Rumble Blacksnout

  • Full Name: Rumble Blacksnout
    Species: Mole
    Gender: Male
    Description: Being a mole, Rumble posses brown, velvety fur, hazel eyes, and strong (though small) digging claws. He is rather small for his age, but makes it up for it with his digging skills and strong sense of presence.

    Possessions: In addition to the traditional green Redwall habit, Rumble has collected over time various curiosities, knicknacks, and tchotchkes, along with many samples of earth and rocks (which he keeps in a secret hiding place).

    Good digger

    Curious about everything, even dangerous things
    Slightly gullible

    Personality: Rumble is a curious little mole, very much interested in finding out things that he didn't know before. This, and his propensity for digging anywhere he can (oh, does he love the earth!), has given him quite the naughty reputation amongst the elders at Redwall. The fact that he's slightly gullible and tends to hang around troublemakers hasn't done him any good either. That said, he is very polite for his age, and tries not to be too much of a nuisance.

    Background: Rumble was raised among the other young creatures of Redwall, with no memory of who his parents are. The young mole has a dim memory of him trundling up to the Abbey with his grandmother, a kindly molemum who was a champion digger in her prime. Rumble was later told that she knew her time was coming, and so decided to bring him to a place where he would be cared for, and cared for well.

    And cared for well he was, though not without some grief on the behalf of the Brothers and Sisters of Redwall. Rumble was by nature very curious, always poking his snout into all sorts of places, from the deep in the cellars, to the top of the belltower (though like all moles, he was still afraid of high places). That, and he was constantly digging hole in imitation of his departed grandmother.

    After being told off for the fifth time for digging holes in the orchard, he was assigned to be Foremole's assistant in the hopes that the chief digger could get Rumble under control. With Foremole's tutelage, Rumble has become more refined about the places he digs, though he loves digging too much for him to ever stop making random holes in the ground.

    Age: 12
    Alignment: Goodbeast
    Job: He's an abbeybeast 😛

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