Pask's Pics

  • Pask and Liam walkin' through the forest. Gotta work on my perspective. 

    And a Pask face. I'm working out how dark her muzzle is still. We'll get it eventually.


  • Wow, that looks fantastic! Pask's dress looks like a kimono though 😛

  • Haha, nah, not a kimono. It's a sleeved dress with an apron over top, and a shawl crossing over the shoulders. Like this. I'll draw another picture to show how it works. It's a slightly more 'modern' look than tunic and breeches in this rendition, but I'm willing to fudge the Medieval England look a little. 😛

  • MY size chart. I've always pictured every species to be reasonably similar, except for badgers, who are giants. I think the one I drew is smallish, but I ran out of room on my paper. I think weasels would be about the size of the hedgehog, ferret the size of the squirrel.

    Also a Shaleslip, and maaaybe a Haru. I couldn't figure out his legs after several days of muddling with it, so y'all get an incomplete sketch. He's collecting some firewood for some reason. -shrugs-

  • Most reasonable size for a mouse I've seen yet in these size charts

    Also, sweet badger pic

  • Thanks. From reading the books (aside from Redwall), it doesn't make sense that a mouse would be so small. Just for logistical reasons, most species would have to be about the same height. To me, only otters, hares, foxes, stoats, and wildcats have felt significantly bigger than mice (+ badgers, but that's a given), and they're all more unusual/rarer species too. I think it'd be reasonable for the other species to all be a bit shorter than even what I've drawn, as well.

  • Wow!  These are FAAANTASTIC!  Absolutely beautiful work.

  • Yes, I agree. Those are beautiful pics.

  • Thanks, guys!

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