• Howdy, Everyone! Your friend moderator and arc manager reporting in with something on his mind: absences.

    Some of you may have noticed that, over the past two weeks or so, things have gotten dreadfully quiet both OOC and IC.  Well, I'd like to see if we can't breathe some life back into things here.  The first thing necessary to do that, I think, is to find out which principal characters in the threads have been abandoned (which may require recasting or restarting).

    That being said, I think the events due to take place at Salamandastron have fallen out without our previous Badger Lord.  If anyone knows what happened to Barkstripe, please let me know, but I think it's best that we should recast the position to keep things moving.  I just need to get in touch with Keira to let her know we're pressing on, and hopefully she'll return to us (the stagnancy was why she left).  Seth pops in here and there, and I'm sure he would check up a tad more often if something were to be happening.  Finally, Snagtooth seems to also have fallen off the face of the world; I don't have a direct line to him, so I cannot be sure what he would do.

    The events at Redwall seem to have slacked up. If someone's being waited for, just give me a head's up.  Otherwise, I start looking more closely at those threads.

  • Its nice to know someone else noticed, does this happend allot?
    by the way I was wondering, I often seem you logged in just siting on who's online is that actually you or is that just something your computer does?

  • It holds whatever the last action was for fifteen minutes, so you're probably seeing that I was active at one point.  Also, checking the online users is usually the last action I take before I depart, just in case someone else logs on.

    To the point of people not being present, it depends on what is going on.  I know I may have to vanish for six months soon to somewhere I cannot say. Others may not get the heads-up time like that.  Still more, like Keira, may step out when the bits they're playing in go dead. Coming and going, however, are perfectly normal.

  • Aside from the goings-on at Salamandastron, I can't really think of any really inactive threads. All the others haven't been active for about the same amount of time as each other.

  • Hello everyone. Thought I'd drop by and see if I could lend any assistance into this matter. I apologize for my absence, though… Long story.

  • Don't worry about being gone. I just don't want to see the place die off after a year or so worth of role-play.

  • Has it really been a year already? Wow, just about. How time flies.

  • Just about.  I think RL was launched in March, and I know I picked up on it in April.

  • Its so sad no one is like on…everytime I get one...NOT ONE is no. Makes me sad

  • I understand the feeling, TJ; I seldom see people on anymore myself.

  • Should see me on more often. Got grounded for a while and my mom blocked RL cause she thought that that was a time waster and doesn't really care about the web site. She let me on and is letting me post here from now on cause I got caught up in my schooling and I told her that yesterday was the site's One year anniversary! Claps hands excitedly March 13, is the creation day for the site and I am almost a year old RL wise too!  :P


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