• Name: Haru (Pronounced huh-ROO)

    Species: Falcon

    Appearance: Blue on top, grey underneath, yellow talons, black eyes, blue beak.

    Possessions: Other than the feathers on his back, none.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Strengths: Is one of the swiftest birds in Mossflower, his talons and beak are deadly weapons. He is loyal to his friends but gets angry easily.

    Weaknesses: He is too suspicious of others. it has helped him survive but gotten him into trouble at times.

    Personality: He is easily angered, but his temper cools off as fast as it erupts. He speaks quickly and to the point. He is naturally suspicious, but when won over, he becomes as loyal as any friend. He is a fierce fighter.

    Background. Haru is a direct descendant of  Rocangus http://redwall.wikia.com/wiki/Rocangus and tries to live up to the legacy of his ancestor. He has moved to Mossflower and his curiosity led him to Redwall when he heard there was a badger moving in there. He had heard stories of the kestrel Skarlath who was a friend of Sunflash the Mace, and the tale of heroism impressed him greatly.

    Will add more when I think of it.

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