Catch up thread.

  • Hey guys. If you remember be, I was very active here a few years back. I was wondering what everyone has been doing. Who's still here and who left and such. I'm 22 now, nearing 23. I've been working with mentally disabled adults for a bit and got into DnD.

    What's happening with you guys?

  • . . . I never knew you, but I've seen your posts all over the place, and can guess who you RPd with. Oliver's not around anymore, and neither are Cam, Penblade, or Dusk. Jared's around: he's Tinarandel.


    Idk if you remember me: I'm Rorgus's little sis, also Sparhawk and his brothers are my sibs, mostly.

    I turn 21 in about a month, I'm an Indie author with five books and a deadline that I'm not freaking out over, absolutely not. I'm not in any RPs here, currently, but I came back a few months ago and have been pretty consist about being on every day so maybe one of these days.

    I own my own printer and his name is Randolph. He needs more ink. Black. Because printing manuscripts is hard.

    I have book events this week as well as a short manuscript due, so, I'm basically freaking out.  😉

  • Wow I had no idea you and Sparhawk were related. It's nice to hear from you again. I'm sad that Cam, Pen, and Dusk aren't here. Maybe Jared will post here.

  • Hey dude, very nice to meet ya!

  • Tis a lengthy and complicated story but they're kinda of adopted sibs and I guess technically related through distant second cousins marrying other distant relations. LOL. But we all grew up together. They taught me to sword fight. Started regretting it though.

  • Hello! ^-^  Hope you're going to  stick around for a while! Other than Tinarandel, (and T.J? Maybe?) Most of the original members are here. Just us cool newbies! (and not so new- newbies!) Still a lot of amazing writers and friends around though!

  • Jared, TJ, Kiara… I've been here for... five years? Rorgus isn't active anymore... IDK who all else is active.

  • I don't even know where to start. It's been ages since I've done this.

  • Danker! Welcome back old friend!  tackle hugs

  • oh look who come to join the party! Welcome back!

  • Hey guys long time no see.

  • very long time. Missed ya tons!

  • Danker!  It's been a long time!  I don't want to make my own thread so I'll piggyback on yours.  Hullo, old friends and new (to me) comers!  I have many fond memories of this place, and it brings me happiness to see that it is still active!  🙂

  • Very nice meeting ya, Jake Whitepaw!

  • Anyone here into DnD? You can find me in the DnD discord. I'm ZMowlcher. We should have a campaign.

  • @Danker:

    Anyone here into DnD? You can find me in the DnD discord. I'm ZMowlcher. We should have a campaign.

    Not "into it", but I'm a little bit interested.

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