A Fun, Non-Roleplaying Chat Site!

  • Hello! Y'all know me, so I'll start the speel. I found this really nice site called Outpost 10F, and I love it. I go on it all the time.
      Though there are other amazing things on the site, I usually just go on the chat.  How the chat works, is it has many different chatrooms for different fandoms. One for star wars, lord of the rings, etc. (No Redwall, sorry.)
      Then once you fill out the log in for the chat, (you can be a member or a guest, doesn't matter much.) you go into the very large chat filled with many people, from different fandoms.
      I think you all would like it if you tried it. If you are wondering, if you ever see a 'Little Q', that is me! Please go on, and have fun! ^-^

  • So, I added a poll to check if anyone is actually considering this! ^_^ You know how these works, so please vote!

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    I might, maybe? My work (both writing and my personal weekday jobs) are keeping me busier than ever. But when I get some free time, I'll give it a look. You can hold me to my word.

  • Ok! The nice thing about the chat is it can be a one-and-done! If you don't like it, forget about it. If you do, you can go on over and over! Just curous, what would your name be?

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    I'll come up with something in time. 😉

  • ok!

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