The Feast of the Worlds (OPEN FOR EVERYONE)

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  • Both lizard and vulpine were looking uncomfortably full as well. "Well, Im out." Vrasku threw his arms into the air, twisitng in his chair until his back rested against the table. Picking his teeth with one paw, resting the other on his swollen midriff he turned to Rascal amd smiled deviously, "I can aford to lose, how about YOU, Rascal?"

    The fox gulped. He had no idea what he had done to offend the lizard so much, and he hoped to never find out.

    Slowly, Rascal craned his head back to his plate. All that was left was a single cookie. He was so full he couldnt even lean forward to grab it. All that money, done the drain if he didnt eat one… Last... Cookie.

    Rascal let out a loud whine, raising his paw to signify he was done, before falling backward onto the floor in defeat.

  • Star and Arries both let out a chorus of, "Noo!" Along with all of Rascal's supporters in the crowd. Starlight shook her head, munchimg on a cookie similar to the one on the gluttons plate.
    Star sighed, "Well, there goes my money also… At least it was entertaining!"

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    Oh what contest shall we do next? Dance concert, Dance off? fencing? about about games like ring toss? of pong?
    Rudderwake, she signed back to Hinata, but I have been everywhere around the world up since I was a kid, worked on a variety of different ships, one was a crew member who knew sashasha and taught me_._ She signaled again. But if you are curious, my travel journals record my adventures on the high sea and places I have been. One second she signaled.

    She focused back on the table and gave a grin, the pain in her eyes gone Dominique hopped up on the table once more. "VRASKU! Congratulations on winning! You have won the prize money! Once you feel better you can retrieve your prize, With Katsuke a close second, followed by Rascalm well done my friends!" she quickly added, noticing all the faces look like they were about to be sick, she gave a small grimace, that wouldn't be a pretty sight. "NOW EVERYONE! ENJOY THE REST OF THE FESTIVITIES!" she cried gleefully before jumping down off the table. She grinned at Hinata and handed her a chocolate chip cookie.

    Back in the house, Jessie had managed to sneak way from her sister and found herself in the library where she was in the middle of the floor surrounded by stacks of book she plucked off Dominiques shelf. In her hand was an old leather bound book talking about mythical creatures in the world which captured her interest. A fe wtimes she noticed the Dominique had scribbled in the margins notes and things about some of the creatures. She wondered if Dominique acually had found some of these creatures.

  • Rudderwake, hm? Hinata hadn’t heard of the place. She definitely needed to visit sometime. Where’s Rudderwake? And what’s it – she started, but was interrupted by the commotion of the newly ended contest. Ms. Dominique had hopped up onto a table and was announcing the winners.
    Katsuke collapsed with his face in a bowl of soup with a sigh of defeat. “Ugh . . .” he moaned, and tossed the bag of money he’d gotten from Hinata over to his opponent. “Worthy . . . opponent . . .” he muttered, but it came through in bubbles of soup, so it sounded more like, “Blerth eep ponin.”
    Hinata sighed in resignation. What am I going to do with you? she thought. Idiot. She accepted the cookie from the descending Dominique, then glanced around as she took a bite. Wait . . . she thought. Where’s . . .

    Jurou looked around in awe at the large library. “Oh . . .” he breathed.
    There were so many books! Scrolls, maps, and chests lined the walls, with other shelves full of musty tomes and old papers. It was impressive, to say the least.
    No, that was a massive understatement. Jurou’s eyes widened as he stared at one book in particular. It was a somewhat thin novel, entitled, “The Friar and His Keep,” by Father Nicolas of Loamhedge Abbey.
    Jurou glanced around the library. He’d never told anybody of his passion for reading, and it would be embarrassing if somebody were to see him in a moment of literary weakness such as this one. He pulled the book off of the shelf and looked about for a place to read in silence.
    However, for (oddly) the first time, he noticed the squirrelmaid sitting in the middle of the room, surrounded by old and new maps. Startled, he backed up into a small stack of books, which instantly fell. Jurou quickly ducked behind a nearby shelf.

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  • Jessie's head shot up and her tail puffed up, "OK OK! I"M SO SORRY SIS!" Jessie cried panicked, "I know I should be at the party, but I found these really cool documents on creatures of the world and…" she trailed off, "Tessa?" she said looking around and not noticing her sister "Whos there.." she said her voice quavering and then gave a nervous laugh, muttering ".you are just imagining things, the book on creatures in the world is messing with your mind." she smoothed her emerald dress, getting rid of the wrinkles and walking over to the stack of books that fell over, she gave a small laugh, then she grumbled as she picked them up and put them back in a stack, neater then before. Looking around she said, “Hello? Anyone here? I don’t bite, I’m pretty gentle, can’t say for my sister though, she is intimidating.” Hearing birthing she made her way back to the center and settling down and picking up her creature book again, thinking how silly she was. At least Tessa hasn't caught her yet in here. Picking up a quill she scribbled some notes in a journal before reading again.

    Dominique responded back, "Way up north from here on a mountainis ring of islands in the middle of the sea. My library has all my records, sometime you should check them out. she said giving a smile.

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