouse as he was the only one out of the three still capable of holding a rifle. As for the others it appears there was two mercenary medics and one other person he couldn't get a look at the final person in their group. Wiping the blood from his jaw the mouse looked out seeing movement similar to a Belkan troop movements. He said nothing as he started to gesture for the team to keep their heads down as the enemy squad seemed to be going in the opposite direction all they would have to do is wa-

    “I don’t know who you are, or what you do, but you aren’t welcome here! Who are you?!” Said a loud voice from behind. Suddenly there was sounds of Belkan shouting. Fortunately the Arthur the racoon with a broken arm managed to yank Tessa out of the way the second the bullets started to fly before he unleashed a torrent of profanities at the squirrel. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! YOU HAVE SCREWED US!" He shouted before drawing his side arm with his good arm to return fire. Meanwhile Louis who originally was hoping to use the quiet to relax and stop his bleeding was forced to grit his teeth and open fire back at the enemy. "We are dead if we stay put guys! we need to move!"

  • Everything erupted before the older mouse could even reply back, the appearance of new faces, a belkan patrol finding them, and Louis's condition getting worse. Lennard must be indeed more injured then he realized if he didn't knock down the new squirrel first. "Well, as lennard would eloquently put it, I can't see how this could get any worse."

    Further distant yells erupted in the treeline and then the gunfire seemed to lessen until a body flew out to land in a crumpled heap in front of them. One of the Belkans lay dead in front of them, their whole body just bent in a angle that shouldn't have been possible as more sounds started coming from the trees, yells turning into screams with the gunfire no longer directed toward them and almost completely gone.

    Lennard's ears perked up to the new sounds, "Bloody hell, didn't think reinforcements would come that quickly. Who called them in wot?"

    His squadmate just stared with a blank look, still looking forward as if trying to see the commotion ahead, "We didn't."

  • Occ: you know... in my mind this was way different how I planned things are going, way to throw a curve ball at me. Thought the Belkans left the area, back to the their base, eventually Tessa caves and brings the group back to redwall.... but you know can the birds be on my side for once? 😶 still trying to stick to my original plan of making it more Redwall orientated and setting wise. Wanna bring in more members. 😊

  • Ooc: Since when do I make it that easy. but yes off to redwall!

  • Ooc: Indeed. Just giving us an excuse to maybe possibly run. 😛

  • Tessa sent a kick at the raccoon, "Let go of me!" she snapped, "Don't speak to me like that outsider!" she rolled on her stomach as the odd sounds continued and faintly she heard a high whistle, suddenly the firing stopped and shrieks came before things became quiet. She saw a body come flying and landing in the clearing and gave a smirk, Redfeather and his troops always came through. She got up and took a few steps back away from the group. "Jessie! How many!?" she shouted behind her, Jessie who took down two Belkan emerged before Redfeather came to their aid. "2 down by me and 7 somewhere." She stood next to Tessa, her bow was still drawn pointing at the outsider. A large shadow few over and a huge creature settled down next to them, raising up snow and causing whiteout conditions. Tessa and Jessie both pulled up there shawls till the snow settled. Next to them was a huge hawk. Tessa's head was level with his chest, now Redfeather was larger than a normal hawk and still was impressive.

    Tessa gave a knowing smile at the outsiders before looking up at Redfeather, "Redfeather. Thankee kindly for thee help." Redfeather gave a low claw and responded back in a series of craws and clicks, Tessa listened intently, trying her fastest to translate before bowing at the hawk before turning back to the outsiders.

    "I think you guys owe me your lives...Redfeather here informed me that most if not all of your kind have died or fled, which in this case they will be hunted down and perish under Redfeathers troops. We do not tolerate violence here in Mossflower from anyone, nor intruders, we have been watching both gates since they first appeared, Redfeather here is responsible for informing me." She was studying the group infront of her and noticed that they were worse then she originally thought, with one bleeding out and the raccoon with the bad arm who pulled her down, she thought for a moment, well he did save her from getting wounded from magic so I guess she owes him an apology.

    "It's not in my nature to kill in cold blood or abandon the injured, so I have a proposal, you surrender all your weapons and .." she looked quizzically at the metal object in their hands, "your metal magic sticks, Redfeather here will take them off your hands for the time being. In return, we give you shelter, food and medical care. Until you are fit enough to get out of our land." She sheathed her swords across her back and held out a paw, in friendship as she saw it.

    At this rate, more hawks showed up and settled on branches and pines, 5 of them total, totally surrounding the clearing.

  • Louis, who was using a tree to help himself stand up. It was a rather concerning sight to see as he stood up. He wounds was deep and bloody. Honestly the fact that he was still conscious was nothing short of a miracle. Perhaps it was the adrenaline from the gunfighting. Regardless the look on Louis's face was a mixture of pure pain and disapproval at the proposition. "You have to be kidding right?" He said in between labored breaths before loosing his grip on the tree and began to fall. fortunately the Racoon managed to catch the mouse with his shoulder and good arm. "Captian take it easy. Your only hurting yourself in this condition." This was only confirmed by the violent cough as he spat out some blood before speaking again. "Arthur, I will be fine." he said before looking back at the squirrel. "You can't expect me to let my men willingly hand our weapons over to a hawk the size of a damn car! No I can't abide by that. Not when there is Belkans in this part of the woods." He said looking straight at the squirrel in the eye before noticing the hawks in the trees. "I appreciate the save, but we need to get back to our main force. Otherwise....we....we.." The mouse suddenly started to trail off as he became more and more disoriented before his legs gave away as he finally collapsed and fainted. At this point it was clear exactly the condition the mouse was in and just how little time he might have left without getting some form of medical help. Arthur kept his grip on Louis who was practically shaking before looking up. "Doc! We need to do something! Louis is going to die and Duke is practically blind right now." He said in references to the unconscious beagle with the bloodied bandages on his face and eyes. The Raccoon looked at Mortimer, for some sort of answer on what to do.

  • Mortimer had watched this whole exchange between Louis and the native squirrel. Then the hawks, though what took his immediate attention was when the injured mouse finally collapsed. The answer clear already he unshouldered the gun he managed to keep with him and then his pistol, tossing them to the ground. Quickly he went over to the now critical patient, "Lay him down gently." He calmly told the raccoon and already pulling out what he had left of his medical supplies the older mouse went to work silently to stabilize Louis's condition.

    Lennard grunted as he slowly got up, disarming himself as well and adding his weapons to the pile where his squad-mate's weapons were. Then he turned towards the squirrel, "Satisfied? Good, now I'm going to get the rest of supplies Doc here needs. Also stretchers since some of us can't exactly walk now ya know." With a quick turn he walked off towards the wreckage of vehicles to gather what remained intact.

    The older mouse placed the final bandage in place just as the hare brought the last of the intact supplies. "There, hes stable for now." He wiped his paws clean as much as he could and wiped his brow before adjusting his glasses. Then he looked at the squirrel, "I believe we will take you up on that offer of shelter and medical care. The rest of the work I need to finish will need to be done indoors to lessen the risk of infection and to make sure Louis doesn't die. I assume the shelter you mentioned has such a room for me to finish taking care of my patients?"

  • Tessa nodded, trying her best to hide her curiosity, "Yes, you have my word that you will be safe and have an area to work in. Now if you guys don't mind, how do you feel like flying?" a humorous glint shined in her eyes, "It will be quicker if Redfeathers's troops carry you guys to the Abby and save..your friend's life."
    The huge birds crawled in response and paired together, canvas and rope stretched between them. It took a bit of coordination but soon everyone was airborn. Redfeather carrying the weapons in a huge sack with Tessa and Jessie. Pretty soon they came upon the beautiful Redwall Abby. "WELCOME TO REDWALL ABBY!" Tessa yelled as they came down landing in the courtyard. Jessie took off to inform the abbot of the new arrivals.

    Throwing back her hood and shawl, Tessa motioned to the hare and mouse, "Bring your friends over here, you'll be in the gatehouse, clean and supplies will be brought down, along with hot clear water. and need anything other?" as the entered the gatehouse she leaned against the doorway, "I do hope your friends will be ok." she ran a paw through her messy orange hair and then added, "No harm will come to you, I'll make sure the Abby beasts leave you alone, but I will give you this warning. At any sign of trouble from you guys, I will kick you out and Redfeather n' troops will take care of you as they do with outsiders." she stepped aside as a hedgehog and older mouse came in carrying medical supplies, Jessie followed shortly after with a bunch of wood and deposited them next to the fire, quickly and silently she got a small fire going, and her eyes lingered on the outsiders. "Jessie." Tessa snapped at her sister, Jessie scurried out and after the abby beasts left, she looked at them, "You will be receiving food in a little bit. Enjoy your stay." before closing the locking the door from the outside. Another reason why they were in the gatehouse.

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    After the very interesting journey there to Redwall Abbey, in regards to their flight by bird of all things, and Mortimer setting up a place to resume treatment on Louis while Lennard helped the rest settle down. Then, only then, did he set up near the door to the gatehouse to silently keep watch in his own way to let his squad-mate work in relative peace.

    Some time later...

    Breathing a sigh the older mouse finished setting the raccoons arm into a sling. "" He tied the last knot and smiled. "One. The best I could do with what was left, but you should be fine as long you don't strain it for about...a week or so, give or take two to three." He slowly looked over to glance at the still unconscious beagle and captain. "For your squadmates, I could only do much, especially for your captain. Touch and go I will admit, but he's strong so I wouldn't be surprised if he woke up sometime later with some mild, discomfort, with my impromptu surgery."

  • Jessie made her way across the yard to the Gatehouse. In her arms she carried a basket, trey and a sack on her back, filled with food. It took some begging but her sister finally let her go bring some delicious food to the outsiders. Jessie was secretly excited, hoping to understand then more but also super nervous. Balancing the tray in one hand she opened up the door, “Hi, just me, um Jessie, brought some warm wonderful food!” She closed the door behind her and looked around, tense, “Here.” She said putting the tray on a side table, setting her sack and basket down while chatting, “so fresh rolls and scones are in her bag, straight from the oven, ummm ahh on the umm tray is um some hot root soup, great for warming up. I bright some tea spices along. This one is Kratom. It’s a herb ground up into a power, take about 1 spoonful and mix it in with a cup of hot water and give it to your friend..” she pointed to Louis . “It will act as a painkiller and lessen the pain he is going to have and reduce inflammation..” she pulled another small bowl, “this is tumric and willow bark, great for releasing aches and paints and headaches.” You can mix it with the jam and put it on your bread if it doesn’t taste good or 2 spoonfuls in tea..” Jessie rambled on about the herbs, it was kind of her hobby to figure out which herbs are good for her. She suddenly stopped, “So-Sorry, I get taken away.” She said sheepishly and rubbed her white/grey tail nervously. “Anyway, do you guys have any questions I can help answer?”

  • Arthur looked over at the squirrel for a moment. "We gave you our weapons. Why are we locked in some damn shed like prisoners? " He said sounding rather agitated and was visibly stressed. Not that it can be blamed seeing two of his closest friends on the floor unconscious and one of them just barely escaping death's embrace and that doesn't even cover the fact that 14 out of the 20 man scouting party was killed including Arthur's older brother, William. "Look at us the only two people that are not injured are our medics. This is ridiculous!" He said starting to raise his voice before suddenly remembered the situation and that he is taking out his rage on the wrong person. He then simply stopped talking and slumped back down onto the floor and broke down. So much had happened within only a month's worth of time. The gate mysteriously appearing, its opening to this strange world, discovering the Belkans in the area, there was just so much to process especially now that the fighting was over.

    (note:yes it is dramatic buuuttt lets be real you have really go straight into happy fun times after almost dying. soo I kinda went with the more realistic approach here.)

  • Mortimer took the moment to gesture for the squirrel to follow him to the side and once at least to the corner he began to talk with a sad smile. "I do apologize for his outburst and thank you for bringing the food, but today has been...quite a lot to process. For many of us this had sparked quite the wonder in what awaited us here to discover and so believed troubles from home wouldn't follow." He glanced back to still see the raccoon still in tears. "And some who weren't ready for the lost of life to suddenly happen."

    Then he looked back to Jessie, "So now may not be the best time for questions on either side." With a low whisper he added, "I could tell you were excited to learn more of where we come from, but only after once everything calms down and my patients are sufficiently in the clear." He winked with a knowing smile and pat on her shoulder before straightening up again. "For now, I thank you sincerely Jessie for bringing us this wonderful food for us. If your sister or anyone of this abbey still wish to ask us more questions, could you please tell them I'd be happy and willing to answer to the best of my ability for my group, okay? Oh and my name is Mortimer."

  • (OOC: Can I join? I assume my characters aren't in the new version, so I can start from scratch if you want. I would just use Starlight, as she is a medic...)

  • Starlight rushed into the Abbey. Just an hour before, she had gone out to forage for some winter herbs. To her horror, she had found a remnants of some kind of fight. Or something like it. She knew she would have to tell the Abbot(ess?) Or someone else who knew what to do with this information. She hurried along the corriders, her cloak covering her features. She soon became lost, and found the infirmary instead. Then she knew exactly where the blood had come from. Not wanting to inconvenience anyone, but feeling the strong urge to help, she started using some plants and herbs from her basket to help heal the troops.

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