• Name: Paskflaur Ardensdottir
    Species: Red fox
    Sex: Female
    Age: early 40s?
    Occupation: Herbalist
    Faction: Woodlander

    Appearance: Paskflaur is a trim creature, fit and slightly built. Her fur is a light golden-red that fades to an almost blonde color in the summer months, with dark paws and a shadowed throat. She has no patience for loud bangles and earrings, but she'll adorn herself with one of a multitude of brightly colored scarves. She carries a simple knife along and satchel over her apron, likes a sturdy straw hat, and can often be found with pawfuls of flowers and herbs.

    **Background and Personality:**The fox is a knowledgeable herbalist, brewster, and seamstress. Though her clientele is mostly verminfolk these days, Pask won't turn down a beast in need, provided he can pay her prices – favors owed are as welcome as goods. When not tending to her gardens, she is weaving and dying cloth. Pask's lacework is admired by vermin and goodbeast seamstresses alike. Her family has dwelt in Mossflower for generations, bearing litters that attained all manner of work, from simple housewives to criminals alike. She once courted a dogfox but nothing ever came of it and she has had no husband or pups yet.

    She is solitary by nature but due to her profession, she regularly finds herself with a full house or tending to the same. Nurturing isn't quite in her nature, but she is efficient, patient, and clever, and knows how to bounce a dibbun like the best of mothers. Her pleasant front is honest and true, but spend a little time with the vixen and her pushiness, pride, and temper become quickly apparent. Her particular style of retribution falls directly in the category of 'best served cold'. Her clientele is treated respectfully, and with respect she demands to be treated.

    Her home is a small, thatched cottage built in and around the trunk of an old yew tree. Her door faces a small, natural glade in Mossflower Forest and is ringed by a wild mess of plants that could hardly be called a garden. Several straw bee skeps are housed nearby.

    Plothooks: Pask is your average village healer: good for dosing sore throats and delivering pups and mending broken bones, but she is no surgeon or field medic. She would have more contacts with Mossflower folk than at the Abbey, but she would trade in herbs, knowledge, booze (her meads are a delight), honey, and textiles if they would have her. She's good for conversation and I would like to see her take a role as a forest gossip – passing on information as needed to anyone who asks. Pask is also not opposed to finding a husband if someone should choose to court her. 😛

    Feel free to make up history with her.

    Wooden Travels :: Mossflower :: Liam (Wah)

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