• Hoo boy, I should have posted here before posting my character profiles. Oops!

    Anyways, my name is Kit though I've also gone by Ginger on a different roleplaying site, Warriors of Redwall! I've been a fan of the series for a handful of years now, first discovering the series when my grandma took a couple old copies home from the library she worked at. I recently reread the whole series and fell in love with it all over again! I originally started roleplaying on the site mentioned before, Warriors of Redwall, though I became curious about this site when others started talking about it.

    Sorry, I'm not entirely too sure what to say! I suppose… I'm excited to meet a whole bunch of you and roleplay the stories and adventures we make together! My inbox is always open if anyone wants to chat. Hopefully, you'll learn to enjoy my company!  😄

    p.s if you also were on WoR, drop me a line! i'd love to catch up with you! (i'm the same user as "ginger" from that site, in case you couldn't tell)

  • Welcome!

  • This is probably really late, but hi!

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