The Feast of the Worlds (OPEN FOR EVERYONE)

  • ooc: So for it being so slow right now, I am thinking of just having a feast/party. So it can be members and members characters. (in example: I would have me, TJ, there along with Fabi, Tessa, Jessie and Dominique. Then we can have all our characters know our members and other members know characters and vise versa. And it can be fun, sharing knowledge, eating food and drinking drinks!
    So everyone is welcome and can join in!

    The setting is taking place at Dominique's estate next to the sea about a two day travel from Redwall. No expense was spared, food from every corner of the globe, world class chef cooking and entertainment throughout the night. Eat, Drink, Socialize and dance the night away. Just a fun rpg with no end.


    The sun was high in the sky, above the ocean. A soft breeze danced along the grass, rustling the trees and the flowers. An impressive mansion stood up on the low bluff, facing the ocean. The stark white stood out with the colorful spanish style look. Huge windows and doors adorned the mansion, giving it an airy and open feel. The most impressive walking through was the amount of painting and treasures that covered all the rooms. Statues, trinkets, chest, jewelery, chests, and a whole manner of things scattered around. The most impressive was a wall of swords and daggers, some where were outfitted with pistols on the swords and modifications. A huge desk was in the room, adorned with papers, ink and quills with sketches and blue prints hanging up on the walls and in shelves.
    Tessa couldn't help me stare open mouth at everything, now this was an impressive place. She had heard of Commando Dominique Perrie, Treasure hunter and Adventurer Extraordinaire and her fame and fortune of the world, but she didn't think it was this extensive. She was busy stunning a pair of swords that had pistols built in them when Dominique came up behind her. "Yes, this was actually one of my first designs of the pistol sword." Tessa looked at the well dressed otter, true to the tastes of the house, Dominique was dressed speedily. Tessa wasn't surprised, she figured that much. "Of course, it has come a long way since then." she removed from her waist one of the pistol swords, it was finely made and the handle was shaped as a pistol with a long sharp blue-silver blade. Tessa surveyed it and whistled impressively. "Its amazing.. You really are a genius." she said complimenting the otter handing back the blade she said, "Thank you again for inviting us. Jessie was absolutely impressed when she got the invitation. She wouldn't stop talking about it." Dominique gave a warm smile, "Of course, after you helped me out with the pearls I owed you a life debt." she gave a bow to Tessa, "Which I don't think I can ever repay. I will say this, help your self to looking at the drawings and plans and if you want something, ask, I will gladly have the engineers make it up for you. I can tell you are very in awe."

    While they were talking, Jessie found herself in the library. Her eyes went wide and she gave a squeal of excitement, books upon books upon books lined the shelves, and along with maps, shelves and chests full of maps. Jessie felt like she was in heaven and took no time taking down stacks of books and grabbing maps and putting them in the center of the room. Humming to herself she started to scan the maps, she will have to spend a few days here to update her collection, maybe even live here for a few months. Now that would be something. She was disturbed when Dominique and Tessa came through the door and Tessa dragging her away from the maps and books and tell Jessie something about socializing with others instead of books. A brooding Jessie followed Tessa and Jessie down to the courtyard where the mane even was, already it was filling up with creatures from all ends of the earth, Dominique hurried off to greet guests and easily chatted her way around. Tessa attempted to cheer up Jessie went pointing out all the food and designs and ran into Fabi. Upon recognizing her pen pal, Jessie brightened up and the the squirrel started to talk animatedly with the doctor.

    TJ, the red fox, was sitting at a table and people watched. She was dressed in a light blue and white dress and her red hair was up in an elaborate updo. TJ silently hoped that no one would talk to her, she would much rather prefer to watch and make sure no one was getting and making trouble.

  • The VERY young human wandered the corridor, trying to find the owner of the house. She had been invited to a feast later in the afternoon, but her curousity drove her to arrive earlyer. She walked into a huge room, filled with humans and animals alike. She checked her invitation again, and sighed. Of course she had to misread it. Totally getting times mixed up. She walked in, trying to be indescreet. So many people looked very important, maybe even royalty! Why she was invited was beyond her.

  • Invited? Such a strange word for Rascal. He is here for the feast, reguardless of being invited.

    How the bright red fox manages to be here is inconsiquential. He walks in through the front door, taking a single sniff before making a bee line for the food.

    The glutton dresses much less fancy than the others, wearing a brown cloth vest and leather belt about his chubby waist. Possibly, soon to be chubbier waist, given the gleefull and mischievious glint in his eyes.

    He can admire the wealth later… For now, food pre-occupies the young fox's mind.

  • Dominique saw a young human walk in and her intrested peaked. She made her way over, a huge grin on her face. "Welcome! I hope your journey wasn't to long, I'm Captian Dominique Perrie, but you can call me Dominique." She said giving a lavish bow. Her tri-corn hat with a feather plum nearly touching the human. In case anyone was wondering, Dominique wore her best outfit. A royal red coat with gold trim and buttons donned on her, a white silk shirt with long sleeves and high wasted black pants with a coloredful belt donned her waist. Her favorite part was her hat!
    "Please help yourself to refreshments and food, plenty to go around, Miss?…" she trailed off waiting for the girl to introduce herself.

    Nothing escapes TJ'a gaze as she saw a red fox make his way over to the buffet table. She gave a smile, usually she should of known everyone but this fox she didn't. TJ chuckled to herself as the fox heaped himself a large plate of food. "At that rate you will eat all the food." She said as he passed her table.

  • The girl almost took a step back, suprised by tye sudden attention, "Oh, Hello Miss Dominique! I'm… Star. Thats what everyone calls me anyway. My journey wasn't very long. How about yours? " Star did a half curtsy. Her eyes quickly taking in the others clothing. Just like everything else, they were rich and lavish. Her own red and black dress looking like rags beside it. The black lace covering the shiny red fabric underneath did nothing to hide the slightly crooked stitchs.
    "Miss Dominique, if its not rude, may I ask if your rich? Your clothing is very beautiful, just like the wearer!" She smiled.

  • The fleshy fox was licking his chops, ready to bite down into his plate stacked high with sweet treats and deserts and special breads when the vixen spoke into his ear.

    "Ha!" He snorted, "Even I have my limits." He found a place to sit, his tail end sinking into a comfy padded chair, "Doesn't mean I can't try though…"

  • Dominque gave a cheerful wink, "There are many types of rich, not just one." She looked around, "I do have wealth and fortune I spent half of my life working for," She shook her head, "But those days are over now, I spend my time enjoying my house and grounds and visiting the local places. A favorite past time is inventing and creating all sorts of things, I'm rich in knowledge and friendliness. If I can't impress creatures and humans with my skills at least I can out dress them." She gave a cheery laugh.

    A sudden idea came to Dominique, "Come on Star, I got to show you something, and I think you would like it." The otter grabbed Stars hand and leader her into the house, walking towards the back into a room. Opening the door, she was greeted by boxes and clothing racks, filled with brightly colored clothes. "So these clothes don't fit me anymore, before I donate them, take a look through on what you want. Put it aside and I'll ship it to your address. I can tell your a girl who likes nice things." She patted her on the shoulder. "By the way, I love the sheme in your dress, very pretty. Reds a good color!"

    "I bet you 59 coins that you won't be able to have a second helping, and finish the second helping." TJ said to Rascal, "what's your name, I'm Administrator TJ,you?"

  • Star almost had time to ask Dominque about her inventing, when the otter whisked her away. Star had to almost run to keep up with her brisk walk.. When they got to the room, she held her hnd to her mouth, covering her gaping mouth.
    "Are you sure? It wouldn't be a bother, would it? " She turned to the otter, her eyes shining. While the prospect of the glamourous attire excited her, she'd hate to take advantage of the otter's kindness, especailly since it was her host!

  • The fox looked up, muzzle full of for lack of a better term, food. He blinks, then swollows his mouth full in one big gulp.

    "Ye of little faith, you do not know me well at all." He chuckled at the vixen. He stood up to make a grand bow made awkward by his portly girth. "An administrator you say? This calls for a propper greeting then! I am Rascal! It is a pleasure to meet you."

    He sits back down to eat his meal, "So what are you administrator of? Like, the servents or something?"

    Oh dear, it doesnt look like poor rascal knows exactly where he is!

  • TJ laughed and then looked him with a serious look, "You can basically view me as overlord of everything. Or queen, or ruler or president. Able to banish creatures with a click of a button, temporarily or permanently, can make your life miserable or the best thing ever. Me and Kiara makes sure that we have everything running smoothly and everyone follows the rules. No matter if they are a dubbin or an elder."
    She smiled again, all traces of seriousness gone, "Anyway, wanna take that bet?"

    Dominique shook her head, "Not at all, I like to help people and creatures alike. Enjoy! Come back out to grab food when you are done, you don't wanna miss it."

  • Star hugged the otter, careful not to let the full extent of her excitement show.
    "Oh thank you Miss Diminique! If there were more in the world like you, there would never be evil!" She ran inside, rummaging through box after box, almost squeling at every new discovery. Finally she grabbed a few bundles of cloth and some oddly shaped items, and ran to the back, where a wall of boxes shielded her from sight.
    She came out from behind them, almost a completly new person. She wore a dress of fine silk, that at the top was red, then turned to blue at the bottom, then adding a black sash for accent. The design looked form fitting, then splayed out at the bottom, giving the impression of a mermaid tail. For jewlery she wore a silver chain necklace with a dragon head pendant hanging from it. To top it all off, was a small magenta tri-corn hat with a curly blue feather.
    Star quickly raced over to the main building, a smile on her face and her old dress compressed in a purse. She quickly grabbed a plate and loaded it with a sandwich and pastries. quite a few pastries.

  • The tubby fox thief swollows his muzzle full of sweets nervously. "T-that sounds." He has to pause to regain his voice. "Like an interesting job."

    Rascal makes a mental note not to tick off this vixen. "And ok, If you are so willing to lose money on me, Ill take you up on that bet!" Rascal's chuckle returns, taking another bite. The fox continues to feast for a moment longer, making small talk as he does. "Administrator eh? Sounds like an important job. How ever did you land a sweet gig like that?"

  • She saw Star exit excitedly and said to the her, "Looking good girl. Nice clothing choice!" As Star hurried past her towards the banquet table. Dominique turned her attention back to the character she was talking to and thought, "It's good to be a role model." Smiling inward to herself she tapped a foot to the music.

    Dominique watched the fox with a mixture of fascination and disgusted at the same time, maybe this fox will win. Sitting down she responded to his question, "took me 7 years, move up from player to moderator and finally. Year later to Administrator as the original two administrators stepped down, Redwalls Legacy and Seth." She gave a sad sight, "It just me and Kiara left from the original players when we first opened, crazy how time flies, I wonder if any of them would ever check in…" She trailed off,deep in thought, before smiling at Rascal as he munched away, "With all those sweets, which one is your favorite?"

  • Star looked around, noticong Dominique was busy. None of her friends had come, as far as she could tell. She sat in a small corner, eating her food. It was so good!
    She just finished the last of the delectable vittles, when she noticed two beasts. One eating a huge pile of food, incredibly fast. Star walked over.
    "Wow, you sure can eat! I've seen quite a few eating contest, but you take the cake!" She giggled.

  • The glutton fox gestured to star as he answered the vixen's question. "That there. Cake that is. Although I have to admit I am a fan of all things sweet and tasty, cake is my favorite, miss furless weasel… Thing..."

    Rascal looked Star up and down and returned to his meal. Taking a pastry here or there, he commented before wolfing them down, "But one can not rule out pie as a favorite either. Especially those pies with berries in them. Call me a stereotype, but I can eat twice as many berries as any fox and any fox can eat half his weight in berries."

    More pastries dissapeared into the vulpines gullet. He was looking rather content, and perhaps a little ill. It could not be natural the way his fluffy midriff distended with food.

    Finally, he came to the last bite. "Chocolet almends, I must say, are my third favorite. Alas, I have yet to find a plant that grows them." The fox opened wide to finish his bet.. but hesitated.

    "Players?" Said Rascal. "I... Dont understand." The tod tilted his head to one side. "Do you administer for a game of some sort? Like a gambling den or..?" He left the question hanging.

  • Star laughed and curtseid.
    "I'm guessing you don't come across humans much. Then again, I'm not the best example. I'm Star. And I love cake and pie also!" She grinned. "But that's just the tip of the icing." Star turned to the vixen beside the glutton. "Did you say you were an admin? I heard thats really hard!"

  • Taken off guard by the human's chattering, the glutton fox turns too star. He looksher up and down, eyebrow raised.

    The world really is filled with odd and exotic creatures and… What ever this poor creature is. "A who-man?" How did she breath with out a snout?  "How facinating. But Its nice to know cake is a universal staple of delecacy." He smiles politely before turning to his meal, or rather, the single  small pastry that remained.

    His stomach groaned with protest. Perhaps if he keeps the conversation going he can have a chance for a second wind before finishing the pastry and winning the bet. He shutters to think what would happen if they find out he has no money to pay, if he loses.

    "I keep hearing about this admin job thingy. What ever are you both talking about?"

  • Star grinned, turning back to Rascal.
    "Well, I haven't been to a land where there is not cake! Though I haven't travelled far.  From what I have heard, Administrators are poeple and beasts who watch and govern our entire country, while mods watch over smaller portions inside it. Like certain towns, or provinces. Of course, I don't know much more than that. I'm still just a commoner." She explained. She quicky grabbed a chair and sat. Her new dress was slightly difficult to sit down so fast, but she managed.
    (OOC: just for the start, could we make it that the Admins are basically rulers, while mods are nobles, and players commoners? I can change it if you like. But only Admins knows the true secret of this….)

  • ((ooc Anybody mind if I join?

  • (not at all! Jump in and make chaos :D)

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