Ginger Westbrook

  • Name: Ginger Westbrook
    Species: Hare
    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Ginger is average sized for a hare her age. Her fur, smoother than most and often kept clean, is a light tan with rich ginger markings in a style most commonly known as "sealpoint" (they cover her ears, tail, snout, and paws) She’s typically seen wearing a burgundy tunic with a dark brown belt; pouches containing stones and herbs hang from it. She often walks around barefoot, no matter what terrain. She carries around a marigold cloth that she'll tie around her neck or her head on occasion.

    Maple wood violin and bow, lance, sling, various pouches of stones and herbs, bandana,

      - Excellent swimmer
      - Plays the violin well

      - Extreme fear of fire
      - Trusts too easily

    Unlike her brother, Ginger is very friendly to those she first meets and tries to see the good in most beasts. This, however, doesn't mean she's a pushover and won't fight when provoked. She is skilled with a lance and often carries one with her; when not using it, she'll use it as a walking stick. She loves nature and is usually found by the abbey pond or looking out at Mossflower woods. If it's a nice day, she can be found playing a ditty or making up a song on her violin. Usually calm in times of trouble, Ginger is overall just a happy critter.

    Ginger was found by an otter family when she was a leveret and brought back to their tribe; it is still unknown as what has happened to her parents though she has never made an effort to figure it out. In the tribe, she grew up along the River Moss with her adoptive brother Django like any otter would; the two ended up growing extremely close. She learned how to play the violin from her adoptive aunt and was a hit whenever the holt would have a feast; the two would often play fancy toe-tapping duets. When the two were in their early teens, Ginger and Django left their tribe to go exploring. The duo have stopped at Redwall on several occasions but could never permanently stay there. Ginger has thought about joining the long patrol but hasn’t made a decision on the subject yet.

    Twenty human years (eighty seasons)

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