Oh Lawrd....He returnin'!

  • Alright so first off excuse my French but HOLY SHIT it was a pain to get back to this site. A lot has happened between University and life(lets not forget downright laziness, aint gonna lie) and honestly for a good long while when I actually was able to get on this site cause for some reason I wasn't able to log in (my laptop hates me). But just a reference I used to go by Rodo-Takosu here....
    ANYWAYS I am back and hopefully here to stay

  • Yahoo!!!!!!! You're back. Hopefully, I can get this site back up and running and get members back. lol

    So are you saying computer wise its a mess? but mobile is fine? I've been trying to work on the bugs on this site and send them forward to our tech guy.

    Do you think you can spread the word around to other sites?

  • @tessa well I mean the issue was I couldn't log in period on either my mobile or computer. but now I can log in on the laptop so im good atm

  • ok. Good.

    Currently we are trying to figure out the mailing system to send out a huge mass email to everyone. So far we had no luck. But hopefully we can get some of them back.

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    @RODOWODO Damn good to have you back, man! I finally got back here after a LONG struggle with the email-for-password-change thing. We'll rebuild this site from the ground up together if we have to. One person at a time.

  • @RODOWODO Its great that you have come back! I'm sure a lot has changed (including the cool new design of the website, etc.) And you may see some really cool and interesting things while browsing the site!

  • Yay rodo!!

  • It is awesome your back. woot woot

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