Recu Foxer (fox)

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    Mary Sue test:
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    I'm Destined For What? 4
    Angst R Us 10
    Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child 4
    Total: 32

    Name: Recu Foxer. (Re-Kuu.)

    Age: 15 years, two seasons.

    Gender: Male.

    Species: Fox.

    Good/Bad: Good.

    Physical Appearance: His fur is blood red, with a snow white tip at the end of his tail. His ears are longer than normal for a fox, and he has gray eyes that look almost devoid of intelligence. Though that is hardly the case. He likes to wear a dark cloak, with his weapon always in paw. Living in the Abby, he wears a long Habit, normally of dark green or brown.

    Personality: Recu is well learned in the ways of fighting and books, making him very fluid in motion, and always seen with quill and parchment. He loves to talk in an old flattering way.

    “Ye can help with the chores, yes. Help I onto mon ladder ‘tis right, thank ye. No, thatn goes over yonder, yes.”

    Though he was an assassin, he his kind to others, preferring the peaceful life to the killing one, which he never enjoyed anyway. Because of this, he loves the Dibbons, and is often seen playing with them when he is not reading or writing.

    Weapons and Personal Items:

    He carries a large staff, with flint blades inset to act as a weapon if needed. Until they are needed, however, they have ornate wooden coverings, so that none get hurt around the blades, and so it can be used as a walking stick.

    He also has many books in his possession, one of which is always stored in a pouch at his side.

    Have you read the rules? : Yes.

    Job: I was hoping for recorder or librarian. Even if he is not, Recu loves to write, often writing little stories for the Dibbons when they ask for a yarn, or little poem riddles for long winters by the fire in Cavern Hole.

    Weaknesses/Strengths: Being a fox, not many trust him on first site, and is often held at weapon point until they can be sure that he is friend, not foe. He is also very attached to his books, and cannot stand to have one taken from him without his permission. Having been a fighter before coming to the Abbey, he is strong, able to lift heavy, or multiple items… such as children. Though he prefers peace, he is a seasoned warrior, and will fight if he believes the cause.

    History: Recu came from a war-ravaged land far beyond the North Sea, where “vermin” and “gentle beasts” were friends before the fighting broke out. Having lived before the war, he was well educated, coming from a wealthy family. Once the town he lived in was attacked, he was drafted into the fighting, but was soon found to have a natural talent for hiding and sneaking, making him a perfect assassin. After a few seasons of fighting and training, he was sent out into the field, where he became well known as an affective killer. Hating that he had so much blood on his paws, and tired of watching friends and family fall, he fled on a corsair ship.

    The ship was wrecked not far from Salamandstron, where the Patrol destroyed almost all of the rats aboard. Recu escaped, and wandered the forest of Mossflower until he came to Redwall, where he begged for entrance, and was granted it after his weapon was taken. After a season of careful watch, he was granted as one of the Abbey beasts, and has lived there peacefully ever since.

    Relationships: He came from a wealthy family, his mother and father making sure that he gained an education at a young age. He had many friends, both before and after the war. All were lost when he crossed the sea. Now, he is friends with almost all the Dibbons.

    Other: Peaceful, though will fight when needed.

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