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  • Recommendation: Streamline the forum!

    The philosophy behind this proposed streamlining is to a) create clear and easily navigable structure across all boards, and b) concentrate the character base by minimizing the number of boards and subboards available.

    The order that I've suggested is based on a hierarchy of importance. The Rules&Resources category is the most important and so it's listed first, with subboards in their own hierarchy. The first thing a new player needs is the code of conduct, followed by resources to make a character. Next is IC stuff. Last is OOC things, with the Non-Trad forum last. Advertisement boards are traditionally the last board in the roster, making them easy to spot for roving advertisers.

    Right now, information, especially rules and character information, is all over the place. When I joined, I had a really difficult time navigating the boards and finding the information I needed (Where are the rules??? I still cannot reliably find them). Sorting these things in a visible and hierarchical order will help new and current players keep up with the information.

    The main page info, as seen at, is really distracting and I found it hard to get around when I first joined. If possible, I'd suggest removing that page completely and posting that content in the Rules board as a "Read Me/Get Started" thread.

    Removing IC subboards actually gives more freedom in where the players post their threads, and shrinking the prominent 'playing field' helps keep characters contained in a similar area, namely, Redwall Abbey and Mossflower Forest. By narrowing the 'advertised' area to Redwall and Mossflower, we don't end up with characters made for the Northlands when we don't have an active player base to spread out that way. As you can see below, certain areas are given their own subboards but they are clearly not the primary focus. Afterall, we're titled "Redwall's Legacy."

    Organized as follows:
    1. Board
    A. Subboard

    Rules and Resources
    All rules posts go in the root of this board. Update as necessary.
    1. Announcements
    2. Character Library
    Move the thread on who's playing what position to this board as a sticky. It's incredibly hard to find as is.
    A. Character Archive
    3. Writing Resources
    This includes only information threads, such as size charts, writing tips, and medieval history.

    1. Redwall Abbey
    Remove all of the subboards, or vastly minimize the number available. I think the only one that might benefit in having its own thread is the Infirmary, but it's inclusion as a subboard is unnecessary. Utilizing a board description or a stickied thread listing and describing the region's 'subareas' will provide enough information for players. For example, instead of having a subboard for Abbey Grounds, simply describe the Abbey Grounds in thread with the other 'regions' of the Abbey.
    2. Mossflower Forest
    Remove all subboards, create a stickied thread with region's subareas: the River, St Ninian's, the Quarry.
    3. The Far-off Lands
    A. Northlands
    B. Salamandastron

    I'd probably remove the subboards already in this section as they have had minimal use over the years. Add a board description or a stickied thread that gives a brief description of some of these places, but they are not important enough to have their own boards. Include Southsward in this list as well.
    3. Archives
    All IC archives, in the format as-is. Any archives from the above structure will go in the root of the appropriate board rather than populating subboards. The single Mercenary's Den thread can be archived and that board removed.
    A. Redwall Survivor
    B. Story Arc Threads
    I'm not sure of the purpose of this? If there's a specific story arc in the future, we could just mark the titles with a 'code' to show that it's in that specific storyline, rather than having a separate board.

    1. General Discussion
    A. Welcome
    B. Looking For Group (RP Groups/Mentorships)
    C. Gallery
    D. Recipes
    E. Recommendations
    2. OOC Archive

    Move all redundant, ancient, or otherwise unnecessary boards and loose threads here. This includes the Published Thread subboard, the Writing Applications, and similar.
    3. Non-Trad RP
    Keep whatever subboards are here. You do you.
    4. Advertisements

  • This is really thought out. I mostly agree with the board changes, but I do think that there should be a subforum for rps in places other than Redwall and Mossflower

  • That's what the subboards for Salamandastron and the Northlands are for. Southsward had a number of threads two years ago, which may warrant its addition as a specific subboard-place. Every other locations has one thread or less, and no posts in over a year. While I could see keeping Salamandastron and Northlands as a normal board, Southsward is truly a 'far-off land' and belongs as a subboard there.

  • Although neither TJ or I are the original owner and are only Admin to keep things going, we can see what we can do to update it, though it won't be until things settle down in the new year and will be slow moving once we do get started.

  • Global Moderator

    There is going to be a story on this forum that will be set in the Eastern Islands (my creation), that would belong in the Far Off Lands Board definitely. However, that won't happen for a long while. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. I don't have the authority or powers to reformat the Boards as you want them, but I'm willing to help any way I can.

  • Thanks, Kiara! No worries about timing – I know how it goes, especially from an admin standpoint.

  • Second Kiara. Last time I tried to adjust something I messed up tr whole site. 😞
    But it will get done. Both of us have been really busy outside of RL. Put the idea you proposed is wonderful! 🙂

    Jared/Tindarandle: if it would be possible maybe you would want to reorganized the site? Or help us, it will be awhile tho. As Kiara said we are not the owners of the site, just admins.

  • Global Moderator

    Even if I had the rights to do so, I wouldn't know how to in a technical sense. I'm no programmer/coder, if that's what's needed. I'm just being as blunt as I can, that's the honest truth.

  • No worries!:)

  • If updating is what's needed it, I know a thing or two and wouldn't at all mind helping you, guys.

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