• Hi, gang!

    Not sure I'll stick around but we'll see.

    I'm a veteran of the ROC, especially of the vermin forts and forums, starting at Fort Nightshade in 2001 as Olgan Vinere and Rillo Skyblade. I bounced around for awhile, dabbling in the VI, Terrouge, and the ROC Tourneys as a player and judge before life got ahead of me. I've been hankering for the old Redwall community for awhile and found you guys. I like long posts, character-driven plots, and killer stories. I'm friendly, ready and willing to work with y'all to tell a good story, and not afraid to cause harm to characters for the sake of a good tale.

    Y'all know of any other active forums? I don't have time for the Redwall MUCK these days.

  • Hello and welcome! I can't wait to get to know you, and maybe work together! I do not know of any other forums, but I love this one!

  • Hello and welcome to the forums!

  • Welcome to the forums 🙂 The only other active group I know of is Legends of Redwall Abbey, you should try there.

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