Newsletter: Spring 2018

  • Having issues with the emailer. Stops responding mid-way through the send. So here is it, if you did not receive it.

    Having issues with the email. Stops responding mid-way through sending it.

    So here it is …

    Hello, Everyone.

    [ ]

    Welcome to spring time! We here at Redwall’s Legacy know it’s a busy time of year with school finals and all that ‘fun’ stuff, and we wish you all the best! But we hope you do not forget about us.

    Due to inactive old members, all positions are now available. All you have to do to obtain a position is agree to keep up activity, manage responsibilities (if the position has any), and make a character suitable to the position so you may play that character in RolePlays. Let an Admin know and they will post you to your new position. Also updated the responsibilities of each position. Follow the link to the Positions page. [ ]

    ~ Greeter - Greets new users, offers to help in case of questions. Kind of a cool position actually, you get to be everyone's friend. Must log in at least 2-3 times a week.
    ~ Gatehouse Keeper - Moderates Gatehouse and archives
    ~ Friar - Posts new recipes once/week

    ~ Abbot - Mod over Redwall Abbey, esp. the Abbey Proper.
    ~ King of Floret - Mod for Southsward
    ~ Guardian of Noonvale (Abbot/chieftain type chara…) - Mod for Northlands
    ~Badger Lord - Mod for Salamandastron
    ~ Emperor of Sampetra - Mod for far off lands

    ~ Horde leader - Heckle, irritate, intimidate. Attempt world domination. Major assaults should be done in story arc threads only.
    ~ Abby Champion - Guardian of Redwall Abby, can occasionally have dreams about Martin when necessary, this should be done for the the benefit of a story arc and cannot impose authority over any other beast

    ~ Captain of the Rogue Crew - RP only
    ~ 1st mate of the Rogue Crew - RP only
    ~ Skipper - RP only

    ~ Cellar Keeper - RP only
    ~ Sparra Leader - RP only
    ~ Log-a-log - RP only
    ~ Foremole - RP only

  • Aren't there more positions? I'm pretty sure my Willow is the Sargent of the Long Patrol? Maybe….. But if its not to much, One of mine coukd fill the badger role.

  • Willow still is. Thats why the position is not on the list. I asked in the chatroom if you wanted to keep the position. Totally up to you. And you can also add another positon of you would like as well.

  • I say we make Rascal the fox champion of redwall o_o

  • I don't see why not, as long as they fit the bill as champion. LOL. If you want, just link me the profile and I will set it up.

  • I forgot I used to be Greeter too, if I may have that back xD

  • Lol xD im sure martin would spin in his grave if Rascal were champion.

    Im much to idle to mod anything .w.

  • You can take a RP only position if you don't want to Mod anything, but still interesting in a position, Cool.

    I will add you as greeter, Sierra

  • Tessa called Abby Champion. She has been after the position for 6 years now… lol
    But coolcoyote, you can be Captian of the Guards! Second in commmand to Abby Champion.

  • Lol! I do want to make an otter somewhere. A jovial lad or lass who…

    Ok, all I got right now is big cuddly otter 😛

  • @coolcoyote:

    Lol! I do want to make an otter somewhere. A jovial lad or lass who…

    Ok, all I got right now is big cuddly otter 😛

    Do it! Make a new character, lad or lass, and take up captain of the guards!!!

  • XD so what would a guard captain be like?

  • I was thinking some kind of bounty hunter turned soft. Takes the job of head guard in their thirties.

    What kind of character is the champion? O.o

  • Tessa? She is a flamed colored squirrel with trianksbbraided in her hair from fallen enemies. (Her little inside joke), courageous and friendly but has a mean side,when she gets annoyed with someone. Loves to play pranks on other beasts and enjoys life for the most part. Overall she had a good heart and strives to always do her best.

  • Hmmmm, trying to think what personality is best to bring. You know,to add some contrast with other characters.

    Ill have to think on it but ill bring an otter person for sure to the table

  • Thinking thinking thinking.

    I could bring:

    A. A kind but no nonsense middle aged beast who has worked his way up the chain of comman all nice and propper, never once having to draw his blade in anger or survive a siege. This is an otter or mouse or badger

    B. A bounty hunter who got injured in the redwall area decided to stay afterwards. She has been a scout and because she can count past her paws, she was given the job. But hasnt acclimated to it well. This is a female otter.

    C. A corrupt and greedy beast who is secretly funneling coins into his own pocket and looking the other way on crimes for a bribe. This is an otter and or badger

    D. Young up and coming guard gets the job because his father was the head guard before him. He has a very strict, up tight appearence, but secretly has a vermin lover he sneaks out to meet at night… Who may or may not be a scout for a war lord...

    This is an otter or mouse.

    What do you guys think? What would best serve the needs of a story? And yes. Each character is open to dying or being replaced as needed 🙂

  • Well, I'm hoping the Badger Lord/Lady position isn't filled yet(Birchrose would love that) But I think all of your characters are great! For a story, I think the corrupt beast would be neat! ^_^

  • So . . . I've got a new character who I believe might be perfect for the Gatehouse Keeper position, in RP – would anybody object to it? I could also do the forum part of the position.

  • Just link me your profiles and I will get it done

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