If you have any issues with the new site, list them here...

  • For those that don't know this is my alter-ego for RL. I'm checking to make sure non-admin accounts can also post and see new topics.

    If you have any issues with the site, this should provide a venue to airing your issues so that I can resolve them.

  • @Walkin-Stummik This isn't a complaint or issue as it is a mild wish/question. The other site had a chat that the users could use at anytime that everyone could see, and I can't seem to find that anywhere on the new site. You could've just not added it or I'm blind, but I really liked that feature. Thank you for listening! (Also, this new site looks pretty modern and cool! Great work!)

  • @stargazette Hey Starr! Thanks for that! I will pass it on and hopefully we can get chat going again.

  • Personally these aint really much complaints just some comments in regards with the site. The site is very neat and organized to start off (granted yesterday I was having a issue finding the key to get on my profile...which now has magically appeared so I dont know if that was my laptop or not.) and I do agree with star that we should have the chat room again but this time I think it should be a bit more noticeable cause on the old site I did not see it being used often and I am going to go out on a limb here and say maybe peopled not notice it. Other then that my only thing would be if it is possible to incorporate a option where the interface for the site could use a darker background color kind of like discord has for users? I say this cause well bright colors+ bright lights from screen equals eyes hurting. just a suggestion. if it aint possible then I wouldn't even worry bout it

  • @RODOWODO I will get on it. I managed to change the headings. Working on getting the background a darker color. But I totally agree.

  • @tessa Thank you so much! I know this must be very... frustrating, having to re-do the site and all. But keep up the great work! You're doing an amazing job!!

  • Ok everyone....so theme wise, color scheme ok? Anyone here colorblind? Can you see everything? I made the background darker so its nicer to our eyes if we are working in limited light. BUT Im theming the headers...so its prink for February!

  • It's nice! Thanks!

  • Is there any way to see who else is online? Right now it just shows you a number that you cannot click on 😛

    Other than that, an excellent board 🙂

  • Not currently. Will lookin into that! 😊

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