• Name: Shaleslip
    Species: Badger
    Sex: Male
    Age: 37
    Occupation: Carpenter
    Faction: Redwaller

    Appearance: Shaleslip is a big badger. He's broad-shouldered, barrel-chested, and though he slouches to accommodate small doors and small people, he still stands several heads above most woodlanders. His arms are corded from heavy labor, and his paws are calloused with fur seemingly permanently worn away in places. His eyes are a dark brown, the black stripes racing from nape to nose are narrow. A deep scar arcs from his forehead to his left temple. Shaleslip wears a pair of bracers and a brass torc in addition to a plain tunic and vest.

    Personality: Shaleslip is a quiet badger, reserved, more socially undeveloped than a font of wisdom. He is humble, hardworking, and always careful of those under foot. He is intelligent in the way of craftsmen and warriors, clever in his problem-solving, though barely literate.

    When he speaks, he speaks slowly, and though conversation may be deep it is also full of pauses as the badger contemplates his answers. He doesn't seem to be able to easily recognize changes in tone or facial expression, and his own temper is quick to flare under stress or fatigue. He enjoy harmless practical jokes and good ale.

    Background: Shaleslip's heritage is muddied. Like all young male badgers, he was driven from his home with violence but his wanderlust lasted only until he left his father's territory and he settled in a port village to the south. He worked as a craftsman, hewing things from trees and bending items of use from hard wood.

    When the drought came, the vermin came with it, and war followed. With the same steady energy that he broke and bent and pulled wood, he broke the vermin that assaulted his home with hammer and axe, fang and claw. It took him months to recover from the blow that nearly killed him, but he was never the same afterward.

    By the time he was back on his feet and active again, the wanderlust had returned and Shaleslip moved on, taking up residence in one village or another for a one season or many.

    Wake :: Redwall :: Haru (Fernleaf), Tessa (TJ), Abbot Bob (NPC)

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