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  • ((before I start Id like to say sorry for any spelling nightmares I might have mad here. And also this is meant to put my character in a spot were he could take part in the action in the current story. But I couldn’t enter it directly because every one seems to be bottle necked in the library right now. Just one more note: make this interesting, make old Trascker the ferret have to really work to get in.))

    He’d been searching for about a month now and had found no trace of the fabled Abby that he had heard such motivating stories about. So “motivating” in fact that it had “motivated” him right out of the low class mob that called its self a horde that he had been a part of. The only thing he regretted was that such spontaneous actions usually don’t “motivate” you to do the all to necessary things, like find out were the place you’re so “motivated” about is before you leave from the only source of directions you might ever have. In fact the closest thing to a lead to its location he had so far was the cries of “help he’s trying to kill me” and the like from any good beast he asked.
    Currently he was almost out of provisions, in the middle the woods… again! And was really quit far beyond giving up hope. When from between the trees he spied something odd. Something very big and very red. He quickened his pace a little not really believing that any thing would come of it yet. As he rounded the corner he was almost knocked over by the sight of one of the biggest reddest buildings he had ever seen! After the shock wore for off he began to talk it out with himself:  “ well from the whole three sentences of description my “informant” gave me this look like the place. I didn’t even quiet catch the color, but I think this qualifies as “unique”, as he said.” As he starred at red walls of the building he thought aloud: “you know when you think about it, the color red isn’t that inviting. I can think a thousand “reasons” to just walk away that could be waiting for me in there bearing sword and fire. Come to think of it those walls my not have been red before the last visitors yeey! Why do and how do I come up with things like that! Seriously.” As he continued to think aloud, maybe little too loud somebeast on the wall took notice of him.

    ((hint, hint, nudj, nudj, wink, wink. ;)))

  • ((Hehe, I must say, you have a great writing style. Although there are a few spelling errors here and there, it's quite the fun read. ^_^))

    Up on the walltops, Wills, a young field mouse who had volunteered for guard duty, was rapidly being disillusioned to the glamors of such a task. Leaning on a broom handle with no broom attached to it, he idly flicked small pebbles out over the forest, not bothering to watch the ground to see where they landed.

    When he had run out of pebbles, Wills flopped onto his back and stared at the sky, a bored look on his face. "Booooring," he yawned, closing his brown eyes.

    A couple minutes later, a noise had the mouse's ears twitching in excitement. As the noise continued, it slowly solidified into a voice. Exactly what the voice was saying wasn't quite clear.

    Leaping to his footpaws, Wills hopskipped over to the wall overlooking the forest and peered eagerly down. What he saw made him do a double-take. On the ground, apparently muttering to himself, was the most fearsome looking ferret Wills had ever laid eyes on.

    Of course, seeing as how the mouse had never actually seen a ferret, this wasn't saying much. In fact, the field mouse wasn't actually one hundred percent sure it was a ferret, but he knew for sure whoever that was down there was some kind of vermin.

    Gripping his broomstick a bit tighter, the mouse swallowed and called down in what he hoped was a tough-sounding voice. "Who goes there?"

  • ((Get ready I can already sense the spelling night mares in this one, sorry))

    Trascker had been talking away out loud of reasons he might not what to approach the big red building that loomed at his back, and really didn’t realize that he was doing it out loud, very loud. Until that is, he heard the dreaded fraise for anyone attempting to be stealthy: “who goes there”. And basically, for someone in his former profession this meant one of two things: you would have to explain (lie about) why you were “going there” and or “who” you were; or now was the time to cut and or run, usually both. So he jumped and did a 180 to face the source of the noise with a rather wide-eyed, flustered look on his face.  O8D But nothing seemed to be there he scanned back and for the over the wall, missing the mouse several times for he was looking for something bigger. When finally honed in on the rather small source of the noise he saw it was a little mouse that was holding not a staff but a broom, of all things. Any fear he had melted away, he only suppressed his laughter for a second with a snicker before it burst out. After few seconds finished and spoke: “feew, for second I almost thought you were a threat.
              As he finished speaking he realized that implied he expected to be threatened at this place for what he was doing here. He realized that may have been the worst start ever so he mentally talked out his next move before moving on: (OK changing that last statement is out of the question because the only thing that makes a suspicious statement worse is quickly retracting it). And sounding suspicious was the worst way to get into any place. The mouse was obviously young and small but he still had to be careful not to scare him. Because he knew from experience that the size of a child is directly proportional to how easy it is to scare him and inversely proportional to size of his friend that’s just around the corner.
              He started again OK, who am I? my name is trascker I just a friendly non-evil ferret looking for Abby around these parts”. (oh that was smooth, um) could you just let your guard down and answer some questions?”(doh! What was that? I was trying to tell him to settle down! My ideas are always good…). “I just need to work on my execution” 😶 Then once again he realized he’d slipped into thinking aloud he just effectively said come over here so I can kill you little mouse! (That couldn’t have gone any worse now he’s probably going to call out the archers any second!)

    ((I know you’ve had a conversation like that at least once. doesn’t usually talk nice or to kids.))

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    IC-  Garth saw wills get up from the ground. That's funny. He doesn't jump unless he is startled. he proceeded to the steps an bounded two steps at a time. Bad habit from his youth. He got to the top without much huffing and puffing and scratched his spiny head. The bleak mouse was just staring down at the forest with wide eyes.
          Rushing forward, he looked over the ramparts and saw a ferret carrying a stick bag like if he had just run from something. He looked down at the ferret with contempt. "You there! Who the blazes are you and what do you want with the abbey of Redwall?"

    OOC- Just as a pointer, the **'s are if it takes place before or as an event happens. Helps quite a bit. The italic shows his thoughts. Just click on the I for that.

  • ((I had actually imagined him with a back pack type thing but I guess they’re pretty much the same any way. and I actually run all these post though spell check once here, once in ms word, one once more in my head. :())
    He was still in disbelief at how badly he had messed up that last attempt at communication and was almost ready to try again when another beast appeared on wall asked him what he wanted in a much more annoyed tone what he was doing at the Abby. But in doing this he inadvertently answered Trascker’s first question of weather or not this was the place he was looking for. Here we go the crowd is starting to form, if I don’t defuse this quickly I never will, well here l go. “just a minute now, I think we’ve gotten of to a bit of a bad start here. I, am Trascker, and all I really wanted was to find out if this was the place I’ve been searching for and, what do you know you’ve already answered that and I thank you for it. Now about what I what with this Abby that’s also quit simple I just want a place to live really. This is because recently me and my previous group had a genuine conflict of interests. And apparently this places reputation for hospitably exceeds even that of its color so here I stand. ”Huh, well that wasn’t to bad he thought. His previous problems with “execution” had mostly been due to trying to trying to talk down to a younger beast that was really above him.
    ((pun intended. He’s doing better but he’s not out of the woods yet! Ha too puns in a row I’m on fire! 8)))

  • ((Just so you know, Wills isn't exactly a dibbun. I'm thinking he's the equivalent of a teenager. Although I can see how a ferret probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference when looking at a rather dimunitive mouse on a walltop far above him with only his head visible. XD))

    Wills was a bit flustered while Trascker rambled on about seemingly random things. This certainly wasn't what he had expected a ferret to act like. The mouse had always imagined ferrets to be ruthless creatures who would shout and scream until they got their way; something like a spoiled dibbun, a small part of his mind noted.

    When Garth suddenly appeared next to him, Wills was rather relieved. Listening intently as the hedgehog(?) spoke, he nodded vigorously in agreement.

    The ferret's response surprised him. While a moment ago he had been tripping over his own words and generally making the impression that he was slightly off in the head, now he was talking in fully rational sentences; yet another thing that didn't quite fit the vermin archetype. Deferring the answer to Garth, Wills remained silent.

  • Skipper was on his way back to the abbey from a 'discution' with Log-a-log  when he heard the discution by the wall.  He crept up on the unsuspection ferrit and right when he was behind him, he said in an even tone. "Well, that's a mouth full."

  • ((sorry orion I didn't have much to go on to guess his age and just seemed young to me))
    usually Trascker could hear most people sneaking up to him but being presently distracted with a debate of sorts he didn't notice the otter until he spoke. because of this he was very surprised and Spun around quickly for the second time to day ready to draw his sword on who ever was about to jump him, why else would they sneak up on him anyway? but when he say it was a big otter most likely from the very Abby he was trying get to trust him he quickly reversed his momentum leaving him little choice but topple over back words. as soon as he landed he quickly lepta up rather annoyed at the otter that just mad him look even stupider just when he was getting some where. he yelled at him in a very annoyed tone "WHAT are you try to do get your head chopped off and give me heart attack at the same time?". he could have latched into a rain of much more intense insult but thankfull he remembered what he was trying to do first and just glared a hole through the otter instead.
    ((we've already had two or three character missunder standings. so if any ones got something else to say to clarify their age or what ever do it now &}. everyones looked at profile and picture I posted for mine right? please the picture is exactly what looks like right now the bakepack is even sitting there behind that helmet))

  • As the ferret began to berat Skipper, he found it harder and harder not to laugh untill he finally burst and fell to the ground in comic bliss.

  • ((No no, it was my fault, Trascker. I just made Wills up on the spot, so there wasn't a whole lot of information on him. I should have made a more specific allusion. Anyways, on to the roleplay.))

    Wills stared at the way things were developing. Why in the world was the Skipper laughing? It seemed like a completely serious thing to the mouse. Still, the more he watched the antics of this ferret, the more he began to feel he was harmless…Okay, maybe not harmless, but not exactly rabid, either.

  • He turned around again with a huff to face the wall once more and said in an irritated tone: “here you’re all worried about letting me inside when mister funny back here is who you should be worried about! Who does he think he is any way?” he took a deep breath and continued. “Well now that we’ve dealt with that most UN-welcome interruption, back to business, what’s the verdict on my humble request to enter? And on a side note I’d consider not letting this fool back in regardless!” he said before shoot a quick glance back to make sure another surprise wasn’t coming.

  • Still laughing, Skipper stood up and put a hand on the ferret's shoulder, "Well…hehaha...if yee wanna get inter the Abbey, you'll have to talk to me.  I'm head of the Wall Guard.  Heehooohoo."

  • "Oh-no, Really? Perfect" he said not even knowing him self if it was sarcastic or genuine. "Well I don’t mean to be blunt but, is anyone ever going to answer?" he said a exhaustedly.

  • ((and now for a musical intermission to hold us untile a certain otter posts))
    ((KANSAS  "The Wall" (Kerry Livgren / Steve Walsh)

    I'm woven in a fantasy, I can't believe the things I see
    The path that I have chosen now has led me to a wall
    And with each passing day I feel a little
    more like something dear was lost
    It rises now before me, a dark and silent barrier between,
    All I am, and all that I would ever want be
    It's just a travesty, towering, marking
    off the boundaries my spirit would erase
    To pass beyond is what I seek, I fear that I may be too weak
    And those are few who've seen it through to glimpse the other side,
    The promised land is waiting like a maiden that is soon to be a bride
    The moment is a masterpiece, the weight of indecision's in the air
    It's standing there, the symbol and the sum of all that's me
    It's just a travesty, towering, blocking out the light and blinding me
    I want to see
    Gold and diamonds cast a spell, it's not for me I know it well
    The treasures that I seek are waiting on the other side
    There's more that I can measure in the treasure of the love that I can find
    And though it's always been with me, I must tear down the Wall and let it be
    All I am, and all that I was ever meant to be, in harmony
    Shining true and smiling back at all who wait to cross

    ((and now back the action))

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