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  • I play Pask, a mature fox herbalist and sneak.

    She needs some friends, allies, and antagonists. Who do you play and what do you think Pask can do for your characters and vice versa? Let's plot together.

  • Hi! Welcome to RL! I'm TJ, the friendly neighborhood admin! 🙂

    Your character sounds awesome and fun to rpg with. Currently we have a few active rpg going on and usually as it goes we make up the plot along the way. Lol

    Feel free to start your own rpg? Most likely me or another memeber will join. 🙂

  • No gauruntees, but I would like to join one of your rps, or you could join one of mine. SAO REDWALLLL is always open.

  • I (mostly) play Liam, a wandering mouse spearbeaat. I'm willing to join any RP you start, the ones that I'm in are semi-dead X3

  • I could use a rp to try my newest character Armello out http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2793.msg51148#msg51148

  • I will burst out laughing every time you say that! Armello!!! But ya, we could always use live rps.

  • Okay! I'm gonna post in Wah's thread and then start a fresh one, I think.

    Anyone have characters that Pask might already know? Unless Armello's a fresh face in the forest, I could see Pask getting acquainted with him and trading herbs and stuff?

    And thanks for the invite, but I'm not especially interested in AU Redwall stuff right now. I'll leave the SAO thing to y'all. 😆

  • Armello is a very mysterious individual. Armello might have done some dealings with Pask for herbs and whatnot but it would require some effort to even give you his actual name as he is commonly only know as "The Raven". This is also why he doesn't really have much friends.

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