Senshan Characters

  • Nickname: Sun/Hinata

    Full Name: Hinata Sundance

    Species: Vixen

    Clan: Gyuro

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Description: Hinata Sundance. Her look distinctly contradicts her name: her entire coat is a dark, dark shade of black, with a white patch on her shoulder in the shape of the Gyuro clan’s four-point star. However, it’s usually difficult to see this, as she covers it up entirely with a long, silver cloak that perfectly matches her eyes, the two sharing the color. Her headfur is usually let down, coming down to her waist, and it often covers half of her face.
    Hinata’s eyes are, as mentioned before, a bright silver, and have an unusual tendency to reflect light much more clearly than most creatures’ do. This tendency is, in fact, what gave her her surname, as a replacement for “Gyuro”.
    She also wears a long, ankle-length black dress, with slits down from the waist for mobility, and wrapped leggings underneath. The dress also has the Gyuro seal on the shoulder, but this is also covered by the cloak. Over her back, she carries a long katana, about three feet in length, in a leather sheath and belt (once more, all but the hilt is covered with the cloak).

    Possessions: Hinata carries her katana, a few kunai knives, her clothes, a leather hairband, a silver ring with the Gyuro seal on it, and a leather knapsack for essentials (food, water, tent, etc.).


    • Highly skilled in close combat, having been trained as a Gyuro prodigy from birth
    • Well acquainted with tracking
    • An incredibly calm thinker
    • Adequate with polearms
    • Fast, enduring runner


    • Cannot fight at long-distance and win
    • Can’t swim at all
    • Something of a recluse
    • Can only speak in barely a whisper, or in sign (preffered)
    • PTSD from her parents' deaths

    Hinata is a quiet, calm, calculating sort of individual. Due to her upbringing, she has been taught a good deal of polite etiquette by her parents and teachers. Despite this, she does have a bit of an odd quirk – she tends to, at any random point in a conversation, simply get up and walk away. This may seem to be rude at first, but it is actually that she wishes to “pause” the discussion and think of something meaningful to add to it.
    Hinata is ruthless. Born and bred to fight (as are most Senshan clans), she has no qualms about killing enemies of any kind.
    This combination of qualities comes from her post traumatic stress disorder, and various other experiences in her past, combined with her natural-born personality. However, behind these slight oddities and terrifying tendencies, she does have a softer side. It's rarely seen. Although, one might glance it when she is alone with Katsuke and Jurou, or if she meets somebody who manages (somehow) to rapidly put her at ease.

            Hinata Sundance was born to the Gyuro clan in Senshan, a very small and reclusive, unknown country further south and west than Southsward, only connected to the mainland by a very small land bridge. The Ryusa (head council) of Gyuro immediately set her to an education for the fighters of the clan, including combat techniques, history, ettiquette, strategy, and reading/writing. This composed her entire childhood, from ages 4-17, and she became a sort of prodigy.
            To keep this brief, I’ll condense the rest into a few sentences.
            When she was eighteen, she witnessed her parents killed in front of her by Gyuro warriors, for "traitorous acts" that never actually were proven traitorous, but were in fact to protect Hinata from being sent into the military early. The warriors also injured her throat to the point of loss of extensive speech.
            Immediately after, she ran away from the village.
            When she was nineteen, she met Etain Weiss. When she turned twenty, she met Katsuke and Jurou for the first time.
            Now, she’s about twenty-two, and an experienced traveler, the self-appointed guardian of her companions, and Katsuke's best friend.

    Nickname: Bakuchiku/Katsuke

    Full Name: Katsuke Ikari

    Species: Fox

    Clan: Ishuni

    Alignment: Good

    Description: Katsuke is a fiery red fox, standing at about six foot two. He has striking blue eyes, accentuated by the bright turquoise pendant that he wears around his neck with the Ishuni seal in the center of it. One of his ears is black, and he has a white underbelly, but other than that his fur is a very, very bright shade of red. In other words, he’s a walking firecracker with an odd couple of blue spots (giving way to his nickname – Bakuchiku, or firecracker).
    Katsuke typically wears a sleeveless tunic that comes down to the knees, grey in color and tied with a red sash. Thrust through it is a pair of sais, a large number of kunai knives, and a pair of kamas in the back. Over hs shoulder is a leather bag with a tent and other essentials haphazardly stuffed in. He also wears a pair of black leather boots.
    Katsuke is abnormally powerfully built for a fox. He, as already stated, is also very tall. This makes him quite the intimidating character.
    And he always wears a cocky grin.

    Possessions: Katsuke carries his clothes, his large arsenal of weapons, his Ishuni pendant, his boots, his leather bag, and matches. A lot of matches. He always seems to lose them, that's the problem, so he carries a lot.


    • Very physically strong
    • A strong swimmer
    • Although, large, can be impressively quiet when need be
    • Close combat lover, as is easy to discern, though not as skilled as Hinata
    • Fast in short spurts


    • Awful at distance running
    • Cannot climb . . . anything
    • Terrible aim
    • Food

    Katsuke is a happy-go-lucky, gung-ho, let’s-get-’em type of fox. As the Ishuni clan is not quite so big on combat as Gyuro, Shashana, or Takeshi, he was raised in more of a light-hearted style, and pretty much likes everybody. It’s hard not to like him, as well, but sometimes he can be unintentionally rude – actually, very often, meaning he has as many enemies as friends.
    He loves food. It’s his biggest weakness -- although, he’s never gotten very fat. He just seems to grow taller, instead.
    On the more serious side, Katsuke is an incredibly loyal individual who will die for anybody he deems worthy of his friendship. He has a very straightforward, concrete sort of idealism (good vs. evil), and sometimes this can be a disadvantage, but he is very strongly set in his ways in this regard, and isn’t easily shaken off this path.

    Katsuke grew up in the Ishuni clan of Senshan, a very small and reclusive, unknown country further south than Southsward with an Oriental touch to it. He has had a simple life, traveling from something of a young age of twelve years old with his recluse friend/charge, Jurou Takeshi, watching over him and protecting him. Having no real family in Senshan, he decided to head north with Jurou into Mossflower, hearing that the creatures there were less battle-inclined than he had grown up with.
    His childhood was quite uneventful. Having been abandoned by his parents at a young age, he grew up in a quiet substitute family. He learned battle skills from the father of the house, and one of his step-brothers, and when he was old enough, he took off to find something to do with himself.
    On the border of Senshan, he met Jurou. The young ferret was entirely abandoned, and alone in the forest, and the fox decided to take him under his wing. The ferret would say nothing but his name and clan, then clammed up. Katsuke instantly made him his charge, having a sort of brotherly instinct towards the lonely creature.
    From there, he and Jurou traveled east, and jumped on board a ship to the Eastern Islands. Finding that they were somewhat prophecy-ridden (not really their thing), they tried Sampetra, then the Northlands, then Southsward, and a number of other countries. Never once did Jurou say anything of his past, and Katsuke never felt the need to ask.

    Age: 21

    Nickname: Rouki

    Full Name: Jurou Shouroki

    Species: Ferret

    Clan: Takeshi

    Alignment: Unknown

    Description: Jurou is a young, black-furred ferret, standing at about five foot five, with an extra inch from his black leather boots. His eyes are a shiny black color, with a Takeshi seal on the forehead of his hood. The hood comes down into a long, thick black cloak that covers most of his body, but underneath is a black leather tunic with a large number of throwing knives up and down cross belts all over his chest.
    Jurou isn’t a very imposing figure, yet his powerful negative . . . aura makes it easy to know if he’s nearby. That’s the best I can explain it.

    Possessions: A LOT of throwing knives, two kunai knives, blades hidden at most points in his clothes, his cloak, and a small healing kit. Also, his pipe-thing (see below).


    • Powerful long-distance fighter
    • Somewhat good-looking, though he’s always covering his face and head with a hood
    • Gives off the aforementioned “aura” – very intimidating
    • Ferret of few words, but when he speaks, it captures the attention of all around him


    • Easily angered
    • Loose trigger
    • Also something of a recluse
    • Awful close quarters fighter
    • Tends to drive people away with his odd personality

    Jurou is something of a mystery. Even Katsuke, his caretaker from childhood, doesn’t understand him, but what Katsuke does know is this: Jurou is easly angered. Very easily angered. However, his anger doesn’t come out in a normal fashion, but in a rather quiet and deadly way, causing him to do things he wouldn’t normally do.
    Although this is a fatal flaw of his, he does have good qualities about him. He’s quite soft spoken, but very polite when not angry. He can be kind at rare times, and often displays random bursts of generosity.
    This said, Jurou is a difficult to understand creature, who doesn’t ever state anything related to his own emotions or feelings.
            One interesting (yet somewhat unrelated) habit that Jurou has is smoking a pipe. However, it's not exactly normal. It's a type of Senshan plant that produces a dark black smoke: scentless, thick, and somewhat similar to mist, Jurou is completely addicted. Katsuke hasn't noticed any side effects of the smoke, so he asks only that Jurou doesn't use the pipe in a public setting, like a party or social gathering. The pipe itself is shaped like a small, intricately carved snake – an adder, actually.

    See Katsuke’s background for information, as not much is known about Jurou.

    Age: 15

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