The Feast of the Worlds (OPEN FOR EVERYONE)

  • Star almost had time to ask Dominque about her inventing, when the otter whisked her away. Star had to almost run to keep up with her brisk walk.. When they got to the room, she held her hnd to her mouth, covering her gaping mouth.
    "Are you sure? It wouldn't be a bother, would it? " She turned to the otter, her eyes shining. While the prospect of the glamourous attire excited her, she'd hate to take advantage of the otter's kindness, especailly since it was her host!

  • The fox looked up, muzzle full of for lack of a better term, food. He blinks, then swollows his mouth full in one big gulp.

    "Ye of little faith, you do not know me well at all." He chuckled at the vixen. He stood up to make a grand bow made awkward by his portly girth. "An administrator you say? This calls for a propper greeting then! I am Rascal! It is a pleasure to meet you."

    He sits back down to eat his meal, "So what are you administrator of? Like, the servents or something?"

    Oh dear, it doesnt look like poor rascal knows exactly where he is!

  • TJ laughed and then looked him with a serious look, "You can basically view me as overlord of everything. Or queen, or ruler or president. Able to banish creatures with a click of a button, temporarily or permanently, can make your life miserable or the best thing ever. Me and Kiara makes sure that we have everything running smoothly and everyone follows the rules. No matter if they are a dubbin or an elder."
    She smiled again, all traces of seriousness gone, "Anyway, wanna take that bet?"

    Dominique shook her head, "Not at all, I like to help people and creatures alike. Enjoy! Come back out to grab food when you are done, you don't wanna miss it."

  • Star hugged the otter, careful not to let the full extent of her excitement show.
    "Oh thank you Miss Diminique! If there were more in the world like you, there would never be evil!" She ran inside, rummaging through box after box, almost squeling at every new discovery. Finally she grabbed a few bundles of cloth and some oddly shaped items, and ran to the back, where a wall of boxes shielded her from sight.
    She came out from behind them, almost a completly new person. She wore a dress of fine silk, that at the top was red, then turned to blue at the bottom, then adding a black sash for accent. The design looked form fitting, then splayed out at the bottom, giving the impression of a mermaid tail. For jewlery she wore a silver chain necklace with a dragon head pendant hanging from it. To top it all off, was a small magenta tri-corn hat with a curly blue feather.
    Star quickly raced over to the main building, a smile on her face and her old dress compressed in a purse. She quickly grabbed a plate and loaded it with a sandwich and pastries. quite a few pastries.

  • The tubby fox thief swollows his muzzle full of sweets nervously. "T-that sounds." He has to pause to regain his voice. "Like an interesting job."

    Rascal makes a mental note not to tick off this vixen. "And ok, If you are so willing to lose money on me, Ill take you up on that bet!" Rascal's chuckle returns, taking another bite. The fox continues to feast for a moment longer, making small talk as he does. "Administrator eh? Sounds like an important job. How ever did you land a sweet gig like that?"

  • She saw Star exit excitedly and said to the her, "Looking good girl. Nice clothing choice!" As Star hurried past her towards the banquet table. Dominique turned her attention back to the character she was talking to and thought, "It's good to be a role model." Smiling inward to herself she tapped a foot to the music.

    Dominique watched the fox with a mixture of fascination and disgusted at the same time, maybe this fox will win. Sitting down she responded to his question, "took me 7 years, move up from player to moderator and finally. Year later to Administrator as the original two administrators stepped down, Redwalls Legacy and Seth." She gave a sad sight, "It just me and Kiara left from the original players when we first opened, crazy how time flies, I wonder if any of them would ever check in…" She trailed off,deep in thought, before smiling at Rascal as he munched away, "With all those sweets, which one is your favorite?"

  • Star looked around, noticong Dominique was busy. None of her friends had come, as far as she could tell. She sat in a small corner, eating her food. It was so good!
    She just finished the last of the delectable vittles, when she noticed two beasts. One eating a huge pile of food, incredibly fast. Star walked over.
    "Wow, you sure can eat! I've seen quite a few eating contest, but you take the cake!" She giggled.

  • The glutton fox gestured to star as he answered the vixen's question. "That there. Cake that is. Although I have to admit I am a fan of all things sweet and tasty, cake is my favorite, miss furless weasel… Thing..."

    Rascal looked Star up and down and returned to his meal. Taking a pastry here or there, he commented before wolfing them down, "But one can not rule out pie as a favorite either. Especially those pies with berries in them. Call me a stereotype, but I can eat twice as many berries as any fox and any fox can eat half his weight in berries."

    More pastries dissapeared into the vulpines gullet. He was looking rather content, and perhaps a little ill. It could not be natural the way his fluffy midriff distended with food.

    Finally, he came to the last bite. "Chocolet almends, I must say, are my third favorite. Alas, I have yet to find a plant that grows them." The fox opened wide to finish his bet.. but hesitated.

    "Players?" Said Rascal. "I... Dont understand." The tod tilted his head to one side. "Do you administer for a game of some sort? Like a gambling den or..?" He left the question hanging.

  • Star laughed and curtseid.
    "I'm guessing you don't come across humans much. Then again, I'm not the best example. I'm Star. And I love cake and pie also!" She grinned. "But that's just the tip of the icing." Star turned to the vixen beside the glutton. "Did you say you were an admin? I heard thats really hard!"

  • Taken off guard by the human's chattering, the glutton fox turns too star. He looksher up and down, eyebrow raised.

    The world really is filled with odd and exotic creatures and… What ever this poor creature is. "A who-man?" How did she breath with out a snout?  "How facinating. But Its nice to know cake is a universal staple of delecacy." He smiles politely before turning to his meal, or rather, the single  small pastry that remained.

    His stomach groaned with protest. Perhaps if he keeps the conversation going he can have a chance for a second wind before finishing the pastry and winning the bet. He shutters to think what would happen if they find out he has no money to pay, if he loses.

    "I keep hearing about this admin job thingy. What ever are you both talking about?"

  • Star grinned, turning back to Rascal.
    "Well, I haven't been to a land where there is not cake! Though I haven't travelled far.  From what I have heard, Administrators are poeple and beasts who watch and govern our entire country, while mods watch over smaller portions inside it. Like certain towns, or provinces. Of course, I don't know much more than that. I'm still just a commoner." She explained. She quicky grabbed a chair and sat. Her new dress was slightly difficult to sit down so fast, but she managed.
    (OOC: just for the start, could we make it that the Admins are basically rulers, while mods are nobles, and players commoners? I can change it if you like. But only Admins knows the true secret of this….)

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  • (not at all! Jump in and make chaos :D)

  • At the edge of the feast, two sets of eyes watched the massive, gluttonous fox downing an enormous quantity of food at an entirely impossible speed. “He’s fat,” the black ferret murmured. He stood, looking on, completely enfolded in his black cloak with a hood covering his head and shadowing his eyes. “And somewhat silly.” He looked up at the vixen next to him, who stood as shrouded as he in a silver cloak.
    She smirked. Now, Jurou, be kind, she signed with her paws. There’s no call for that. Besides, Katsuke could easily eat more.
    Jurou looked closely at the crowd. “I don’t see him yet,” he muttered.
    The vixen tapped him on the shoulder. He looked back at her. He’ll show up. He only went to find a restroom. Anyway, we’re here solely so he can “socialize”. She accentuated this last word with air quotation marks.
    Jurou shrugged, and rearranged his cloak. “Hinata, we’re only here so he can eat as much food as he can possibly fit into his big body,” he murmured.
    Hinata chuckled, and whispered, “True,” then immediately held her paw to a scar running across her throat.
    Jurou glanced over curiously. I’m fine, she signed.
    Suddenly, they heard a commotion and both turned to look at the center of the crowd. "Found him," Jurou said quietly.

    Katsuke jumped onto the table, staring down at the fat fox with a grin on his face. “Greetings, oh fat one!” he shouted. “It is clear that you are able to down a very, very large amount of food! Now, tell me . . .” He flipped off of the table and landed on the ground with a great big WHUMP! “How much do you think I can eat? Tell me how much you’ve eaten, and I will surpass it!”
    Katsuke shifted his sash as he waited for an answer, his knives and kamas rattling around as he did so against his grey, sleeveless tunic. He flashed his bright red fur in the sunlight, fixing Rascal with a mischievous look.

  • The fox, the heavyset red, yelped as his  buffer and fitter fellow glutton appeared in such a dramatic way.

    "Well, a good day to you too!" Rasval struggled to catch his breath after being frightened so. His eyes narrow as he looks the fox over, "Surpass me, eh? I will have you know that I ate… THREE platefulls... This high and this wide." He exagerates with his paws, both metephorically and literally.

    But the fox called him fat, so Rasval will feel no sympathy if the vulpine injures himself trying to out eat a fleet of hungry hares.

    The subject of Mods, admins and nobility temporarily forgotten, Rascal leans back in his chair. "But, the real question is... What do you want if you win... And what will I get when you DON'T."

  • Katsuke grinned cheekily. “If I win, you’ll give me enough money to buy a brand new custom knife. If I lose, I will give you the same amount, then stand on this table and declare you to be the greatest vittle-muncher in all of . . . where are we again?” he added quietly to a nearby mouse.
    “. . . er, M-Mossflower,” the mouse replied, somewhat stunned.
    “That’s right! The Great King of Edibles of the land of Mossflower!” Katsuke sat down across from the fox. “Now, then, oh honorable-if-slightly-large fellow lover-of-all-things-related-to-food, tell me your name! I present myself, thy challenger, as the traveller, Katsuke Ikari!” he said with a grand gesture. Pausing, he turned to the other female fox and the furless stoat who’d been speaking with the glutton beforehand. “Apologies, ladies, for interrupting the conversation,” he murmured, “But I saw a challenge and decided to impose myself.” He whipped back around and stared at the tubby fox with an almost comically intense glare.

    Hinata sighed. “He’s gone a bit overboard this time,” she whispered, keeping it as low as possible to avoid hurting her vocal cords.
    “Mhm.” Jurou stared out into the crowd. “Don’t injure your voice.”
    “I won’t.” She pulled her hood down further over her ears. “Let’s go closer and watch this.
    The pair of them, absolutely quiet, slipped into the party and moved towards the table where their friend was now about to either make a fool of himself by winning, or make an even bigger fool of himself by losing. I doubt that he’s got enough money to pay the fox if he loses, Hinata thought.

  • OOC: (lol, this is getting interesting. Can this be a modern day Mossflower? Or at least farther along in the timeline than the books?)
    BIC:  Star softly laughed and motioned her forgiveness to… Katsuke? It sounded so foreign, but it didn't really matter where he came from. No one beast or human could eat that amount of food in one sitting. She was certainly curious on how this beast could. Star even knew a badger would couldn't eat that much!
    Star leaned toward Rascal, "If he can eat that, I will help you pay for the knife!" She righted herself, and waited for the show to begin!

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  • OOC: Yay! So, modern day Mossflower, or no?

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