Bloodworks-1920s rp(OPEN to all)

  • The trains thundered as they pumped the black coal smoke into the sky as the passed through tunnels and bridges though of the city of New Mossflower, a city named after the great forest several miles out of the city limits. Many view this city as a shining example of what many call it the "Industrial boom" although a certain Abbey disagreed with this new change of thought as many began to turn away from old tradition to embrace the new world. "Forsaking the old traditions and values will lead to your doom!" was the cry from the abbey as they even used the Great World War as example of the world's undoing. Yet the war ended about 2 years ago and the economy is now booming even after the war.  Times have been good economically yet there still is a dark shadow that looms over what appears to be a bright future. The scar between woodlanders and those who was once called vermin still runs deep between some as tensions run high, industries rely on corruption and espionage to get that they desire and while the rich get richer…it seems as if the poor gets even poorer. So is life in the world that is New Mossflower

    Meanwhile at a alley on one of the city corners there was several police wagons with officers scattered through the alley as a small crowd began to appear to try and see what had happened. Eventually a blue Model A automobile appeared and stopped at the corner. A young and well dressed ferret wearing a bowler hat open the door and got out to the drivers and approached the officers who attempted to stop him. "Hold it sir," said the hare officer. "We got ourselves a investigation going on your going to have to wait." The ferret shook his head. "Ah relax constable," He said as he pulled out a badge from his pocket and showed it to the officer. "Inspector Jay DeSota, I'm assigned to this investigation. So What do we have?" The hare nodded and began to walk with Jay to the crime scene. "Well Inspector it's looks like some hate crime wot, can hardly hold me lunch from looking at the sight. The victim has been identified as a fox named Victor Marlson, one of them accountant types. Poor lad's nearly had his head split in two." Soon the two approached the scene, there was the fox's body which had a large cloth covering the head slumped against the a wall that had the word "Vermin" written in blood on the wall. He walked over and took the sight in while the hare officer finally had lost his lunch vomiting in a corner. "Victim was a non-wood lander, the word vermin written in blood and signs that the weapon was some sort of heavy object..." The ferret muttered to himself as he began to take notes in a small notebook as he looked about  the crime scene.

    OOC: Several important things:
    1)I am not going to lie i am recycling the old start from the last time i did this rp(after some massive edits)...real shame we didn't finish it last time

    1. Jay's age is about 23( okay not really that important but meh)

    2. Pay close attention so some subtitle hints you may be able to notice somethings I may hint to that would be revealed later on into the rp!

    3. Jay's car

  • (I have yet to decide to what extent Liam’s backstory will be changed in this rp, will let you know in the next post)

    Everything was so different, Liam thought to himself as he disembarked at the New Mossflower train station. From the sight of the soaring ceiling above the platform, to the smells of food and coal and unidentifiable substances, it was like something had stirred his spirit. His master had been adamant on him being exposed to the wider world, rather than spending his years taking care of a ‘dusty old squirrel’, as she put it. Now he saw the wisdom of her words, and wished he’d only done this sooner.

    Loud whistles could be heard all over the station, as trains were constantly coming and going, picking up and disgorging passengers of all stripes. Shrugging, he adjusted his rucksack slightly and made his to the exit. No sense in dawdling here when he had a whole city to see.

  • Meanwhile back at the street corner the ferret continued to take notes before looking over at the hare. "Have any witnesses come forward?" He asked and the hare shook his head. "No sah, although it isn't surprising with all things considered. People already are assuming this is the swordsbeast's handy work." Jay sighed as he shook his head. Of course the media would instantly resort to saying it is that wretched mystery serial killer. At this rate whoever is his killer is going to cause a massive panic in the city and tensions between woodlanders and non woodlanders continues to rise. Not even the stoat mayor would be able to calm things down if it reached that point. "Well constable the signs to match up but we can't let the press know that. They are going to make things worse by blowing it up as much as possible." He said as he got back up and place the rage over the corpse's head. "Damn this is gonna be another long night it seems…"

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