Nation RP: A Matter of Tradition

  • =2nd Age 701, Winter=
    =North Oballathin=

    As the snows of Winter fell in the harsh north of Oballathin, in a white covered port of Winter Hold…the drums were sounded. These drums signified not an incoming enemy, but a call to all Norscan ships that winter has come and the time honored tradition of the Skaeling tribe has begun. Those who sailed under the tribal colors, dark blue, of the Wild Eagle that the hunt has begun and began to raid travelling ships, or coastal settlements. The closest being unfortunately that of the Isurmo Isles and its ships being considered fair game even though they sailed in Sarl waters.

    This has caused a dispute of an old grudge to begin again with Dawnstar Hold, ruled by the Sarl tribe and followers of the Wild Tiger, over territorial waters. While the Sarls enjoyed the small trade with Isurmo the Jarl, Elisif Stuhn, had not looked forward to this day once word of the drums were sounded. No doubt the response from Isurmo would be swift and harsh for the raids committed, but what can one do in the face of tradition most of her fellow Norscans followed? Raiding was in their blood and conflict of steel in their bones, while her tribe were the minority that were more…open minded.

    So she waited, knowing that while she could technically enforce her territory, as interfering with such an age old tradition would bring dire repercussions throughout the Holds and even hers. The once famed Huntress of the Wastes waited for replies from contacts established with Isurmo, knowing most likely to demand why Norscan ships were raiding them, and why she has done nothing to stop this.

  • (ohhh so that's what you meant between barbarian or Zulkan…..lets keep up with the original since we already have it started)

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