• Always feels so awkward, my first post in a new forum… Heheh...

    I'm Torry, and I've been a fan of Redwall since about... 2010, 2011, I can't remember which exactly. I guess you could call me a refuge from Redwall MUCK. Played a squirrel dibbun named Torry there, too. I'm hoping that I'll be welcomed here. I do miss RPing some Redwall-themed stuff...

    Dunno what else to say, really. I hope you all will welcome me here.

  • Welcome! Very nice to meet ya, Torry 🙂

    If you have any doubts/questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask 🙂

  • Well, I do have one big question that pings the top of my head - how do I change my icon? ^.^'

  • Welcome! I'm TJ one of the Admins of the site! Anyone and everyone is welcome here! 🙂

    To change your icon go to
    Profile>forum profile> Personalized picture

    Feel free to message me with other questions or post here

  • Hm. Wonder how I missed that?

    Anyways, I have maybe one or two more questions, yes… First, how does one get into the RP scene here? And two, do people not like using the chatroom feature? o.o I've not seen a soul since I've been on in it!

  • Global Moderator

    Greetings, TorryEllis! I'm Tinarandel, one of the site's Moderators.

    We've all got busy lives outside of this forum. Plus, it's nearly Christmas and we've all been bitten by the holiday bug. But don't worry, after the New Year, things will spark up again and you'll see this forum on fire!

  • And rpg wise, you can either make your own rpg or join a current rpg!

  • Don't I need to make a character sheet or something?

  • You can build a character sheet while you are rpg. 🙂 get a feel how your character will develop.

  • Hoi! I'm star, the local…. newbie? I dunno. I've been on for almost a year now. I can help with questions, and just be a friend! ^-^

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