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  • Any and all are welcome to respond, but . . .

    I was just wandering the online Redwall universe, when I suddenly asked myself, "Wait . . . what about Kotir?"

    Has anybody else thought about what Kotir might have been before the wildcats got ahold of it?

    Also (not really important, but still), has anybody ever considered what an RP in that time in Mossflower would be like?

  • … I don't know what Kotir is. -_-' sorry.

  • Maybe a long forgotten fortress?

    Stargazette- I think its from a Redwall book, I can't remember which one.

  • Stargazette – It's the fortress of the wildcats in the book, "Mossflower", third written in the Redwall series. 🙂

  • Right, I remeber. I forgot its name. didn't they flood it? Then it got buried, and now it is under Redwall's South(?I forget which direction) wall. It almost caused the wall to collaspe in one book, and there was an eel in it…

    Maybe it was like Brockhall, and Badgers had it, or it was just a castle that just kept on being stolen by vermin.          Or just normal beasts took care of it. Like Redwall.

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